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  Railroads of Madison County
General Notices

Scanner Frequencies

By request, here are the common railroad frequencies in use in the Madison County Area

    160.800 CSX - Mainline and yard use
    160.335 CIW
    160.440 NS - Muncie, Alexandria, Anderson
    160.680 CSX Indy Dispatch Channel
    160.785 CSX Road Maintenance Crew
    160.860 CSX - MoW occasional use
    160.980 CSX - South Anderson Yard Master & yard crews switching SA
    161.070 NS - Kankakee Dispatch for Dow and Marion Branch
    161.130 CSX - Occasional use by Maintenance
    161.250 NS - Muncie Yard

Dispatch and Line Name Changes

The Indianapolis Line Dispatcher assignments and nomenclature was changed by CSX effective with the following General Notice.

CSXT General Notice 2-27
Effective: 1500 Hours on Wednesday, January 10th, 2001

Train Dispatchers Desk identification changed as follows:

    1. St. Louis Line Dispatcher will now be known as the "IB" Dispatcher
    2. Indianapolis Terminal Dispatcher will now be known as the "IC" Dispatcher
    3. Indianapolis Line Dispatcher will now be known as the "ID" Dispatcher
    4. Toledo Branch Dispatcher will now be known as the "IE" Dispatcher
    5. Columbus Dispatcher will now be known as the "IF" Dispatcher
    6. Cleveland Terminal Dispatcher will now be known as the "IG" Dispatcher
    7. Cleveland East Dispatcher will now be known as the "IH" Dispatcher
Effective Monday, January 15th, 2001 the names of all lines, branches and secondaries will be changed to subdivisions.

CSX Traffic Control System Upgrade

July 27, 2002
The Bee Line, Avon Indiana to Cleveland Ohio, so called because of an almost straight line between the two cities, is now controlled by TCS (Traffic Control System), on all but 48 miles of the 283 total miles. This means that trains may run on a track or tracks in either direction by signal indication, rule 261. The remaining 48 miles is double track operated with Automatic Block Signals, rule 251, which allows movement in one direction by signal indication.

The Bee-Line is TCS (rule 261) from Avon to Gridley. ABS (rule 251) from Gridley to Union City and TCS again from Union City to Cleveland. As it now stands, it is rule 251 from St.Louis east 5 miles and rule 261 (TCS) from that point to Avon. There is only 54 miles that is not TCS from St.Louis to Cleveland.

With this change, CSX can now utilize this track to the upmost. From St. Louis to Cleveland almost 500 miles of railroad are operated under TCS rules. - Maurice Lewman

For more info about ABS, CTC and TCS signaling on the Bee Line, Click Here. - 7/29/02
And for an in depth tour of the Beeline Signaling as of Oct 28, 2002, Click Here. - 11/14/02

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