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Rail Pass Listing - 31 to 45 as of 02-Sep-00

Number: 31       Date of Issue: 11/27/99       Pass Available: No
To: Patrick Cadet       Nanuet       NY       USA
E-mail: chty97a@email.msn.com
URL: None

Number: 32       Date of Issue: 11/27/99       Pass Available: Yes
To: Steven A. Lynch       Valrico       FL       USA
E-mail: slynch@tampabay.rr.com
URL: http://www.nyandw.com/

Number: 33       Date of Issue: 12/ 2/99       Pass Available: Yes
To: Rick Wiemholt       Campbell       CA       USA
E-mail: rick.wiemholt@mindspring.com
URL: None

Number: 34       Date of Issue: 12/ 7/99       Pass Available: No
To: Bruno McInnis       Glace Bay       Nova Scotia       CA
E-mail: bmcinnis@caper2.uccb.ns.ca
URL: None

Number: 35       Date of Issue: 12/15/99       Pass Available: Yes
To: Jeremy Reese       Rock       MI       USA
E-mail: jreese@uplogon.com
URL: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Cottage/8897/

Number: 36       Date of Issue: 1/ 8/00       Pass Available: No
To: Lester Zeller       Rochester       IN       USA
E-mail: lzeller@rtcol.com
URL: None

Number: 37       Date of Issue: 1/22/00       Pass Available: Yes
To: Fred Coulsey                   USA
E-mail: fcoulsey@home.com
URL: http://the_wsrr.homestead.com

Number: 38       Date of Issue: 2/ 9/00       Pass Available: Yes
To: Robert Ray       Fremont       CA       USA
E-mail: pray59@home.com
URL: http://home.attbi.com/~pray59/

Number: 39       Date of Issue: 2/ 9/00       Pass Available: Yes
To: Art Fahie                   USA
E-mail: artfahie@aol.com
URL: http://members.aol.com/artfahie/backbench.html

Number: 40       Date of Issue: 3/ 2/00       Pass Available: No
To: Robert W. Smylie                   USA
E-mail: billsmylie@msn.com
URL: None

Number: 41       Date of Issue: 3/ 2/00       Pass Available: Yes
To: Greg Williams       Argyle       New Brunswick       Canada
E-mail: cpr_fan@rrmail.com
URL: http://www.trainweb.org/cprmodeling

Number: 42       Date of Issue: 3/ 3/00       Pass Available: Yes
To: Richard A. Stutler                   USA
E-mail: stutler@worldskyline.com
URL: http://www.worldskyline.com/users/stutler/trains.html

Number: 43       Date of Issue: 3/ 9/00       Pass Available: No
To: Dean Patrick Preising       Phoenix       AZ       USA
E-mail: evrr@yahoo.com
URL: http://www.geocities.com/evrr

Number: 44       Date of Issue: 3/16/00       Pass Available: No
To: Peter Mohlmann       Wichita       KS       USA
E-mail: boomerpete@excite.com
URL: None

Number: 45       Date of Issue: 4/ 6/00       Pass Available: Yes
To: Fabrice Fayolle                   France
E-mail: ffayolle@nordnet.fr
URL: http://www.trainternet.org

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