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Roger Hensley

Page Updated

  Railroads of Madison County
Federal Railroad Administration
T-2000 Track Test Car

April 30th, 2001

The ringing of the phone interrupted dinner. There was something in South Anderson Yard that I needed to see. It was the Federal Railroad Administration's T-2000. I should probably wait until after 6 P.M. until most everyone had left for the day and then slip over and see if I could get some photos. The T-2000 would be handed off to the NS in Muncie the next morning for a run up to Fort Wayne where it would go to work testing track, perhaps for some special shipments. As the scheduled departure from South Anderson the following day would probably be before I got up, I opted to run over to the yard in the evening with my digital camera. Since I am currently unemployed, making a run over to Muncie was out of the question. I found the T-2000 exactly where it was supposed to be all right, but I had forgotten about the setting sun. Drat!

As I worked around taking my shots, I noticed that the crew was still on board looking rather bored by the nut with the camera. Oh, well...

The next morning, May 1st, I was checking my e-mail when the scanner came alive. The T-2000 was on the Control Siding getting ready to depart. It was still here! It was running late! Dressing in near record time, I headed toward Harvest Market at 32nd and Columbus. That seemed to be my best chance at catching it. As I got into position, I could see it getting ready to come out on the main. The one thing that I've found about my camera is that you have to plan for the lag on getting photos. Yes, my film camera would have been faster and been a little more forgiving, but I was willing to take the chance. As the T-2000 ran eastbound, I shot one pix a little early and the next as it was on top of me blowing for the crossing. In any event, here they are.

Click on the small photo to see the larger one...




Picture Credits:
All digital photos by Roger P. Hensley - 04/30/01 and 05/01/01.

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