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Central Indiana Ry Photo Album

Central Indiana Track Chart from Anderson to Lebanon - 2/1/1970

Click on the smaller photo for the larger

Circa 1890
Johnson's Crossing
Oct 15, 2005 - I wonder if you would be interested in my picture of "Johnson's Crossing" in Madison Co. The older gentleman in the picture is my great-grandfather James Wilson Johnson, who operated a grocery there for a number of years after the death of his brother John J. Johnson. My mother left us a photocopy of this picture. We do not know where the original photo is, but it is still great to have the photocopy. - Virginia Rhodes Nuta

Virginia is still chasing the original photo, but this has to be the earliest CI photo I've seen. Johnson's Crossing was apparently a Post Office as well (marked on the 1877 Stoney Creek Twp map). By the 1901 map, Johnson's Crossing was gone. The location seems to have been about Mile Post 6.5. Bloomer was MP 5.5 and isn't shown on either map. Lapel was MP 10. - rph


Here is a map from the Library of Congress showing several towns and Post Offices that are not on other maps. Just click on the map in the area that you wish to see and a new map will appear showing that area.

Bridgeton CI DepotBridgeton Indiana Central Indiana Ry (CI) Depot Circa 1900
Central Indiana Railway's Bridgeton Depot. Note the spareness of the surronding area and the outhouse.
Collection of ?? - Will the person who sent me this photo please contact me for photo credit - rph

Here is a scan of that Experimental Gasoline Motor Car that made test runs over the Central Indiana in 1909. This is the same picture that was on page 64 of Elmer Sulzer's Ghost Railroads of Indiana, (you may wish to refer to this book for additional information). This scan was made from an original copy I obtained. - Dan Herrmann.
This was all the more impressive to me for the obvious Anderson connection with the Lambert Buckeye Manufacturing Co. - rph
Dan Herrmann Collection.

From the Westfield...

"A History of Westfield and Washington Township"

Edited by: Leanna K. Roberts, Stuart M. Neal, Byron O. Barker and Joseph G. Roberts

The Midland Railroad Company was organized in July 1883 and proceeded to build the road west from Noblesville. The railway was completed to...

The Lagoda Photos
From the William Boone Collection.

ca 1917
The Central Indiana tower at the crossing of the CI and the Big Four in Anderson,

Lake Erie & Western #5330, Class E-40-A. In service on the Central Indiana Railway (probably on loan) taken in Anderson on 10-8-1923. Originally was L.E.&W #54 Class N-6.
Same photo shown on page 61 of Ghost Railroads of Indiana. Scan made from an original copy.
Photo by J.M. Westbay. Dan Herrmann Collection.

Central Indiana Ry number 7 in Anderson, 1937
7 was a Big Four lcl (less than car load) caboose designed to haul packages as well as the crew. Note the freight door on the side. The tall cupola and the looped ladder ends on the ladders were trade marks of the Big Four (CCC&StL). Number 7 was struck by lightning and burned in early 50s at Boomer. The crew shoved it into the siding just West of 500 W while burning to clear the main.
Si Herring Photo. Dan Herrmann Collection.

Central Indiana Ry number 8 in Lebanon, 1940
Caboose #8 sits next to the Big Four Interchange in Lebanon on 9-19-40.
Dan Herrmann Collection.

September 1941
1) Lapel Station looking East. 2) Looking East from the Lapel station, men unload rail cars on the Midland in September 1941. The industry on the left behind the station is the Lapel Cannery which handled tomatos, peas and corn in season getting cans from Continental Can and shipping outbound by rail. That is a lumber company on the right with the truck and railcar.
Dan Herrmann Collection.

Nov. 2, 1941
Central Indiana #51 2-8-0 in Lebanon Indiana
The Central Indiana lived with hand-me-down locos and equipment from both the NYC and PRR. In this case, the locomotive came from the Pennsy. The hump in front of the cab is a Pennsy spotting feature.
Si Herring Photo. Dan Herrmann Collection.

