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  Railroads of Madison County
C. C. C. & St. L
1895 Passenger Timetable

These are the scanned pages of the C.C.C. & St. L. 1895 Passenger Timetable owned by Lawrence Baggerly. For the Big Four fan, there is a wealth of information in these pages ranging from the mileage of the various lines and branches to a population code giving the size of cities and towns. Not to be left out are the station names and agents by divisions, the junction points and connecting lines, the directory of Executive, Transportation, Passenger and Freight Departments, Stop-Over Privileges, maps, and, of course, the timetable schedule itself. Enjoy! - rph
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Front Cover TT Front Cover
Table of Contents Inside Front Cover
Directory of Executive, Transportation, Passenger and Freight Departments 1
Directory of Stations and Agents by Divisions 2, 3 & 4
Junction Points and Connecting Lines 5, 6 & 7
Mileage of the Big Four System 7
Stop-Over Privileges Inside cover.
Signs in use in folder Inside cover.
Alton and Wann, to St. Louis, and vice versa 31
Carey to Findlay 22
Cairo to Vincennes and Danville 34
Chicago to La Fayette, Indianapolis and Cincinnati 13
Cincinnati to Indianapolis, La Fayette and Chicago 12
Cincinnati to Indianapolis Terre Haute arid St. Louis 14
Cincinnati to Peoria and vice versa 16
Cincinnati to Dayton, Springfield, Columbus and Cleveland 20
Cincinnati and Indianapolis to Benton Harbor and vice versa 17
Cincinnati to Harrison, Connersville, New Castle and vice versa 18
Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis, Peoria and St. Louis to Sandusky 22
Cleveland to Columbus and Cincinnati 21
Columbus, Springfield and Dayton to Chicago and St Louis, and vice versa 31
Columbus, Hope and Greensburg Branch 19
Columbus and Springfield to Indianapolis and Peoria 33
Cleveland to Indianapolis 29
Dayton to Union City, and vice versa 30
Danville to Vincennes and Cairo 35
Edison to Mt. Gilead, and vice versa 31
Fairland, Franklin and Martinsville Branch 15
Findlay to Carey 23
Indianapolis to Cleveland 28
Indianapolis to Terre Haute and St. Louis 27
Kankakee and Seneca Branch 19
Lawrenceburg and Aurora Branch 19
Louisville to Indianapolis and Chicago and vice versa 14
Map of the Big Four System 24 & 25
Peoria to Indianapolis, Springfield and Columbus 32
Sandusky to Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Peoria and St. Louis 23
St. Louis to Terre Haute and Indianapolis 26
St. Louis to Indianapolis and Cincinnati 14
Suburban Trains, Cincinnati Division 8 & 9
Suburban Trains, Chicago Division 10 & 11
Suburban Trains, St. Louis Division 31
Through Routes East via Cleveland 36
Through Routes West from Boston and New York 37
Through Routes East from Peoria 38
Through Routes West via Peoria 39
Through Routes North and Northwest from Cairo 40
Through Routes South via Cairo 41
Through Routes South and Southwest via Cincinnati 42
Through Routes North and Northwest via Chicago 43
Through Routes West and Southwest via St. Louis 44
Through Routes West and Northwest from Columbus 45
Through Routes from West and Northwest via Chicago 46
Through Routes from West via St. Louis 47
Through Routes North, Northeast and Northwest via Cincinnati 48
Map showing Big Four Route and its Through Car Lines. Inside Rear Cover
Rear Cover with calendar. Rear Cover

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