The Family Tree

  • Union Traction Co. (#1)
  • Union Traction Co. of Indiana (#2)
  • Indiana Union Traction Co.
    Anderson-Elwood Hi-Tension R-O-W
    Muncie-Alex-Middlt.-Sulph.Spgs. R-O-W
  • Union Traction Co. of Indiana (#3)
  • Receiver Appointed
  • Deeded to Indiana Railroad


Wooden interurban #264

Built by St. Louis Car Co.



A system as large and with as many scattered terminals as UT, was, of course, operated on a divisional basis. There were five divisions: Tipton, Anderson, Muncie, Marion and Indianapolis. Each had a superintendant responsible for everything in his territory. Operating timetables and crew assignments, however, were not separated this way, but were terminal to terminal, just the way the cars ran. Telephones were carried on cars to be plugged in to jack boxes at fixed locations, and in addition certain locations had fixed phone booths, generally where register books were kept. With very little double track the dispatching system was called upon to work efficiently and accurately in order to move the vast amount of traffic UT had captured. Automatic block signals were installed about 1913 between Indianapolis and Anderson, Indianapolis and Tipton, and Summitville and Marion. In the 1920's, they were added between Anderson and Daleville and there was signal protection while on the tracks of the Indiana Service Corp. between Logansport and Logansport Junction.

The Indianapolis to Anderson line probably carried more traffic than any other out of Indianapolis, with two-car trains and second-sections daily occurrences.


This scene shows #297. Semaphor is train order signal, not automatic block.


Middletown, In.

(L.Shapiro collection)
Although UTC had r.o.w. from Anderson to New Castle, track was only laid to Middletown. This branch also served the UTC owned Mounds Park just east of Anderson.


Southbound on Pendleton Ave., Pendleton, In.

Picture Credits:
UTC at Pendleton - 1910 postcard, southbound from Anderson - Bob Trueblood Collection
NOTE: bldg. on right is now the "Old Trail Restuarant".


Hartford City UTC station


Noblesville UTC station

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