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Sample Rail Pass

Rail Pass Listing - 126 to 145 as of 8-Dec-09

Number: 126       Date of Issue: 08/16/2008       Pass Available: Yes
To: Harald Puetz                   Germany
URL: http://www.hcwrd.de.vu/

Number: 127       Date of Issue: 10/05/2008       Pass Available: Yes
To: Joachim Gundlach       Dortmund             Germany
E-mail: joachimgundlach@versanet.de
URL: http://www.us-modellbahnen.de/worktrains/

Number: 128       Date of Issue: 07/20/2009       Pass Available: No
To: Jim Evans       Salem       OR       USA
E-mail: NHJJ4@aol.com
URL: n/a

Number: 129       Date of Issue: 12/08/2009       Pass Available: Yes
To: Tyler Trahan       Worcester       Mass       USA
E-mail: wrsrailroad@gmail.com
URL: https://sites.google.com/a/trahans.net/wrs/

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