Late 40s
July '04 - Here is a picture I received recently from an Indiana lady. This is an old Central Indiana Steam engine unlike any others I seen in the past. Looking at the picture, I'm 90% sure it was taken in Lebanon crossing S.R.39. The siding and buildings in the background is a perfect layout of the way it was here. But she has never responded to me with any other information. - Dan
Dan Herrmann Collection
I've tried to ID this loco, but even LEW can't nail it down. It's obviously on loan, but the home road is unknown. - rph
Flash!! Ethan Fellows of Douglas, GA sez: "You are looking at a D T & I 800 class 2-8-2, one of the best and well-liked, built by Lima during W W II". - (Oct 5, 2005)

October 1949
Central Indiana Rwy #1, Westbound, clatters across the NYC Diamond near Madison Avenue in Anderson
Dan Herrmann Collection

October 1949
1) Central Indiana Rwy #1 at Columbus Ave in Anderson. CI #1 is hooked to Caboose #8 which appears to have the windows boarded up. 2) CI #1 switches at Columbus Ave in Anderson. Old #1 can't be very old in this picture! You can almost see that paint shine! Note the Peterson Lumber Company at the right and the old Lambert Buckeye Mfg on the left.
Dan Herrmann Collection

Late 1949
Central Indiana Railway #1 crossing the NYC at Delco Tower in late 1949.
John Fuller Collection

Circa 1949-50
Here are two views of the CI Depot. It is just to the right of the larger building. This was located where 18th Street would have gone through between Meridian and Central. Notice the new CI headquarters on Central Ave in the first photo.
Bert Hodge Photos.

Early 1950s
click for larger photo In the summer of 1949, the CIRy took delivery of the first new locomotive that it ever owned, CI #1, an EMD SW1.
In the better days of the early 50s, here is CI 1 in original paint at Noblesville. A paint chip book lists the original paint as CNW Green and CNW Yellow. Ron Buser Collection.

They Like Ike (Duffey)

1953 - 54 and 1964
Kurt Hise Photos of the CI.
Click on either photo for the page...

August 9, 1953
During the Ike Duffey years (See From Time Business & Finance, They Like Ike), a number of Baseball Trips were initiated on the CI. Dick Baldwin took these slides and granted permission for their use.

Dick Baldwin Photos.

CI Ry SW1 #1 in Anderson
CI 1 in original paint taken just outside of the CI office on Main Street north of 19th Street.
Ron Stuckey Photo. Roger Hensley Collection

Central Indiana number 9 in Anderson in Mid 50s
The immediate replacement for number 7. Number 9 looks like a MC (Michigan Central) caboose using a NYC type long body with a taller cupola than the NYC, but not as tall as a Big Four. This was undoubtedly leased until the CI could replace number 7.
Ron Stuckey Photo. Roger Hensley Collection.

Maude Walker, Dutchess & Maude Walker
Ron Stucky Photos

May 6, 1956
Cincinnati Railroad Club Excursion

1). 2).

3). 4).


1) At the PRR Station in Anderson IN. 2) Special Train 18th and Meridian at Anderson.
3) At Lapel IN 4) Bridge West of Noblesville IN 5) Westfield IN at Monon Crossing.
C.A.Buehler Photographs, Gary Rolih Collection

3 way switch in Noblesville
Although it appears in many CI photos, this is the best shot I have seen of the switch and sidings.
Ron Stuckey Photo. Charles Malinowski Collection.

April 25, 1959
Wade said, "...My friend arranged for our group to ride on one of Mr. Duffey's private cars. So on April 25, 1959 four of us drove to Anderson, Indiana for a most unusual fan trip." Click here for the entire story and photos of Wade's trip on the CI. Wade Frasch Photos.

Sun, 08 Jan 2006
I have found 3 more Central Indiana photos taken by my Father (who was a good friend of Ike Duffey) when he took the family for a visit in 1959 - Lee Yoder - (L to R - Ike Duffey, The Train, The Crew, including Tom Yoder, Lee's younger brother.)

Lee Yoder also took the April 25, 1959 trip on the Central Indiana. At the request of Wade Frasch, Lee dug out the slides that he took and sent me scans. Lee had two cameras, one loaded with B&W and the other with Color. Click here to continue. Lee Yoder Photos.

To tour the Dutchess (Flagler Car) as it is today!
Click Here

Roger Hensley Photos

circa 1960
The Dutches in Anderson in 1960.

Cliff Scholes collection, CIRH900.

Central Indiana number 60 in Anderson
Probably taken in the early 60s (the number would indicated that it was acquired in 1960). Caboose 60 probably came from the RF&P and had been sold to Ortner in 1959 and purchased by the CI in 1960. Thus the number 60. This is the caboose now at the Railroad Place in Noblesville. This replaced CI's number 7 releasing number 9 to be returned to the owner. This wooden caboose was replaced in 1967 with #67. Ron Stuckey Photo. Roger Hensley Collection.

