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[The Honey Creek & Indian Creek]

[More detailed corporate information on the PRR heritage of this line.]

The first railroad to come through Quincy (it was 1856 and the town was not yet named Elwood) was the Cincinnati & Chicago Railroad. Built in 1854-55 to run from Richmond to Chicago, the Line entered the county from New Castle on the southeast running to the northwest through Anderson, Florida (Station), Frankton and Quincy (Elwood) and on toward Logansport, Indiana. By 1865, it was renamed the Chicago Great Eastern and by 1868 it had become a part of the Columbus, Chicago & Indiana Central Railway Co. and was under the control of the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and St. Louis Railway (PC&StL), the Panhandle Route (the name that was to stay with the line to the end).

In 1884, the line's ownership passed to the Chicago, St. Louis & Pittsburg still under control of the PC&StL until 1890 when it became part of the Columbus Division of the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Rwy (PCC&StL). The line had been completed from Richmond to Cincinnati in 1888 and become the Cincinnati to Chicago leg of what was to be known as the Pennsylvania Lines Southwest (1900).

PRR in Anderson
[Photo at left: Circa 1956 PRR yard and freight station at 5th & Main - Norm Cook photo. Click for larger view]
In 1916 the PCC&StL Rwy was consolidated with the Anderson Belt Rwy, the Chicago, Indiana & Eastern, the Vandalia and several other lines to become the PCC&StL Railroad and was fully integrated into the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1921. From the early 1900's through the 1960's, the line saw both mixed freight and passenger service. As an important link in the Chicago to Washington and Chicago to Florida connections, it was still hosting two daily passenger runs each way from Chicago to Cincinnati in 1960. As the Pennsylvania RR passed through Madison County, it was under control of Delco Tower all the way from Sulphur Springs in Henry County through Anderson to a block near Frankton with Elwood controlling from there almost all the way to Kokomo in Howard County.

Elwood Block Station

About 1945, with heavily increased traffic through the crossing with the NKP at Elwood, the PRR built a new block building and installed an electric interlocking and home signals operated by a six lever table interlocker. The new Elwood Block Station continued in full time service beyond the 1968 merger with the New York Central. On March 1, 1974 the Elwood Block Station was reduced to a day shift operation as Penn Central rerouted traffic to other lines,

With the Penn Central merger and the coming of Amtrak, the line went into heavy decline in the 1970's. The further decline of shipping generated by local industry drove the final nails in the coffin and on March 31, 1976, the last scheduled run was made and Elwood Block Station was retired on April 1, 1976 when Conrail did not take over that portion of the line through Elwood from Frankton to Kokomo.

On August 1, 1976, Conrail removed the Richmond Branch diamond from the crossing of the ex-NYC Main at Delco Tower and the remaining PRR track was reduced to a secondary when the DOW installation along with Delco was retired. Track was removed from Delco through Anderson to the DOW and a switch was installed at Cross Street (DOW) to service the new Indian Creek Secondary.

[See the Honey Creek and Indian Creek]

Picture Credits:
PRR Anderson Station photo reproduced from an early 1900s postcard - from the Roger P. Hensley Collection.
Northbound PRR E-Unit crossing Broadway in Anderson in 1965 - Photo by Roger P. Hensley.
Elwood Block Station April 30, 1971 - Photo by Marvin Crim.

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