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Anderson, Lebanon & St. Louis Railroad
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The Midland Railway Co.
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Central Indiana Railway

(The Midland Route)
[Penn Central]
Central Indiana & Western (below)

The Anderson, Lebanon & St. Louis began in 1871. After a slow start, it was renamed the Cleveland, Indiana & St. Louis in 1881 and was again reorganized as the Midland Railway Co. in 1885 and in 1891, the Midland was deeded to the Chicago & Southeastern. Beset with one financial difficulty after another, it eventually ran from Muncie, through Anderson and on to Lapel, Noblesville, Westfield and Lebanon reaching Brazil Indiana using trackage rights for a short distance in western Indiana for a total of 117 miles.

In 1902, the line was purchased jointly at a foreclosure sale by the Big Four (CCC&StL) and the Panhandle (PCC&StL) and was renamed the Central Indiana Rwy in 1903. About 1927, the joint owners began reducing operations until, in 1943, the line only ran from Anderson to Lebanon. The CI was leased and successfully operated for several years in the 1950s and 60s by a local businessman who served various small shippers, meat packers, grain dealers, warehouses, fertilizer plants and glass and tire manufacturers. This era ended with the forming of Penn Central in 1968 and by the mid 1980's it was in the process of being scrapped until the remnant was sold on November 4, 1986.

[Central Indiana Railway in depth]
Photos from the CI

CIW 88 at Lapel

Central Indiana & Western
[Short Line]

The Central Indiana and Western RR came into being on November 4, 1986 with the purchase of the old CI Railway. The CI&W leaves the Conrail number 2 main line at Cedar Street just West of Madison Avenue at about 17th Street where it services the Elston-Richards Warehouse on Anderson's westside. It then runs West 9 miles to Lapel where it serves Brockway Glass and Lapel's two grain elevators.

CIW locos at Lapel Their primary locomotive, CIW 88, an EMD SW-7, ties up at the Elevator near downtown Lapel. CI&W has now (1994) purchased land and obtained zoning for an Engine House just West of 18th and Raible Avenue on Anderson's Westside. This modern short line is all that remains of the Central Indiana Railway which used to run from Muncie to Brazil Indiana.

On September 5, 2002, I got a call about CIW's new loco being in South Anderson waiting for pick up. It is a Paducah Rebuild GP-8 (formerly of the Paducah & Louisville 8307). On 9/7, I caught it west of Anderson on its way to its new home in Lapel. I found it again in South Anderson on 9/17 already in service working with 4295 and sporting a new logo on the cab.
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Picture Credit:
CIRwy 1 (SW1) was the first and only locomotive ever purchased new by the CI - Photo courtesy of Ed Belknap, deceased
CIW 88 (SW7) at it's tie-up in Lapel Indiana in 1992 - Photo by Roger P. Hensley
CIW locos #88 and #4295 at Lapel Indiana - Photo by Ron Buser
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