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1943 Timetable Pages

1943 Public Passenger Timetable

It's 1943 and the pages of the timetable reflect the effort of the railroads in World War II. From the page, The Warpath of the Unied Nations and Just a Piece of Cloth to Summer Travel faces a CAUTION Signal, this book of systems time tables is loaded with war time cautions. These files are large 2 color graphics. Anything less and you would not be able to read them.

TT Cover I have included only the actual time tables that apply to trains running through Madison County although there are others there as well. It is the Reference Marks and Index of Stations and all of the other information that make these pages worth the reading. It opens a window on a time of great effort on the part of the railroads as well as the country as a whole.

I want to thank John Reehling of the New York Central System Historical Society for lending me this time table to scan and put up for your enjoyment. And, with that, let us begin.

Warpath of the United Nations


Just a Piece of Cloth page 1  page 2
Just a Piece of Cloth - Reference Marks - Index of Service Tables and Index to Stations

page 3  page 4  page 5
Index of Stations (continued) - Railroad and Pullman Fares (two pages)

page 6  page 7  page 8
Pullman Coach and Dining Service (even numbered) trains 2-28 - trains 30-56 - trains 58-208

page 9  page 10  page 11
Pullman Coach and Dining Service (even ) trains 222-558 - (odd) trains 1-29 - (odd) trains 31-59

page 12  page 13  page 14
Pullman Coach and Dining Service (odd) trains 61-301 - (odd) trains 303-609 - Time Table 1

page 15  page 16  page 17
Time Table 2 - Time Table 3 and 3A - Time Table 4 and 5

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