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Thomas A. Downs poked a revolver under the nose of a man who was evidently trying to hold him up at the traction office in Alexandria. The fellow was glad to back off and beat a hasty street. The men had been annoying awaiting passengers and had been ordered out. Mr. Downs, fearing there might be trouble, went to the agent's room and placed a revolver in his pocket. He came around the north side of the station and placed his hands on Mr. Downs and whirled him around.

Man and woman fight on traction line at Alexandria.

Traction Company uses flag system.

Interurban and buggy collide in Alexandria.

UTC bridge almost done over White River east of Anderson.

Charles Flood of Orestes was badly shaken up yesterday afternoon when he was struck by the 12:25 p.m. car from Alexandria and thrown off the track. Fortunately the only suffered from two broken ribs and a broken right leg. Mr. Flood is deaf and was unable to hear the approaching car as he walked along the tracks in front of the Orestes Baptist Church. When the car was almost at his side he turned and started to cross the track and was hit by the fast moving car. Mr. Flood lives with his mother and was going down town on an errand. Ed Harrison was the conductor and Jesse Hilbert was the motorman.

A false report was circulated here yesterday regarding the condition of Charles Flood, the man struck by the interurban car, to the effect that he was left unattended for over a day. He received medical attention promptly in Elwood at the office of the Union Traction physician.

The first interurban car to be built entirely in Anderson is now under construction at Anderson Shops of the Union Traction Company. Till now all cars have been built elsewhere. The first car will be the Muncie Meteor.

Silas Cook, a well-to-do resident of Hortonville, died suddenly from an apparent heart attack. He had been in Alexandria on business and boarded the 3:35 car for Tipton. As the car was rounding the curve at the transfer station (Harrison and Monroe Streets in Alexandria) it jumped the track and delayed about an hour before being put back on the track, at which time Mr. Cook became ill.

A big fire in Frankton has at least a dozen buildings burning. Union Traction officials view Joseph Hall Building on N. Harrison Street to consider use for main office for freight and passenger service.

Summer business will start at the big gravel pit owned by Madison Construction Company southwest of Orestes. The pit is one of the largest in the central part of the state with more than 65,000 yards of gravel being mined last season. Madison Construction Company has about sixty miles of road to build this summer and estimates of about 100,000 yards will be taken out this year. Also the Union Traction Company has a switch off of the main line near Orestes and they will be mining thousands of yards of ballast in efforts to maintain their electric lines. The traction line has many gravel cars and are loaded by a very large steam shovel at the pits.

Trolley hits cow north of Alexandria.

Large interurban cars to be built in Anderson, some eighty feet in length.

The Union Traction Company has announced that employees are working seven days a week in order to improve the line from one end to the other. Every bit of roadbed has been inspected and the ties are being replaced. Old ties are taken up and burned on location. Scores of employees have been mining and utilizing the great steam shovel at the large pits near Orestes. It has been in operation the early morning hours till late at night in order to fill the demand for ballast. Gravel trains from the traction line have been hauling out cars as fast as they can be loaded.

A trunk of unclaimed booze is at the Union Traction Office in Kokomo.

Motorman injured near Summitville when broken trolley breaks glass.

Marion Flyer construction complete.

Conductor G.E. Burris of Fortville and motorman Charles Hancher of Dundee sick; were in first car over Alex- Tipton line.

Marion Flyer hits and smashes buggy in Alexandria.

G.E. Burris Union Traction pioneer conductor dies in Fortville.

Former motorman from Alexandria, Joshua Baker, is killed in traction accident north of Tipton, five others killed.

Union Traction freight car left Indianapolis at midnight and caught fire and burned running from Tipton to Alexandria. The traction car burned at about 5:00 a.m. near Hobbs and was caused by an overheated heater. Conductor Mayhugh and motorman Earl were in charge of the car with about $1,000 shipment on board to the Boston Store in Alexandria. Also forty cases of beer were destroyed, traffic delayed about four hours.

An Elwood city street car #15 passed through Alexandria enroute to the Anderson shops and was badly damaged following an accident at 22nd street in Elwood. The street car was following an interurban. The interurban was flagged and it stopped very quickly and motorman Sam Aurelius and conductor George Haynes were injured.

A big fat hog was put on an LE&W at Hobbs to be shipped to Ohio. It seems the Hobbs agent was in a bit of a hurry to get the pig down the line and loaded him in a crate in the smoker in front of the passenger car instead of waiting for an express car. East of Elwood the pig escaped from the crate and entered the passenger car through the open door of the smoker and created quite a stir among the celebrity guests on the passenger car. The California Burlesque Company was the guests. The pig was turned loose and the section crew was sent to catch him. He was sent later in the day to Ohio.

Freight car # 609 of the Union Traction Company came to rest about a foot from the front door of a Pendleton saloon. The same car hit Tuerff's saloon in Alexandria at Harrison and Monroe streets several years ago.

