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East-West Lines - Steam

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Steam Power
Pendleton - Big Four Main
Pendleton Indiana 1907 – very old newspaper clipping of a CCC&StL (Big four) train. Photo from a postcard.

Big Four Class Ij 6949 at Cincinnati, OH on May 1919. Built by Alco in 1907, it was retired in November 1930.
Jay Williams Collection.

Between 1931 and 1936
NYC 6609 4-6-4 Hudson (Big Four)
NYC Class J1d
Anderson Indiana
Being 6609 places it between 1931 and 1936. It would be a Big Four J1d Hudson built around 1930. Renumbered in the NYC renumbering of 1936. The 'New York Central Lines' on the tender and the number make it a Big Four loco. Reference 'New York Central's Later Power 1910-1968' By Staufer and May.
Photo Description: New York Central's premier passenger train on the New York-St. Louis run, the Southwestern Limited, represents the peak years of Indiana railroading. Seen eastbound in Anderson between 1931 and 1936 led by Big Four J1d Hudson number 6609. Next stop, Muncie. Francis H. Parker Collection.

1937 Builder's Photo
NYC J3a number 5405 poses for its Builder's Photo on 9-19-1937
This locomotive and its heirs were in service all over the NYC Sysytem after being accepted by the Mechanical Dept.. Generally, the J3a was employed on the Main Lines and leased lines of the NYC. MCRR, LS&MS, NYC, and the CCC&STL all employed this marvelous "BEAST" - LAB
Tom Gerbracht said, "Carl Hulbert, Supervisor of Loco Performance at Buffalo, was told by Ted Fredericks (the dynamometer engineer for NYC), that the J-3A was "pound for pound, the greatest steam locomotive ever built..." He was almost right, the 6000's just edged it...... Nothing EVER BUILT, to this day, has reached the 1600 HP per driving axle of the J-3a's, and the Niagaras were at 1670...., no electric, no turbine, nothing............!
Lawrence Baggerly Collection.

October 23, 1939
NYC 1636 2-8-2 Mikado
NYC Class H5 rebuilt 2-8-0 (probable IHB) CCC&StL.
Martinsville Indiana
Bob Bruns Collection

1942 Builders Photo
NYC 3064 4-8-2 Mohawk
This is from 'Order No. S-1854' of Class 482 S 399 built for the New York Central, and delivered April 1942, by the American Locomotive Company (ALCO)
The reverse of the photo contained the statisics for the locomotive. These builders photo's were issued by the Manufacturer, and quite a unique artifact, since the Railroad normally just included the Data without the picture in the Loco Book
Larry Baggerly said: "No doubt one of my FAVS! Just add the ELEPHANT EARS, and the BIG FOUR recollections hold sway!" - Lawrence Baggerly Collection.

Hoop Up at Gridley
Looking east from Gridley Tower at the South Anderson Cut Off. Track Orders were given at Gridley. Manual Hoop Up ended about 1949-50.
George Witt Photo (deceased) - Ron Stuckey Collection
This photo is available from John Fuller,

June 1944
Class j-3a 5454 leaves Elkhart IN with the eastbound 20th Century Limited on June 18, 1944.
Harry Zillmer Photo, John Strombeck collection.

1945 Builders Photo
NYC 6000 4-8-4 Niagara
As delivered, 6000 is shown here with 75 inch Driving Wheels in this Original Builders Plate photo circa March 1945. As designated on the picture, CLASS, 484 S 471
Tom Gerbracht said: "This is the one on my wall, those 75" drivers did not last long, it got 79's in July, 1945. Didn't seem to make much difference in the performance, it was "pretty good" with either size." - Lawrence Baggerly Collection.

circa 1950
NYC 6475 4-6-2 Pacific
NYC Class K3k CCC&StL
South Anderson Yard - 2 shots - Jay Williams Collection

April 1950
Class K-5b 4920 at Lafayette IN on April 8, 1950. Built by Alco in 1926 as Michigan Central 8360, it was retired in June of 1952.
Harry Zillmer Photo, M. D. McCarter collection.

Early 50s
NYC 3115 4-8-2 Mohawk
NYC Class L4A
Photographed in South Anderson Yards circa 1955 w/ coaling tower, ash pit. Built in 1942 3115 represented the final development of the Mohawk. Later it was fitted with 'elephant ears' (smoke deflectors) and made its last stand on the Big Four running out their last miles until late in 1956.
Photo by: M.D.McCarter - Ron Buser Collection.

May 3, 1952
NYC 5385 on a westbound passenger train at the Anderson Depot at 11AM.
Kirk Hise Collection.

January 15, 1953
NYC 7621 switching in North Anderson on the Big 4 at the Box Factory.
Kirk Hise Collection.

