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Rail Pass Listing - 46 to 60 as of 15-Jan-08

Number: 46       Date of Issue: 4/13/00       Pass Available: No
To: Gene Mc Namara       Miami       FL       USA
E-mail: maxtrax@flash.net
URL: http://www.amexpressnscale.cc

Number: 47       Date of Issue: 5/ 2/00       Pass Available: Yes
To: Peter T. Prunka             NY       USA
E-mail: trains@prunka.com
URL: http://www.prunka.com/basement/

Number: 48       Date of Issue: 5/12/00       Pass Available: Yes
To: Gary Henderson       Dunfermline       County Fife       Scotland
E-mail: ghenderson@stjohnstone.com
URL: http://website.lineone.net/~wflr

Number: 49       Date of Issue: 5/29/00       Pass Available: Yes
To: Robert D. Huson       Marysville       WA       USA
E-mail: bhuson@gte.net
URL: http://home1.gte.net/bhuson/rr/mp.html

Number: 50       Date of Issue: 6/ 1/00       Pass Available: Yes
To: Scott Jay       Summerside       Prince Edward Island       CA
E-mail: sajay@gov.pe.ca
URL: http://bs-and-t.com

Number: 51       Date of Issue: 6/22/00       Pass Available: Yes
To: Hyman Novak                   CA
E-mail: kavon@axess.com
URL: http://www.geocities.com/logging_info/alwrr.html

Number: 52       Date of Issue: 8/19/00       Pass Available: No
To: Frank M Horan       Lady Lake       FL       USA
E-mail: FMH466@aol.com
URL: None

Number: 53       Date of Issue: 8/26/00       Pass Available: Yes
To: Jean-Louis Simonet       Soisy-sur-Seine             France
E-mail: simonet@club-internet.fr
URL: http://www.trainternet.org/

Number: 54       Date of Issue: 8/28/00       Pass Available: No
To: Jean-Marc Dugas       Fredericton       New Brunswick       CA
E-mail: nbrail@yahoo.ca
URL: http://www.geocities.com/nbrail

Number: 55       Date of Issue: 9/16/00       Pass Available: No
To: Robert Stobbe       Kerrville       TX       USA
E-mail: rstob@hilconet.com

Number: 56       Date of Issue: 9/19/00       Pass Available: Yes
To: Paul Cassar       Sydney       NSW       Australia
E-mail: railroad2000@telstra.com
URL: http://users.bigpond.net.au/railroad2000/

Number: 57       Date of Issue: 10/20/00       Pass Available: Yes
To: John Whitby       Frodsham       England       UK
E-mail: john.p.whitby@lineone.net
URL: http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/john.whitby

Number: 58       Date of Issue: 10/25/00       Pass Available: Yes
To: Ronald R. Baumgartner       Trimbach             Switzerland
E-mail: baumgaron@bluewin.ch
URL: http://www.geocities.com/baumgaron/

Number: 59       Date of Issue: 11/ 8/00       Pass Available: No
To: Harry Hassler       Massapequa Park       NY       USA
E-mail: fasttrackpi@yahoo.com

Number: 60       Date of Issue: 11/11/00       Pass Available: No
To: Jim Kellow MMR       Williamsburg       VA       USA
E-mail: jkellow@widomaker.com
URL: http://www.widomaker.com/~jkellow

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