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Trolley strikes horse and buggy. Reminder! Trolleys have the right of way on their tracks.

Union Traction repair car no. 651 struck a delivery wagon of the Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company scattering horse, driver, and wagon. A.W. McCord parked his team on the street to call on a customer on North Harrison Street. He attempted to move the team just seconds before the accident happened but was unable to do so. The horse and driver were both knocked down and drug 50 feet and miraculously escaped injury. The wagon was torn loose and drug another 150 feet before knocking down an extension pole. Lawrence Neel was the motorman and Herman Childs was the conductor.

A westbound Union Traction passenger car derailed near Dundee at 9:40 a.m. Motorman Joshua Baker and Conductor Harry Fenton's trolley split the switch just before it reached Dundee Station. The motorman whistled for the station and was signaled to go ahead when the rear truck took the switch. The car ran 300 feet on the ties and stopped crosswise of the track. Two poles were torn down and the car had considerable damage. No one was injured although most were shaken up a bit. Traffic was blocked for three hours.

A Union Traction gravel train wrecked yesterday at Harrison and Monroe Street and tied up traffic for two and a half hours. Freight motor no. 608 turned west onto the Elwood line and the five empty cars failed to take the switch and continued northward. The motorcar was dragged from the rear truck breaking the kingpin, drawbar, and smashing the steps. Damage was minimal but it was taken to the Anderson Shops for repairs anyway.

Freight train no. 68 on the LE&W 4 cars derail and in a heap, 5 hours to clear, and eastbound freight train was delayed, 1 was injured and rumors were about but none ever were substantiated

A glass worker fell from the interurban south of Alexandria on the way to work and was very seriously injured. He was taken to St. John's Hospital in exceedingly critical condition.

Two street cars crashed together in Alexandria at Harrison and Broadway, no one injured.

I.U.T.C. car hits buggy and returned to location and no buggy found.

Union Traction Line to Muncie construction begins February 19th.

U.T.C. safety gate causes injury to two men on Big Four, brakeman "Highpockets".

U.T.C. donates $500.

U.T.C. announces schedule changes.

At Harrison and Jackson a retail oil rig was struck by an IUTC train and badly wrecked. The wagon was going south on Harrison when the traction car approached from the rear. The driver miscalculated the distance and attempted to cross the tracks. The motorman tried to stop but was unsuccessful.

This morning at 8:30, two traction cars came together on the IUTC just north of the U.T. transfer station and jarred the passengers considerably. A man named Hibbin was in the south bound car in the smoker and was thrown against the side of the car sustaining a cut over the eye. The Marion car ran into the Elwood car which was turning on the switch at the station. The leaves at the crash area were so thick that they almost completely covered the track making the track very slippery. The motorman put on the brakes in plenty of time to prevent the collision but the car slipped until it struck the Elwood car with a good bump.

Express service to begin on IUT line.

A two span bridge east of Anderson over White River on the Union Traction line collapsed dumping two interurban gravel cars into the river. Miraculously the motorcar and several other cars succeeded in making it to the east bank before dropping into the east edge. Traction management says a new bridge that is stronger will be constructed using steel and concrete.

Traction crash near Marion kills 2.

Union Traction service to improve.

A horse attached to the Brattain plumbing wagon, driven by Charles Griffin, took fright at a street car near Harrison and Berry Street and ran away yesterday. The horse was headed north and at the approach of the street car, the horse whirled and upset the wagon breaking the shafts and one wheel throwing the driver out. This freed the horse and he ran as far as south side school building colliding with a telephone pole. Griffin was uninjured except for a few bruises. Mr. Brattain is driving the horse again today and he shows no signs of fright.

Traction car hits a buggy.

Richard Cox, a farmer north of Orestes was struck by an interurban car at Orestes Saturday evening at 5:15, and badly hurt. A scalp wound that required twelve stitches to close was inflicted.

No steps have been taken by the Union Traction Company looking toward the rebuilding of the car barns at Tipton, which were destroyed by fire several days ago. The debris remains practically untouched pending a settlement of the insurance. It is expected that rebuilding will be undertaken within short time, as the company is seriously pressed for room for its cars, many of which begin and end their trips in Tipton. The burned cars will be replaced as soon as possible.

Motormen and conductors strike IUT.