CI Ry SW1 and boxcar in Noblesville in the early 60s (probable).
Note the different horn and the fading paint.
This is not the original horn and this horn is on this photo and the later one in the 70s. This dates the photo after the 50s.
Bob McCord Photo. Roger Hensley Collection.

The 3 way switch sidings in use - Noblesville
Bob McCord Photo. Charles Malinowski Collection.

CI 1 splits the diamond - Noblesville circa 1960
Bob McCord Photo. Charles Malinowski Collection.

April 1962
Our photographer, Dick Baldwin, rides with Ike in the Dutchess on a trip from Anderson through Lapel to Noblesville. In Noblesville, they caught an NYC switcher on the CI.

Dick Baldwin Photos.

Westfield 1962
Looking East on the CI in Westfield 1962
Ron Stuckey Photo. Charles Malinowski Collection.
CI Depot - Westfield 1962
Ron Stuckey Photo. Charles Malinowski Collection.
Looking North on the Monon - Westfield 1962
Ron Stuckey Photo. Charles Malinowski Collection.

April 4, 1967 - Ike Duffey died and the CI reverted to NYC-PRR control.

Westfield 1970-71
The Monon was just about to become a 'Fallen Flag' when John Fuller caught this running Northbound through Westfield.
John Fuller Photo. Charles Malinowski Collection.
Two more John Fuller shots of the Monon from Charles' collection. One is North of Trail's End at Westfield, and the other Northbound toward Westfield (color) at Carmel.
John Fuller Photos. Charles Malinowski Collection.

The Summer of 1973

On a Saturday in the Summer of 1973, Ron Buser, Ed Belknap & Jim Farley hi railed what was left of the Central Indiana from Anderson to Lebanon and back. The CI would soon to be cut back to Lapel. During the trip, Ron took these five photos.

On the way into Lapel, they stopped to photograph this flatcar at the East end as they entering Lapel. The lettering is long gone, but it was one of the few cars owned by the CI.

The Lapel Depot came just before the grain elevators. Although it is boarded up, you can still get a good feel for what it must have been like in better days.

This is the Atlantic Coast Line (Seaboard ??) caboose at the Railroad Place in Noblesville that replace the older CI #7. Number 7 was an ex-Big Four Wide Cupola LCL (loading door on the side). Number 7 burned at Bloomer in the late 40s or early 50s when it was struck by lightning. The crew shoved it into the siding just West of 500 W to clear the main. The ACL caboose was replaced in 1967 with #67 shown below.

This wooden Passenger car was in Lebanon in the Wye to the old SI (NYC). At the end it was used to store supplies for the crew in the late 40s and 50s, but had probably had been used as a dispatcher call in location for the crews of earlier years. Yes, the CI did have passenger service from Muncie to Brazil in long ago days.

1973 - Ed Belknap Photos
Built in 1967, as one of fifty cars built by Despatch Shops, Inc., East Rochester, NY. 39 were NYC 18156-18194; 10 were for the Detroit Terminal, DT 33-42; and one was the CI 67. At he time of the PC these cars were identified as Class N6A and carried the same Class into Conrail. It was renumbered by Conrail to CR 18005. - JRR

CI 1 in Anderson
In later years, CI 1 was repainted into a plain scheme. Notice the small thin stripes. CI 1 was parked on the track between Main and Meridian Streets.
Ed Belknap Photos. Roger Hensley Collection.
A later acquired shot taken at the same time.

a) CI Home Signals at Westfield. Looking east to old Monon Diamond & old Interlocking Tower. The Signal is in Stop Position. 3/3/74 - Ron Buser Photo.
b) Timber Trestle on CI at the 1st Road E of Rosston on US 421. 3/3/74 - Ron Buser Photo.
c) CI End of Track west of Lebanon. 3/3/1974 - Ron Buser Photo.
a) b) c)

The CI engine has been repainted into PC colors and is photographed with CI 67 on the job.

This was the only steel bridge on the Central Indiana Railway. It was located next to SR32 between Durbin and Noblesville at MP 14.87 from Anderson.
Photo 2 shows the timbers that the bridge sat on, not stone or concrete, but timbers. - Ron Buser Photo.