Lew sez... This is the city job, went on duty 7:30 am. It started at the wire factory and progressed all of the way to the box factory, stopping at all industries on the way. This included setting off to the CI in the B-line passing track west of the depot where the Michigan Division turned to go north. Yes I worked it quite often as a fireman. No I never was an engineer on this job until diesels. It was an easy job for the fireman because it was just shifting cars, no kicking. Had about 35-40 cars out of the yard.
Maurice Lewman

July 12, 1953
Class S-1b 6017 is at Bellefontaine, OH on July 12, 1953
Jay Williams Collection

July 23, 1953
Class L-4b Mohawk 3144 at Bellefontaine, OH
Clyde Helms Photo

February 1954
Mattoon IL - Niagara 6018 has just arrived with the westbound Knickerbocker. Class J-1e hudson 5404 waits to take over the trip to St. Louis.
Richard Baldwin Photo.

Northbound Switch Run No 151 at Brookville IN headed for Connersville on the Whitewater Valley Branch in 1954.
Richard Baldwin Photo

October 2, 1954
NYC 5220 picking up a baggage car near Delco Tower before going eastbound.
Kirk Hise Collection.

NYC 3029 Split the switch at South Anderson Yard on the Emporia,
NYC 3029 in South Anderson Yard
NYC 3029 - Big Hooks rerailing 3029 at South Anderson Yard
Kirk Hise Collection.

Class L-4b 4-8-2 3132 at Leota Street engine terminal at Indianapolis, IN  Richard Baldwin Photo

Class J-3a 5415 heads the westbound James Whitcomb Riley through Addyston, OH in 1955.
Richard Baldwin Photo.

May 1955
Class J-3a leaves Cincinniati OH with the westbound James Whitcomb Riley in May of 1955.
Harold Stirton Photo, Darwin Simonaitis collection.

August 6, 1955
New York Central 4-6-4 No. 5273, which had just arrived at the Big Four Terminal at Shelby Street in Indianapolis
SD Marty photo

October 1955
Class J-1e 5401 leaves Chesterton IN on Oct 1, 1955 with the Chicago-Elkhart morning local.
Harold Stirton Photo, Darwin Simonaitis collection.

December 25, 1955
NYC/P&LE Berkshire no. 9403. The Berkshire was found in the Big Four Terminal at Shelby Street in Indianapolis
SD Marty photo

Mid 50s
Mohawk no. 3014
SD Marty photo

Mid 50s
Mohawk no. 3047
SD Marty photo

Mid 50s
Mohawk no. 3121
SD Marty photo

Mid 50s
Hudson no. 5415
SD Marty photo

Mid 50s
Niagara no. 6015 at Beech Grove in Indianapolis
SD Marty photo

Mid 50s
NYC steam switcher no. 8014 at the coal dock.
SD Marty photo

March 31, 1956
NYC Mikado 2-8-2 no. 1440, found at the NYC Terminal at Shelby Street in Indianapolis, IN.
SD Marty photo

March 31, 1956
NYC 0-8-0 no. 7796, backing up across Leota Street at Shelby Street in Indianapolis, IN
SD Marty photo

April 29, 1956
New York Central 4-8-2 No. 2800 is just emerging from the roundhouse at Shelby Street in Indianapolis, IN
SD Marty photo

June 30, 1956
NYC 3115 4-8-2 Mohawk
Indianapolis IN - Bill Kuba Photo
Gary Stuebben Collection
"George Elwood's Fallen Flags RR Photos"

Maurice adds... The 3115 was the best of the L-4's. Like the 3029 it was almost blueprint perfect. One night with about 35 cars we started at Goshen Indiana on the mainline and in the 7 miles to Elkhart, the engineer had her running 70 mph. That's not too bad.

August 1956
NYC 1469 - 2-8-2 Mikado
South Anderson Yard
Alex Campbell Photo {George Campbell Collection}
"George Elwood's Fallen Flags RR Photos"

Maurice adds... This engine, the 1469, has two air pumps mounted on the side of the boiler. Most engines only had one pump by this time in history. These engines were used on locals and on Greensburg turns occasionally. Notice the screen leaning on the back of the stack. This was placed over the stack to break up any hot cinders when switching paper mills. In the middle of the tender the object hanging down is a rerailer used to rerail cars or engines and behind that is the push pole used to push cars in the clear on another track.

January 14, 1957
NYC Mikado no. 1977, found in the Big Four Terminal at Shelby Street in Indianapolis, IN
SD Marty photo

January 14, 1957
New York Central 4-8-2 No. 2800 seen from Leota Street at Shelby Street in Indianapolis.
SD Marty photo

March 23. 1957
NYC Mikado no. 1490, at the Big Four Terminal at Shelby Street in Indianapolis
SD Marty photo

April 9, 1957
NYC 0-8-0 no. 7803 on the right switching, and 0-8-0 no. 8014 at the coaling tower on the left at Shelby Street in Indianapolis
SD Marty photo

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