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East-West Lines - Diesel

Diesel Power
- Click on small photo to see the larger one -

Early 1950s

From Amtrak Moderator
At the South Bend Station - We were passing through town and caught couple of NYC consists.

September 22, 1953
EMD F3 passenger unit 3502 with 3601 & 3503 heads no. 415 at Lafayette IN
W. D. Edson photo

September 28, 1953
EMD GP-7 on Peoria & Eastern train 11, The Peorian, at Danville IL
Bob's Photo Collection

Northbound Switch Run No 151 at Brookville IN headed for Connersville on the Whitewater Valley Branch in 1954.
Richard Baldwin Photo

GP7s 5797 & 5798 lead a mail/express eastward near Anderson
along old SR 67 near Mounds Park.
James C. Suhs Collection.

FM Class CPA 24-4 4506 with an EMD F-3 B-unit leads the westbound Mercury through Battle Creek, MI in 1956
Jim Shaw Photo

E8 4071 pauses with the Eastbound Southwestern Limited at Terre Haute in May of 1958
Collection of James C. Suhs

February 1959
EMD E-7 4016 leads a Cincinnati, OH bound passenger train east of Shelby Street Yard in Indianapolis in February 1959.
Richard Baldwin Photo.

May 19, 1960
NYC 761 VO-660 - Baldwin-Westinghouse Model DS-4-4-6 660HP
NYC Class DES-10D Built12/44
retired 12/62 scrapped 9/63
Muncie Indiana
Bob Bruns Collection

May 31, 1960
NYC 3812 Baldwin RF-16 1600HP
NYC Class DFA-8A, Built 1/52, renum 1966 1212, retired 5/67 traded GE scrapped 10/67
Indianapolis Indiana
Bob Bruns Collection

October 29, 1960
NYC 5927 GP9 EMD 1750HP
NYC Class DRS-9B, Built 4/56,
renum 1966 7327, PC, CR
South Anderson Yard
Bob Bruns Collection

November 12, 1960
NYC 5938 GP9 EMD 1750HP
NYC Class DRSP-9C steam generator, Built 12/55, renum 1966 7510, PC 7338, CR 7564
The glory days of New York Central passenger service was behind when this photo of NYC 5938 was taken at the Big Four station in Anderson.
Bob Bruns Collection.

Circa 1960s
NYC Yard at Greensburg IN Looking East in the 1960s
Marc Haston Collection.

Here's WB #35 at Collinwood, Ohio, in 1962.

Here's a mix of everything. Also WB #35 at Collinwood.
...and two more.

October 1963
The 616 is at the Muncie Indiana passenger station in October, 1963.

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