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Rail Pass Listing - 61 to 75 as of 17-Nov-01

Number: 61       Date of Issue: 11/22/00       Pass Available: No
To: Andy Smolka       Rio Grande       NJ       USA
E-mail: moose@pro-usa.net

Number: 62       Date of Issue: 12/20/00       Pass Available: Yes
To: Michael K Daley       Milwaukee       WI       USA
E-mail: daleym@msoe.edu
URL: http://www.geocities.com/area51/shadowlands/6307/

Number: 63       Date of Issue: 12/29/00       Pass Available: No
To: Bill Moede                   USA
E-mail: bmoede@execpc.com

Number: 64       Date of Issue: 1/ 7/01       Pass Available: No
To: John J. Klos       Patchogue       NY       USA
E-mail: jjklos@msn.com

Number: 65       Date of Issue: 1/10/01       Pass Available: No
To: Jeremy R Zella       Allentown       PA       USA
E-mail: tv61@yahoo.com

Number: 66       Date of Issue:       Pass Available: No
To: Tory Martinelli       Alexandria       VA       USA
E-mail: tory_martinelli@earthtech.com

Number: 67       Date of Issue: 1/25/01       Pass Available: Yes
To: Bill Kosanda       St. Louis       MO       USA
E-mail: kosanda@mindspring.com
URL: http://www.mindspring.com/~kosanda/

Number: 68       Date of Issue: 2/ 9/01       Pass Available: Yes
To: Larry Gilbert       Emporia       IN       USA
E-mail: leghome@iquest.net
URL: http://members.iquest.net/~leghome/

Number: 69       Date of Issue: 2/10/01       Pass Available: Yes
To: Paul Templar       Shropshire             UK
E-mail: paul@badger-creek.co.uk
URL: http://www.badger-creek.co.uk

Number: 70       Date of Issue: 4/ 5/01       Pass Available: Yes
To: Bernard Fabron                   France
E-mail: bernard.fabron@fnac.net
URL: http://www.trainternet.org

Number: 71       Date of Issue: 6/ 2/01       Pass Available: No
To: David Johnson       Hermosa Beach       CA       USA
E-mail: Jopo610@aol.com

Number: 72       Date of Issue: 6/ 2/01       Pass Available: Yes
To: Jeff G. Shearier       Rhinelander       WI       USA
E-mail: revnjeff@yahoo.com
URL: http://www.geocities.com/revnjeff/index.html

Number: 73       Date of Issue: 7/ 6/01       Pass Available: No
To: Les Johnston       Launceston       Tasmania       Australia
E-mail: ozzel@iprimus.com.au
URL: None

Number: 74       Date of Issue: 7/11/01       Pass Available: Yes
To: Mike Brown       Portland       OR       USA
E-mail: mike@kilchis-river.com
URL: http://www.kilchis-river.com/splc

Number: 75       Date of Issue: 10/28/01       Pass Available: Yes
To: Dave Johnson       Paekakariki             New Zealand.
E-mail: knwr@paradise.net.nz

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