November 1984
After our e-mail exchange last week, I remembered that I had taken several pictures along the CI when I visited the line late in November of 1984. They are not great pieces of photography, but someone may find them of interest. There are four views:
1) Grain elevator on the east side of Lapel. The view is west along the line and shows four covered hoppers on the siding.
2) Grain elevator on the west side of Lapel. The view is west along the line and shows three covered hoppers on the siding. The stack above the trees is Brockway Glass Co., which was the end of line in 1984.
3) Grain elevator at Durbin looking to the east. The overgrown siding to the elevator is visible in the foreground.
4) CI R-O-W and siding to elevator looking west at Durbin.
Dan Lawecki
1) 2) 3) 4)

Spring 1985
I have a couple pics showing one of my favorite locations along the Midland. This is certainly a very unique location for any railroad, but the Midland ran right smack through the middle of Lebanon's Oak Hill Cemetery. A beautiful spot to watch the train roll through! I am still looking for a picture of just that! Conrail derailed several tank cars of liquid fertilizer bound for Gadsden on a small bridge here in the Cemetery in 1980, ran the last train through here in 1983, and the tracks started coming up in the Spring of 1985. - Dan Herrmann - Dan Herrmann Photos.

1985 (approx)
Here are Pics of the Rail Eating Machine at work in Westfield finishing up the line. The quality is not the best, but neither was my Camera 20 years ago. - Dan Herrmann
Dan Herrmann Photos.

The End
The Rail Pile at Noblesville of the destroyed rails pulled up between Lapel & Noblesville as the scrappers were doing their work.
Dan Herrmann Photo.

2 East of Noblesville next to SR32, 3 West of Noblesville, 4 looking west to White River Bridge,
7 Lonely remains of Semaphore Westfield, 8 End of the Line Lapel, 9 Cut at Lapel

1) 2) 3) 4)
5) 6) 7) 8)
Here are a few of the many Pictures I have showing "The End". These were all taken along the Lapel-Westfield ROW within days of the rails removal.

A particular favorite of mine shows a lonely, broken & quite Semaphore SIgnal standing along the ROW. This signal is still standing to this day (2004). - Dan Herrmann
Dan Herrmann Photos.

Central Indiana Ry 7-8-04 near Boone-Hamilton County Line - Dan Herrmann said...
I told you that I knew of at least one more steel span bridge that was on the Midland, but if you count some shorties then I know of at least 3 more small ones that crossed creeks along the way. It was a jungle getting back to this, but it's long been forgotten for many years. Enjoy!
The first picture is looking West into Boone, the second is looking East into Hamilton. It was hot when I walked them and about 7pm, so the shade was nice, but the Mosquitoes would have never let me leave alive if it wasn't for my deep-woods off! East was open right to the road, but west was blocked by rocks and cut trees.
The third and fouth picture shows a nice forgotten bridge that was about a 1/2 mile West into Boone. I finally ran out of cut ROW and had to walk through chest high weeds and trip over several fallen trees before I reached this spot several hundred yards further down the line.
The last picture shows just how lucky I got walking the line! I found this in the middle of the line on the return walk, so I promptly made a wish, and hung it on a small branch overlooking the ROW. - Dan
Dan Herrmann Photos.

March 7, 2006
I thought I'd take a look at the old CI RoW in behind 6th and Louise in Anderson. To the West was the old Emge plant. This was to the right. I followed the RoW for almost a half mile to the NE climbing over and under fallen trees. I stopped and returned when I reached a spot where three trees blocked my way. It's hard to believe that wild woods could exist this near to homes. Roger Hensley Photo.

If you have any photos or stories of the CI that you would like to share,
please drop me a line. I really would like to get a photo of the CI bridge
that was just West of Lapel. - rph

Please Note: If you want an excellent history of the Central Indiana Railway complete with a large number of very good photos of facilities and equipment, pick up a copy of Elmer G Sulzer's Ghost Railroads of Indiana, , Indiana University Press . This is a reprint of the original 1970 publication and is well worth the money. It can be found at many dealers including
Picture Credits:
CI Ry Track Chart from Anderson to Lebanon - 2/1/1970 - Ron Buser Collection 1973 Lapel, Noblesville and Lebanon - photos by Ron Buser
Otherwise, photo credit is with each photo.

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