A Union Traction freight motor jumped the track at the Monroe Street sub-station. Although the car did not sustain much damage, a crew from Anderson shop was dispatched to make repairs.

Trolley wire breaks near Clarke School in Alexandria on West Monroe Street and snags on trolley pole of the car. The car pulled down about 200 feet of wire before stopping.

Trolley wire between Alexandria and Elwood to be replaced with heavier and more dependable wire. The new wire will be copper and will allow higher operating currents. The tracks will also be raised and get new ballast eliminating most of the jolting and making the ride much smoother. The present wire has had numerous outings and has caused many problems and has been in use since the line went into operation in 1899. The installations should not hamper the present operating schedules.

A bullet just missed motorman Ratcliff as it entered the vestibule and buried into the woodwork near Summitville.

Union Traction line car burns near Chesterfield.

A freight car of the Union Traction line had a peculiar accident yesterday. The car jumped the track at the 9th Street switch and ran into the Jules Guiot Cigar Store, formerly a saloon. Pole wires were torn down by the runaway car and Guiot had his arm broken by a flying timber. No train men were hurt.

Collision of interurban and street car, motorman Herbert Sanders.07-28-11

James H. Brown of Orestes was placed under arrest yesterday as he was returning from a very successful hunting trip. Brown was riding the interurban car with three squirrels, and a rabbit and Deputy Game Warden Bravy boarded the car at Elwood and sat down beside him. A conversation drifted to hunting and Beavy asked Brown if he carried a hunting license. Brown said he did but was unable to produce one. The warden did not allow him to depart at Orestes and was taken to jail where the made a plea of guilty and was fined $36.50.

Conductor Samuel Recobs of the Alexandria-Tipton line was accosted by a knife yielding James O'Bryan on the 20th near the transfer station at Monroe and Harrison streets in Alexandria.

Talk of a new traction station at Alexandria.

A southbound interurban has motors burn out at Madison and Harrison Street.

A severe snow storm almost cancels big Knights of Pythias meeting in Orestes. Interurban travel was restricted.

A Union Traction passenger car # 279 split the switch at Harrison and Monroe.

An interurban derails at the LE&W crossing in Alexandria.

An interurban stopped on the tracks at the LE&W crossing.

Union Traction will trial steel passenger cars similar to the Martha with a middle side entrance.

Miss Florence Plackard of Orestes boarded a northbound interurban by mistake instead of a westbound. Realizing her mistake, she rushed to the rear of the car and stepped to the platform and jumped from the step. She fell to the pavement breaking her right arm and badly bruising her hip.

An interurban enroute from Anderson to Wabash on the Union Traction line broke down one mile north of the Anderson shops and another car was sent to relieve the broken car. The passengers were transferred and the motor went bad one mile north of Alexandria leaving the coach in darkness. A car from the north pushed the car back to Alexandria and the passengers rested until another car came from the south. The car then proceeded to Fairmount where that car died. Another hour was lost as another car came from the south. When Marion was reached the car could go no further and another car was sent from Wabash. The trip was 52 miles in length and took the passengers 5 hours and 25 minutes at the rate of 9 mph.

A valuable cow owned by Peter Barton was instantly killed last night near the bridge at Mud Creek on the Alexandria-Tipton line. Motorman Call and Conductor Simpson. The cow was valued at $50.

A west bound limited on the Alexandria-Tipton line struck and almost completely destroyed a buggy driven by Newton House. The accident happened at a street crossing Elwood when Mr. House drove from a side street and into the path of the interurban before he noticed that the car was upon him. He attempted to steer clear but the car hit the rear of the buggy flipping it over. Mr. House was badly bruised.

A westbound interurban car leaving Alexandria at 9:35 p.m. Wednesday night came very close to wrecking west of Orestes on a long curve. Two wheels left the track and the car swayed for some distance before righting itself. The passengers were frightened and visibly shaken for the car was at a high rate of speed.

The evening car over the Alexandria-Elwood division of the IUTC struck and instantly killed a fine driving horse owned by W.A. Walsh. The motorman of the car, running at a high rate of speed to make up lost time between Elwood and Tipton. The horse ran squarely onto the track when the car was just twenty feet from Rangeline Crossing, seven miles west of Alexandria. A middle aged man riding in the smoking compartment of the car with a baby in arms became panic-stricken when he saw the horse was going to be killed and excited the other passengers in the coach.

The Union Traction Company picnic to be held at Mounds Park in Anderson.

The transfer station located at Harrison and Monroe in Alexandria is likely to be moved to downtown Alexandria near the Union Traction station.

