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Rail Pass Listing - 91 to 105 as of 07-Feb-04

Number: 91       Date of Issue: 08/31/2002       Pass Available: Yes
To: Ed Gagnier       Torrington       CT      

Number: 92       Date of Issue: 09/08/2002       Pass Available: No
To: David Amenta             CT      
E-mail: bedo@megahits.com
URL: www.davetrains.20m.com

Number: 93       Date of Issue: 09/15/2002       Pass Available: Yes
To: Jim Marksberry       Butler       KY      
E-mail: JMarksbery@aol.com
URL: http://members.aol.com/jmarksbery

Number: 94       Date of Issue: 09/30/2002       Pass Available: No
To: Harold K Russell       Byron Center       MI      
E-mail: turtle536@attbi.com

Number: 95       Date of Issue: 10/02/2002       Pass Available: No
To: Richard A Hart       Ft. Wayne       IN      
E-mail: progeek@fwi.com

Number: 96       Date of Issue: 01/08/2003       Pass Available: Yes
To: Bob Van Cleef, MMR       Coventry       CT      
E-mail: ravancleef@email.msn.com
URL: http://northriverrailway.com/

Number: 97       Date of Issue: 01/10/2003       Pass Available: Yes
To: Lawrence Brashier       Tustin       CA      
E-mail: omnirail@hotmail.com
URL: None

Number: 98       Date of Issue: 02/16/2003       Pass Available: Yes
To: Alexandre Danault       Montreal       QC       Canada      
E-mail: alex@mrrkb.com
URL: http://www.mrrkb.com

Number: 99       Date of Issue: 03/17/2003       Pass Available: No
To: William Moores       Elliot Lake       ON       Canada      
E-mail: williammoores@yahoo.com
URL: http://www.geocities.com/williammoores

Number: 100       Date of Issue: 03/26/2003       Pass Available: No
To: Larry D. Wilson       Kansas City       MO       USA
E-mail: betterthanjewels@aol.com

Number: 101       Date of Issue: 05/09/2003       Pass Available: Yes
To: Charlie Massey       Courtenay       British Columbia       Canada
E-mail: chapchuk@shaw.ca

Number: 102       Date of Issue: 06/05/2003       Pass Available: Yes
To: John Mc Manaman       Dayton       Ohio       USA
E-mail: OhioRailroader@aol.com
URL: http://hometown.aol.com/ohiorailroader/index.html

Number: 103       Date of Issue: 12/16/2003       Pass Available: No
To: Bill Carter       Michigan City       IN       USA
E-mail: thecarters305@earthlink.net
URL: none

Number: 104       Date of Issue: 02/04/2004       Pass Available: No
To: Phillip Casteel       Nashville       TN       USA
E-mail: TigerWrblr@aol.com
URL: none

Number: 105       Date of Issue: 02/05/2004       Pass Available: Yes
To: Tim Loughman       Shelby       OH       USA
E-mail: Tim_Loughman@yahoo.com
URL: http://linuxwin.homelinux.com/PRRAC/epassform.html

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