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Roger Hensley

  Railroads of Madison County
County RR Stations

Presented by city, these are the photos that I have located of various railroad stations in Madison County and nearby. I do thank the parties who have lent me photos from heir collections for this site. Their names appear in the photo credits at the botom of the page. For a larger view, click on the picture. For now, on with the show.

Anderson Pan Handle Station - circa 1900
This is a view of the old Pan Handle (PRR) station at 9th and Fletcher in Anderson. If you look at the large picture, you will note that there are no automobiles in the picture, only horse drawn conveyances and bicycles. On the right of the station are milk cans and on the far left, you can see mail and/or baggage being loaded. This was from a post card and the quality has suffered over the years.
Postcard Photo - Marvin Crim Collection

PRR Frieght House - 1910 Anderson PRR Freight House
This, too was from a post card and is the PRR Freight House at 5th and Main (just north of the intersection). It is listed as being 1910. The building is long gone, but there are still tracks showing through the pavement. Across the tracks to the left, was an ice house. This was very common practice then for filling ice cars (refrigerated cars) to prevent perishables from spoiling. Indeed, I remember the White Frost ice plant being there when I was a pup in the late 40s and 50s. I went there with my father to get block ice for our ice box.
1910 Postcard Photo - Ron Buser Collection

Anderson PRR Station - circa 1909
Well, this is it, the old Pennsylvania station at 9th and Fletcher as I knew it. This is the one that I rode out of and returned to when I was in the U.S. Navy in the late 50s, early 60s. The picture is older than that and again, came from a postcard. In the back right is the old Madison County Jail (white building) and the Norton Brewing Co. which was the Ralston Purina feeds in the 50s. It is the large building behind the jail. Across the street were hotels and small shops that catered to the traveler in better days. Note the 'Home Made' and Gospel Trumpet signs.
Postcard Photo - Roger Hensley Collection.

This photo was a complete surprise. I've never seen those buildings South of the station. I remember Everybody's Oil being located there. This is the PRR Passenger Station at 9th and Fletcher Streets in Anderson from the North side showing Union Grain and Coal and St. Mary's steeple in the background. - Bradford Douglas Collection.

And this one just came to me from Mike Hayes. He sez: "Here is a different picture of Anderson PRR depot with more action. I bought this off Ebay from a guy in Australia. Photographer unknown. It's approximately 1910 to 1915."
Mike Hayes Collection

After the first station was burnt, this one was proposed.

If you look closely, you can see the current station in the drawing.

  Well this is the station that was actually built.

In 1886 They were constructing the actual station.

Anderson Big Four Station in World War I
World War I
This photo was taken during World War I at the Big Four Depot, 14th and Dillon Streets. This group of women were Red Cross workers who would meet the 'Troop Trains" and distribute baked goods and apples.

This, too, is WW I. It was taken from around the station on the street side. Although I don't know what the occasion was, it is a great picture.

Big Four Station - late 30s Anderson Big Four Depot
This was the pride and joy of the CCC&StL (New York Central) in Anderson. It survives today on Dillon Street and has been renovated and restoration by the Anderson Young Ballet Theater who is the current occupant of the building. [See additional Historical Information and Architectual Sketches provided by the AYBT.] More information is available in the Big Four Depot section of the Bee Line page. Late 30s Postcard Photo (B&W) - Marvin Crim Collection.
1910 Postcard - Big Four Depot (Color) - Roger Hensley Collection

This photo of the station was taken about 1932. The 1929-1931 car in the forground and the similar car back by the water tower say about 1930-31. However, the Anderson Street Car just crossing the tracks didn't happen until 1931, thus 1932 is a good guess.

An Eastbound passenger train is arriving and pulling into the station track.

Bret Hodge Photos.

October 2003
It's finished!! The remodeling of the "Big Four" Depot (like it never was).

