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Note: This is not a 'How To', but a display of a completed 'Scratchbuilt Project' showing what can be done with some materials and time. It does not have to have been judged for AP Points.

November 20, 2004
Remember this building from the background of the Quonset Hut article? That was a kitbash itself. Well, that has changed and it all began with a Bachmann Power Substation that I was given for my birthday in August 2003. The little substation seemed to have 10 million parts to put it together and when I had tentatively put it together, it was obvious that I didn't want to use all of it as I felt that it would look great in the area next to that building.

When set in place, it was apparent that it looked too strong for such an old structure. So… what would look good there and look like something that needed a lot of power? How about a plastics plant similar to one several blocks away from me. The search was on for photos and materials. I knew what it should look like and a trip to Train Central and Hobby Town gave me the styrene siding and strips and a later trip gave me the doors when I needed them (Scratchbuilding supplies are getting harder to come by.)

I used some 3/16 inch plastic signs that I had on hand to construct the base building. The problem was finding a glue that would hold it together. I ended up with PVC cement from the plumbing department. After that, it was just a matter of test fitting it in place and then putting the finishing materials on. Of course, I had made it too tall and had to cut it down. it looked much better that way. After adding a new siding, I quickly found that I couldn't make the unloading area as big as I had intended and had to compromise the size to accommodate the siding switch.

You can see the progress in the following shots. When my wife saw it, she said, "That's big!" Yes, it is and the real thing is much bigger, but it succeeds in making the hopper cars look right in relation to the building. And then there were the vent pipes on the roof. They turned out to be simplicity itself. I simply took... oh, but that's a story for another time.

The name? Well, I had intended to call it "Plastix, Inc., Home of Paddy O' Furniture." For over two months, my cat. Suki, had 'helped' me and 'supervised' the entire project from beginning to end and when she disappeared November 13th just after I finished it, I changed the name. Here for your enjoyment is,

Suki Plastix, Inc.
Home of Paddy O' Furniture

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Roger Hensley


This page is dedicated to the memory of Suki Kitty who was killed shortly after this project was completed. She loved her human and he loved her.

If you wish to submit a photo(s) for consideration, send the photo(s) (no larger than 800x600 please) to rhensley_anderson@juno.com along with a description of how you built it similar to the above.

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