Between eighty and ninety thousand pounds of tomatoes raised by Monroe township farmers are being shipped from the Snider weigh-in station at the sub-station of the Indiana Union Traction Company daily by George Dwiggins, who has charge of the Alexandria shipments. The tomato crop this year promises to beat that of last year. Large flat cars on the Indiana traction line are used to ship the crated tomatoes to Marion, Indiana, where the canning season is at its height. As fast as the crates are unloaded at the Marion factory, they are shipped back to Alexandria. A continual line of farm wagons leading to the sideboards can be seen at the sub-station at almost every hour of the day.

The transfer station at Alexandria could move any day.

10-16-1914 Charles Flood hit by interurban today.

An examination yesterday by Drs. Schmauses, Otto, and Gibson yesterday at the Alexandria hospital disclosed the fact that Charles Flood, the Orestes man that was struck by a fast car on the Tipton-Alexandria division of the Indiana Union Traction Company, suffered a compound fracture of the left leg and both bones in the right and left legs were broken. Flood was reported as resting easy today.

Old fare registers were taken out of the Union Traction interurbans and conductors would be compelled to carry extra change in order to make change for passengers. The new rate would be 2 cents per mile with no rebates of any kind. While the increase in fares would not be welcomed, farmers would more readily take their horses and wagons to the streets. Their goods would be taxed extra by the new rates.

William Hare 40, known as "Box Town Billy boarded the traction car at Anderson Thursday morning in a drunken condition with the intention of returning to Alexandria after a spree at the county seat. The interurban was considerably full and by the time the car reached North Anderson, "Box Town Billy" was fighting mad. He wanted to whip everyone on the trolley. The conductor would not tolerate his loud boisterous language so he and his baggage were ejected from the car. As the car started rolling once again, "Box Town Billy" swung on the rear steps and whipped out a knife and compelled the conductor to carry him to Alexandria for free. The motorman managed to get in communication with the dispatcher whom in turn called the Alexandria Police Department. Chief Donahoo met the car at the LE&W tracks on South Harrison Street but Billy had gotten off at Fourth Street. A short chase occurred and Billy was disarmed and apprehended near Phillips Addition. He was then arrested and placed in jail for pulling a knife and drunkenness.

George l. Frank delivery truck hit by interurban.

The town of Orestes has employed a local attorney to investigate the new rates at which is being charged between Alexandria and Orestes by the I.U.T.C. The Traction Company raised the fare and the board claims that an ordinance passed in 1897 gives the Traction Company the right to charge only a 5 cent fare. The ordinance also provides for a half fare to Orestes students attending Alexandria Public Schools.

Collision of a beer wagon and a street car.

The Union Traction Company completed track work leading to the new freight depot on East Washington Street and are ready to vacate the present transfer station at Harrison and Monroe streets.

The Marion Flyer interurban hit a steer and derailed four miles south of Alexandria at Pierce Crossing.

Union Traction motorcars crash, 250 and 258 involved 3 miles north of La Fountain, at 3:00 p.m., 8 injured.

Charles Wright of Anderson a Union Traction Company employee was working as conductor on a gravel train operating at the Stillwell Gravel Pit near Orestes. At approximately 2:00 p.m. Mr. Wright fell from a gravel car when it jumped the tracks while doing some switching and was run over. He was barely alive and was transported to the Alexandria on the gravel train. The ambulance met the train at Harrison Street and continued to the Alexandria Hospital. Mr. Wright died a short time later.

Union Traction Company raises fares.

During a storm, a tree falls and hits an interurban near Linwood badly damaging the vestibule.

An automobile and interurban collide at Harrison and Church Streets.

The westbound traction car leaving Tipton jumped the rails at Foster Crossing three miles east of Tipton. The few passengers on board were given a severe shaking up and a great deal of fright. Crews worked an hour and a half to get the interurban back on the tracks.

Trolley wire breaks on North Harrison.

High water at Anderson interfered with the machinery at the Anderson power station causing an irregular car schedule to the north including the Alexandria and Tipton line.

Traction files a petition with utilities.

Orestes was treated with much excitement yesterday when a traveling motorist performed a feat that saved the lives of four occupants of an automobile. The driver of the machine was traveling north on Superior Street and approached the traction crossing at the Broadway intersection of which the view was blocked by a local house. A traction motorcar was proceeding east at the last moment the driver of the car saw the car and turned abruptly to the left and his machine plunged into the Orestes depot. Luckily no one was injured, only a small part of the depot was wrecked and there was just a small amount of damage to the automobile.

Union Traction curtails more services.

At 9:30 p.m. a west bound Alexandria -Tipton traction car pulled out and rolled down Harrison Street where the car would turn on Monroe Street. The conductor tried the brakes to slow for the turn and they failed. The switch was set to turn the car and the speed carried the car off the tracks and into a telegraph pole on the northwest corner in front of Albert Wagemann's house. The fence in the yard was also torn out as the trolley come to rest just a few feet from the porch. None of the eleven passengers were injured and the telegraph pole prevented the train from turning over on its side.

A street car and an automobile collide in Anderson.

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