Motormen and conductors strike IUT.

UTC lineman electrocuted in Marion.

Bridge over the Wabash River at Logansport is guarded in fear of problems from the strike.

The trolley wires on the traction line between Dundee and Orestes snapped and for several hours rail traffic had to stop at the scene of the trouble and transfer passengers, while the linemen repaired the break. At first the break was thought to have been caused by striking employees or sympathizers but officials ruled that out.

The LE&W telegraph office at Orestes is being abandoned and the operator will be transferred to some other point. Miss Avis Iuppenlatz has been in charge of the UT company station at Orestes and will now be the new ticket agent for the LE&W. Several years ago the Orestes Station was quite an important one for the steam road but with completion of the traction line and the closing of the window glass factory, the receipts of the steam road diminished to almost nothing.

Call for traction car speed limit in Alexandria.

New superintendent for IUT. Ward Hubbard appointed division supt. for the company at Tipton March 1st. He will supervise Alexandria-Elwood-Tipton line. Supt. Harrison resigned to work elsewhere.

Trolley derailed at Linwood.

UTC schedule changes affect Alexandria-Tipton and Indianapolis-Wabash.

The Union Traction Company intends to build a scenic electric line to Mounds Park at Anderson. The Ingersoll Amusement Company of Pittsburgh has received the contract for the building at $12,250. There will be a big double eight and will open by May 24th.

Street car line in Alexandria may be done, also a Union Traction lineman, Walter Quinlan of Alexandria was injured in Lafayette.

Boy falls from the UTC trestle and injured.

UTC schedule changes affect Alexandria-Tipton and Indianapolis-Wabash.

Conductor Edward J. Peek of the UTC had a narrow escape from death during a severe storm yesterday afternoon. The motorman ran the car onto the switch at the substation at Alexandria on West Monroe Street and took refuge in the building. They had been inside only a few moments when a bolt of lightning struck the traction car setting it on fire. Although the Alexandria Fire department responded very quickly, most of the woodwork and wiring was destroyed in the blaze. The street car service was knocked out for quite some time.

Woman gets $5,000 settlement from the UTCI.

Traction Company and the city Alexandria reach agreement.

Mrs. Nora V. Warner of near Curtisville has employed Mayor Edwards of Alexandria to represent her in the matter securing damages for injuries against the Union Traction Company. Nora was enroute to Tipton occupying a seat with her hand and arm resting on the window casing of the traction car. The window suddenly fell and badly injured her hand.

John Ring was attempting to move a house across the Union Traction line at Orestes and was stopped by an injunction secured by the company. The house stood in the road at the site of the crossing Saturday and Sunday and was finally permitted to cross the line after a compromise was reached.

The Marion Flyer struck a buggy near 3rd and Harrison in Alexandria.

Union Traction employees were tearing out some old rails in Alexandria, breaking the old spikes off by snapping them with hard jolts from a hammer. One spike broke and flew striking thirteen year old Hugh Clegg in the head killing him instantly.

More on Union Traction accident killing young boy.

Traction line to be built between Elwood and Swayzee and will be named the Elwood & Swayzee Traction Company with gasoline motors.

Trolley wire broken between Alexandria and Summitville.

Traction employee guilty of theft at Tipton.

Street car service abandoned in Alexandria.

Man killed by traction car at Linwood.

Man killed by street car in north Anderson.

Early yesterday morning, about 10:00 a.m., a gravel train on the traction line at Dundee struck Joe Silvey's grocery wagon and knocked it about thirty feet from the track. The horse was killed instantly and the driver, Theodore Simison sustained some very severe bruises but will recover. The contents of the wagon were scattered about for some distance and the vehicle was badly smashed. The blame has not been positively placed on anyone. The motorman claims the whistle blew in plenty of time and the driver is just as sure it did not.

Traction car #670 retired at the Anderson Shops.

Traction accident south of Marion.

Tipton to Goldsmith traction line would be profitable.

George F. McCullough transferring interests in UTC acquired from Charles Henry.

Union Traction prohibits the sale of tickets to passengers that are intoxicated. Also drunken passengers not allowed to ride.

U.T.C. enlarging interurban cars at the Anderson Shops to 60 feet in length and repainting and reupholstering seats.

LE&W and traction car collide when trolley brakes fail.

