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  Responsibilities at Ball State

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I was the Systems Coordinator for the Career Center. This was a staff position responsible for coordination and maintaining departmental computer systems, equipment, and software. During my time with the Career Center, I oversaw the installation and training on both new and updated software making the change from Word Perfect to the Microsoft Office Suite. To better assess the activities and client support functions of the department, databases were created, first in NutPlus and then in MS Access, to track On Campus Interviewing and the Candidate Referral Service. This was in addition to the IBM Mainframe Placement Database where candidates would be selected to match employer requirements.

As part of my duties, I was liaison to the programmers in University Computing Services as they worked with our mainframe data needs. In this capacity, I wrote numerous FOCUS Focexecs accessing mainframe data for reports and for use as e-mail distribution lists as well as scheduling the annual mainframe report runs for the CDB and for demographics for Student Employment.

Our local database requirements expanded into the need for drawing employer information together into one viewable source, thus calling for the creation of the Employer Information System linking data from all of our sources both in house and those in UCS data systems. This task was made more difficult by the continuing changes in our structure as we moved to off campus sources for the On Campus Interviewing systems and, as I left, much of the referral service.

This position included that of LAN Backup Supervisor to the Lucina LAN which linked most of the Student Affairs area together. As such, this meant working closely with the LAN Supervisor to create users and assign rights and assist with watching LAN usage and working with other LAN Managers to insure smoothness of operations.

I acted as primary troubleshooter for the department on computers, printers, copiers and fax machines. Installation of new systems required that WIN 95/98 be tuned to our needs with the LAN and the campus backbone and that all appropriate software be installed and customized for our needs, In addition to our own OPAC machines in the Resource Center, I was responsible for keeping the twelve public access machines in the Lucina (lobby) Stand Up Lab clean of unauthorized software and customization. All Bookmarks (Favorites) were set to the Career Center Bookmarks by using the LAN to transfer them upon machine startup.

During this time, I created a Position Manual with instructions on the varying aspects of my position that could be documented. As part of my duties to evaluate and recommend hardware and software purchases, I recommended, successfully, that we acquire and use a digital camera and reader for our Power Point presentations. I further recommended that we acquire a CDR-W drive to enable all Professional Staff members to have access to all of the Career Center presentations in one source.


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