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Photo Album Page

Photo Album 2 - Yearly Photo Albums

Photos Needed - I'm looking for photos of railroad subjects in Madison County. They may be trains, locomotives, freight or... - click for more -
Click on the photo for the associated page or photo.

Ron Buser - click for larger pictureMany of the special photos that I have taken have come about based on information from Ron Buser. An ex-Conrail employee, Ron now works for CSX and can be seen traveling the rail lines on inspection trips like the one he was on when I caught up with him on September 18, 2001 just east of Mounds Xing. Thanks Ron for all you do for the railroad and for us.
Big Four (NYC)
Michigan Division & South Anderson Photos
Michigan Division, North
Mi Div, South (includes North Vernon to Louisville)
Big Four Michigan Division photos
Big Four South Anderson Yard photos

East-West Lines - Steam
More New York Central Steam Power
0-6-0 switcher 6894 at WVRR - 0-6-0 switcher 6820 - 2-8-2 Mikado 1469, 6320, 6367, 6371 and 4-8-2 Mohawk 3029, 3034, 3115 - (With comments by Maurice Lewman)
East-West Lines - Diesel
Note: There are many stories of railroading on the Michigan Division and Cleveland as well as technical description of steam & diesel operations by Maurice Lewman and Jim Peters in the Memory Pages. For descriptions and photos of wrecks on the Michigan Division,
see Wrecks 1 and Wrecks 2

NYC 1960 Avon Ad

Big Four/NYC Mechanical Drawings

Big Four Avon Yard
On August 19, 2002, Maurice Lewman and I toured the CSX Big Four Avon Yard with permission. For the photo essay, Click Here

Dennis Wall photographed Avon Yard in the early 70s when he was 11 years old, For some of his photos - Click Here.

- Big Four Memories Photo Album

Now with Forty eight to Chicago (ex-Riley Tail Car)

N&W Muncie Dispach Office on August 13, 1979

From the camera and collection of Kevin Nelson:
Victor A Williamson has the credits on this Penn Central Alco RS-11 (PC 7638) taken in Elkhart, Indiana on Aug. 10, 1968. Victor died in October of 2002. Note the NYC locos in the shot.
PC 2425, an Alco C425 was caught outside of Marion, IN on July 1, 1976. Kevin sez, "If you like Alco's, I dont think you will be disappointed." In July 1984, An almost brand new Conrail C30-7a (CR 6586) heads South through the country side of Madison County near Fairmount, IN Click on thumbnail for larger picture

Kevin Nelson Collection
a) PC RS-11 #7638
b) PC C425 #2425
c) CR C30-7a #6586
a) b) c)

Post Cards           Carthage

Plow Selected Slides

The slides are two or three photos put together
with subject information on one graphic.
They were originally designed to be used in a
continuosly looping computer "slide" show.

- BNSF 4752 - BNSF 727 -
- CNW 6886 Operation Lifesaver - CI-CIW -
- CR 4131 - CR 6451/64721 Snow Plow -
CR 80091 Scale Test Car - 30 ton Critter -
- ICRK RS11 - NKP 587/NW 611 -
- Alex Connector - PC Bridge Logo -
- PRR Station/PRR E8A 4257 - Sperry 119 -
- CR Sunset - Track Work, Then and Now -

Good Traction photos are hard to come by, but I've put up what I have.
See the Photo Traction Page for more.

Yearly Photo Albums

Picture Credits:
Ron Buser and track car at Mounds Xing - Sept. 18, 2001 - rph
BNSF 4648 - February 20, 2000 - rph
UP 5764 at dusk GE C44ACCTE leaving South Anderson Yard - Mar. 26, 2001 - rph
Chas. E. Miller wall advertisement - Dec. 23, 2001 - rph
All photos not otherwise marked are by Roger Hensley

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