Roger Hensley Photos

Photo by Bill Knepp - MCHS, 2017

Alexandria NW (NKP) Station 1960s Alexandria Nickel Plate Depot circa 1968
The riders of the NKP (Nickel Plate Road) in Alexandria made good use of this little depot for many years. Even when passenger service had been discontinued, the N&W (Norfolk and Western) continued to use the building for maintenance purposes for a number of years. John Reehling shares some of his memories of this station in the 40s and 50s into the early 60s on the Memory Pages "John Reehling - Of Alexandria, NKP, NYC, Union Traction and more..." - Photo 1 from Ron Buser Collection

Alexandria NYC Station - Mid 1950s Alexandria New York Central Depot Mid 1950s
I have no recollection of this depot at all as I never rode the NYC north nor do I recall driving past it as a teen when I went to the skating rink in Alex. John Reehling mentions this station briefly in his memories. It was never as busy as the Nickel Plate even after passenger service was abandoned. If you have any memories of this station, would you like to share them with others?
Ron Buser Collection

Ok, here is a drawing of the Alexandria Station before it was built. Great drawing from 1893.

Last PC Passenger - Elwood Elwood PRR Station
I do remember this station from the late 60s. Its history is so tied up with that of the Block Station next to it that I would simply refer you to the Elwood Page where you will find a pretty good description of the activities surrounding the station complex. The picture here is of the last Penn Central Passenger Run Northbound through Elwood on April 30, 1971 - Photo by Marvin Crim.

PRR Elwood 1911 Elwood PCC & St L. Depot (PRR) - 1911
View of the same PRR train station in Elwood, Indiana many years earlier. The depot is made of brick and stone. Four people are near the building, one of them is sitting on a bicycle.
Postmark: 1911-07-05

Elwood Freight House Elwood PRR Freight House
PRR Elwood Freight Station in 1978.
John Fuller photo
This photo is available from John Fuller,

Elwood NKP Depot
NKP Elwood Depot in 1968
Ron Stuckey photo
This photo is available from John Fuller,

Frankton PRR Frankton PRR station.
The station was moved from its original location. This photos was e-mailed to me a couple of years ago and I have lost the e-mail! The only thing I can say is that it looks like a newspaper photo. More information is always appreciated.

Ingalls Big Four Station. Ingalls was the furthest point west in Madison County. Phoenix McKinney supplied a photo of the station as it was used on a Prospectus touting the benefits of the new community of Ingalls. The reality was somewhat different, but still very nice. For the Ingalls story, click here.

Prospectus Drawing Ingalls Station
The Prospectus on the left and The Reality on the right
Ingalls Prospectus Station from "The Record of a Year at Ingalls", May 1894, Ingalls Land Company
Ingalls Big 4 Station Circa 1900. Madison County Sesquicentennial 1823-1973, Anderson Chamber of Commerce.

Johnson's Crossing (CIRy) Circa 1890
Here is a picture of "Johnson's Crossing" in Madison Co. The older gentleman in the picture is my great-grandfather James Wilson Johnson, who operated a grocery there for a number of years after the death of his brother John J. Johnson. My mother left us a photocopy of this picture. We do not know where the original photo is. - Virginia Rhodes Nuta

This has to be the earliest CI photo I've seen. Johnson's Crossing was apparently a Post Office as well (marked on the 1877 Stoney Creek Twp map). By the 1901 map, Johnson's Crossing was gone. The location seems to have been about Mile Post 6.5. Bloomer was MP 5.5 and isn't shown on either map. Lapel was MP 10. - rph

Lapel CIRy Depot - 1941
Central Indiana Ry Lapel station looking East. The industry on the left behind the station is the Lapel Cannery which handled tomatos, peas and corn in season getting cans from Continental Can and shipping outbound by rail. That is a lumber company on the right with the truck and railcar.
Dan Herrmann Collection.

The Pendleton Big Four Station about 1910
Bob Eley Collection

Summitville Train Station - 1907

Summitville Big Four Station with 1st From Left Burr Fennimore, 2nd Earl Allen
Donated by Margaret Vinson
Devon Dow Collection

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