Alleging he had both hips, skull fractured and face disfigured as a result of falling from an interurban car at Young's Crossing, road 200 West, on March 29, 1908. Emory Schuyler 13, made a demand for $10,000 in a suit filed against the Union Traction Company yesterday. The plaintiff alleges he paid cash fare from Alexandria to Young's Crossing and told the conductor he wanted to depart there. The car checked its speed to about eight or ten miles per hour and he was preparing to go from the rear platform down the steps and the car when the car began to increase speed. He was hurled from the car against some posts set close to the line and was injured in an unconscious state.

The Muncie Meteor a new 63 feet in length interurban with beautiful interior is running on the Union Traction line.

Passengers on the interurban car which arrived in Alexandria at 5:30 p.m. last evening from Tipton had an exciting experience as the car was leaving Elwood. In some manner the electrical apparatus set fire to the under side of the car and the fire was not brought under control. The Elwood Fire Department was called and the car was stopped at 22nd Street and the firemen soon had the fire under control. The passengers were somewhat unaware and became considerably frightened when they saw the fire wagons pull along side the car. Many jumped into the streets.

Charles Cuneo a motorman on the line to Mounds Park was a victim yesterday while on a run. The storms left a 2,200 volt live wire dangling and he came in contact with it leaving him with many serious injuries. The conductor noticed the occurrence and acted quickly enough to help save Cuneo's life.

The Marion Flyer collides and kills two at Starr's Crossing at Alexandria.

More on the crash at Starr's Crossing.

Traction derailment at Harrison and Monroe Street.

A hydraulic dam has been built north of Noblesville near Clair and it seems likely that the power station will provide energy to operate interurbans in Noblesville. This new power station makes a line between Noblesville and Anderson a good possibility.

Also a traction accident near Summitville injures two.

A man stumbled into the Orestes interurban station and insulted a young lady in charge of the ticket office. The man was taken to Anderson by the town marshal and locked up. He was later released and told not to return to Orestes.

Three more Madison County saloons, one in Anderson and one in Orestes closed last night. Only eight saloons remain in the county, five in Elwood, and three in Anderson. Orestes people were especially pleased with the passing of the last saloon in town. Wilhelm's liquor license was up for renewal and this incident was cause to discontinue the license.

Employees of the Union Traction Company in Tipton are getting a good laugh today at a fellow employee, Conductor Styles of the local division. A woman stepped off of an interurban in today but walked back and shouted for Styles. "Oh Mr. Conductor, I forgot to get my honey off the car." The conductor barked back as the interurban pulled away, "Oh never mind, he can get off at Church Street." The young embarrassed and red-faced lady, relayed the story upon arriving in Alexandria, that she had left a jar of honey on the car.

Marcus Little 59, of near Orestes died from injuries sustained as he exited an interurban in Alexandria. Little left home in the morning to travel to Anderson to pay taxes. Upon returning he changed cars in Alexandria and realizing that he was on the wrong one, attempted to step off and fell backwards fracturing his skull. Little, originally from Clarksville, West Virginia, is survived by two children.

Man and woman carry on sexually in a crowd as if no one is around at the Alexandria interurban transfer station.

Boozers are giving trainmen much annoyance on the traction line.

All day yesterday Jake Bicknell of Dundee was stranded in the middle of the big gravel pit of the Madison Construction Company near Orestes. He was several rods from shore with six feet of water between him and the bank. He was on guard duty at the big steam shovel Monday night and was awakened to find himself in the middle of the big lake. The pit is in a location and when a big flood comes it always fills with several feet. It was necessary for the other employees to float a dinner pail to him with his breakfast and dinner. He finally got away last evening. The shovel is owned by the Traction Company in Anderson and will be taken there for the winter as soon as water levels permit.

Monday afternoon, one of the electric work cars located at the big pit near Orestes, got crosswise of the temporary track and a work trolley was dispatched from Anderson Shops to the location to get the car back on the track. A local resident, Riley A. Duke, was crossing the track at Orestes and was hit by the relief car killing his $200 five year old driving horse but he was only shaken up.

Beginning January 1st, the UTC will install limited car service on the Alexandria-Tipton line. Every other car will be a limited making stops only at Orestes, Elwood and Hobbs enroute to Tipton.

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