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Rail Pass Listing - 16 to 30 as of 19-Apr-01

Number: 16       Date of Issue: 2/ 2/99       Pass Available: Yes
To: Michael Hampton       Indianapolis       IN       USA
E-mail: mhampton@iquest.net
URL: http://members.iquest.net/~mhampton/index.html

Number: 17       Date of Issue: 3/ 6/99       Pass Available: No
To: Robert S. Waller             FL       USA
E-mail: cpbelt@ibm.net
URL: None

Number: 18       Date of Issue: 3/ 9/99       Pass Available: Yes
To: Robin Matthysen       Georgetown       ONT       Canada
E-mail: matthyro@followme.com
URL: http://matrr.tripod.com/maberlyandtayside/

Number: 19       Date of Issue: 3/12/99       Pass Available: Yes
To: Johnathan Edwards       Grand Rapids       MI       USA
E-mail: boylerwerx@home.com
URL: http://www.boylerwerx.0catch.com/

Number: 20       Date of Issue: 4/17/99       Pass Available: No
To: Bruce A. Kathol       Norfolk       NE       USA
E-mail: kathol@conpoint.com
URL: None

Number: 21       Date of Issue: 5/18/99       Pass Available: Yes
To: Helge Kristoffersson       Staffanstorp             Sweden
E-mail: kri1938@bredband.net
URL: http://medlem.spray.se/kri1938/

Number: 22       Date of Issue: 6/14/99       Pass Available: Yes
To: Skip M.                   USA
E-mail: skipsrr@yahoo.com
URL: http:/www.fortunecity.com/millenium/blueridge/646/index.html

Number: 23       Date of Issue: 6/19/99       Pass Available: No
To: Thomas Fultz       Richmond       VA       USA
E-mail: thf52@aol.com
URL: None

Number: 24       Date of Issue: 6/19/99       Pass Available: No
To: J. C. Clem       Anderson       IN       USA
URL: None

Number: 25       Date of Issue: 6/28/99       Pass Available: Yes
To: Dave Inman       Abbotsford       BC       Canada
E-mail: ddinman@shaw.ca
URL: http://members.tripod.com/islepacrr

Number: 26       Date of Issue: 8/ 9/99       Pass Available: Yes
To: Patrick Tassignon       Waremme             Belgium
E-mail: Patrick.Tassignon@dexia.be
URL: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Cabin/7950/index.html

Number: 27       Date of Issue: 10/23/99       Pass Available: Yes
To: Wolfgang Dudler       Iserlohn             GERMANY
E-mail: wolfgang.dudler@gmx.de
URL: http://www.westportterminal.de

Number: 28       Date of Issue: 10/30/99       Pass Available: Yes
To: Roy Hoffman       Letterkenny       PA       USA
E-mail: rhoffman@innernet.net
URL: http://www.innernet.net/rhoffman

Number: 29       Date of Issue: 11/ 1/99       Pass Available: No
To: Maira Rodwell       North Wales             UK
E-mail: delysia@delysia.freeserve.co.uk
URL: None

Number: 30       Date of Issue: 11/11/99       Pass Available: No
To: Robert E. Boudreau       Saint John       NB       Canada
E-mail: reb@nb.sympatico.ca
URL: None

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