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Union Traction Company sale near.

Union Traction to be sold by July 15, 1930.

A gravel train traveling from Stillwell's Gravel Pit of the Union Traction Company derailed while doing some switching at the Nickel Plate crossing. The interlocking tower at the site of the derailment was badly damaged but luckily Marshal McMahan, the tower operator, was not in the building at the time.

After 25 years, nine divisions of the Union Traction company will be sold. The company values its assets at $2,881,650 but has been operating in receivership for some time. At one time the company operated 445 miles of interurban and city lines.

The Indiana Union Traction line was passed to the Indiana Union Traction Company.

Traction line payments made.

Some of the old Union Traction men retained with new company organization.

Interurban lines to be dismantled north of Marion.

A 7:30 a.m. traction car arrived about a half an hour late with a fire smoldering within the car's wiring. A lightning bolt hit the car east of Elwood.

74 miles of traction line idle today.

A southbound Indiana Railroad Company interurban smashes car and two are dead.

Final payment, Indiana Union Traction Company claims is being made.

The Western Indiana Gravel Company south of Orestes will fight the abandonment of the interurban for the company depends on the service for shipment. Without the service the company would most likely collapse.

The Orestes depot closing hearing will occur June 10th.

The Indiana Railroad Company has announced that there will be a new coach to be utilized on their lines.

The Indiana Railroad Company has expressed that they wish leave the tracks within the pavement on Monroe Street in Alexandria but town attorneys say no.

The Indiana Union Traction Company has pronounced that the company has lost money every year since 1925 and the Indiana Railroad deficit for the first four months of 1931 was staggering. The company has announced that passenger cars will stop June 30th.

The last interurban on the Alexandria-Tipton line will run on Tuesday June 30th.

Thirty-one years ago this summer, one of the old style open cars, such as the ones are used around parks and recreation centers yet today, pulled out of Alexandria and made the run to Elwood over new steel tracks which had just been completed a day or two previously. It marked the beginning of electric interurban service between Alexandria and Elwood and the service was continued without a break until last night when the last passenger car made its run and then went to the shops in Anderson. It was several months after the completion of the line to Elwood that the track was laid to Tipton.

Lyman Thornburg is the present agent of the Nickel Plate Railroad at Orestes and near Dundee where the interchange with the electric line of the Indiana Railroad Company is located. The switch is supervised where the electric line crosses the main line enroute to the gravel pits south of Orestes. A great deal of gravel is mined and shipped from the business to other locations. The work will continue until about the middle of October when the Indiana Railroad plans to abandon its freight service on the Alexandria-Tipton division. When the nickel Plate agency at Orestes is closed, the freight and passenger service will be handled through the Alexandria station. Receipts have been down.

The interurban tracks on West Monroe Street in Alexandria will be removed soon.

Freight service was discontinued today on the Alexandria-Tipton interurban line.

The traction line purchases ground for pole lines between Alexandria and Elwood.

The traction line will cease operation between Anderson and Marion June 30th.

Mr. Thornburg has had charge of the tower at the intersection of the Stilwell gravel pit switch with the Nickel Plate west of Orestes., but since the Indiana Railroad abandoned its service between here and Elwood, the switch has been connected with the Nickel Plate and car shipments of sand and gravel from the Stilwell pits are now handled over it instead of over the electric line.

The Indiana Railroad will soon abandon the line from Alexandria to Marion.

Workers are removing the interurban rails in Alexandria.

The Union Building is gutted by fire in Anderson.

Traction line facing new strike danger.

January 20th has been set by the Indiana Railroad as the date when interurban car service from Indianapolis to Fort Wayne, by way of Anderson, Muncie, and New Castle will stop. This action will eliminate the last of the electric lines of the old Union Traction Company, which formerly included more that 400 miles of electric railway in this section of Indiana and constituted the largest system of its kind in the country., furnishing transportation to about a hundred cities and villages. The interurban cars will be replaced by buses and freight trucks.

Traction men arrange for farewell.

Old interurban tracks to be removed.

Former Union Traction motorman remembers the first trip. Also this is an historical edition of the Alexandria times Tribune.

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