The following article is from the Muncie, Indiana

"The Star Press"

June 26, 2000

"Interurban land finally receives a new owner."

by Keith Roysdon
The Star Press

MUNCIE-- Nearly 60 years after the last interurban trains ended service between Muncie and other Indiana cities, the Delaware County commissioners last week gave the rights to some former interurban land to a new owner.
The commissioners approved a quit-claim deed for a small strip of land near Delaware County road 300N and the Madison County line.
Russell J. Beeman, an Alexandria resident, wanted to buy 5 acres of property owened by Bill and Cherry Bird.
The property had been used as pasture land for years, the Beeman family said.
The 5 acres included a 40 foot wide strip that belonged to the Indiana Union Traction Co., which provided interurban passenger service between Muncie and other cities beginning in 1900.
The company's final interurban service ran between Muncie and Indianapolis on January 18, 1941.
As part of Beeman's purchase, he had to secure rights to the former interurban property, even though it had not been used in decades.
"Interurban right-of-ways were all over," said Jim Smith, owner of Beebe and Smith Title Co., which conducted research that led to the quit-claim deed approved by the commissioners. "We see them all over the county."
When the interurbans shut down, land owned by the traction companies was either abandoned or bought by private companies, which then resold it to adjacent propery owners.
In some cases, the land reverted to the county commissioners because of the deliquent property taxes. In cased like last week, the commissioners must issue quit-claim deeds before the property can be used by a new owner.
"There's a bunch of this (former interurban property)," Smith said. "A lot of it has now gone to the adjacent propety owners."
Smith said when his company discovered former interurban property, employees wondered whether they would find rails that carried passenger cars or "if this is one they aquired and never used."

JACK'S NOTE: The property in question in the above article was part of the UTC r-o-w for a line that was to link Alexandria (Anderson-Marion line) to Muncie. This section of line for the UTC or IRR never became a reality. UTC also had r-o-w from Anderson to Elwood (r-o-w graded) , and Middletown to New Castle (r-o-w graded).