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Roger Hensley

  Railroads of Madison County
Photos Needed

I need YOUR Help

1900 track Gang
!! Photos Needed !!

This site contains over 190 pages of information and stories with more than 1,500 photos, maps, and drawings of the railroads that ran though and served Madison County Indiana.

I'm looking for photos of railroad subjects in Madison County adn surrounding areas. They may be trains, locomotives, freight or passenger cars, traction (interurban or street cars) or buildings and structures with or without people. I am unable to pay for these. I am trying to capture as much of the rail history of the area as I can before it has all slipped away. I will scan your photos into electronic form without damage to the photo. Under certain circumstances, I would be willing to pay for duplicating the photo if necessary. Knowing the approximate date of the photo and the story behind it would be of great help.

NYC to Cleveland

!! Memories Needed, too !!

Not only pictures are needed, but your memories as well. What do you remember about the days when we traveled by rail, when freight was switched all over the county by trains and trucks had not yet taken over as the preferred short distance freight hauler? Do you happen to remember the freight stations and ice houses? How about the grain elevators; street cars and interurbans? Did you ride the trolley to Nicholson File or Delco Remy? NS GP15-1 - Click for large picture How about the Nickel Plate in Alex and Elwood or the Central Indiana Railway from Muncie to Brazil? Pendleton was served by both the NYC and Union Traction. Do you remember? Does your mother or father, grandfather or grandmother, uncle or aunt?

If any of this rings a bell, dig out those old pictures and write down those memories.

Let's save the past!

Roger Hensley
Phone: (765) 649-2367

Big 4 Station 1955

Picture Credits:
Track Gang: CCC&StL Track Gang at work during late 1890s - Roger Hensley Collection.
NYC Southwestern Limited the premier passenger train on the New York-St. Louis run, seen eastbound in Anderson between 1931 and 1936 led by Big Four J1d Hudson number 6609. Next stop, Muncie. - Francis H. Parker Collection.
NS 1437 Ex-CR GP15-1 in fresh NS paint at 31st St in Anderson - Aug. 18, 2000 - Roger Hensley Photo
NYC Station in 1955 - photo by C. C. Staley, NYC Conductor, retired

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