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Death of a Critter

Death of a 'Critter' March 21, 1998

I just returned from a Photo hunt and I must admit to being depressed. This Winter, I took the opportunity to take a couple of shots of an Alco S2 at the Ag 1 grain elevator at Emporia Indiana. I had seen a 'critter' (44 tonner or less) there a year or so ago that wasn't anywhere to be seen the other day when I was down there.

Interior As I hadn't heard of it being towed out, I asked a Conrail track foreman about it last night. "Oh, that was in the way of loading grain trains so they shoved it down to End of Track." My immediate thoughts were 'Oh, oh! That doesn't bode well for it's survival.' After getting instructions on where it could be found, I set out this morning to find the little guy despite the spitting snow. The term 'last chance' was in my mind as I drove the 7 or 8 miles south of Anderson to begin my search. Without leaves on the trees and bushes, my chances of finding it would be better.

Front 3/4 I found it peeking through the trees as the county road 250E neared the tracks. The little guy has been pretty badly mauled and I'll never feel too comfortable showing the photos to mixed company because of the graffiti. The engine compartment doors were open to the wind, all of the glass has been broken out and the instrument panel is a mess. When I first saw it, I thought that it was a Davenport. However, my Kalmbach 'Diesel Locomotive Rosters' by Charles W. McDonald shows it as being a 30 ton Plymouth and that looks right. The oiling instruction panel in the cab suggests contacting Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton for service. I could only wish.

Before leaving, I closed all of the open inspection panels and doors and the cab door. It wasn't much, but I felt that I had to leave it a little better than I had found it.


Picture Credits:
30 Ton Plymouth as first seen March 21, 1998 - photo by Roger P. Hensley.
Interior at Emgineer's window - March 21, 1998 - photo by Roger P. Hensley.
Front Left 3/4 - March 21, 1998 - photo by Roger P. Hensley.

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