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  Railroads of Madison County
Bee Line Signaling, More detail

On October 28, 2002, Shawn P. Noe said... "I recently traveled the entire length of the line from Berea and back, here is more detail on the signal system"

Willows Tower to HN Tower
Main 1, ABS D251 EAST
Main 2, CTC 261
PRR installed, CTC added on main 2 by CR.
PRR Position Lights
PRR Installed CTC remoted from HN tower.
PRR Position Lights
CR Installed CTC, Run off Micowave relay towers.
Only place on CR was this type of code installed.
Microwave was higher cost initialy but lower cost over long run by reducing wire maintence over a long distance on an otherwise isolated line.
CP-75 to CP-AN
CR Installed CTC with buried code. With one CSXT signal after the old was demolished by a protruding door. Haley tower replaced with 2 CSXT Installed ATCS Interlockings (CP East Haley and CP West Haley), Modern CSXT Signals.
NYC installed CTC, CR installed buried code. Originaly controled by IJ and MY towers. Now remoted to dispatch.
CP-ONE has last remaining NYC installed bracket mast on the line.
The single main by avon REMAINS signaled for thru moves. Even through its almost never used as such. Remnant from passinger train era.
IU Railway interlockings. Mains between CP-KY-AVE and CP-IU are dark running tracks
CP-IU is US&S Electro-Pheumatic interlocking remoted to dispatcher.
IU Railway US&S N3 dwarfs signals, Except for home signals on B&O and Lousiville
CP-IJ has one active NYC installed and untouched signal bridge left. Also has rare continuously lit signals
CP-IU to CP-280 (DX)
261 CR installed CTC.
However right hand running trains get better signals then left main trains.
CP-280 (DX) to CP-250 (TAFT)
261 CTC that runs off a code line, CR installed in late 70s
2002 fall tornado tore up code line in McCordsville IN, Replaced with buried code in that area
CP-250 to CP-245
261 CTC run off code line, NYC installed. Remoted to dispatch by CR.
One main has NYC GRS Intermediates with stagered signal heads and two masts on the right side of the track. Only ones left.
CP-245 to CP-198
NYC Installed D251 ABS. Diamonds at CP-229 and CP-230 remoted to Disptacher.
Run off code line
Bases and wiring installed for CTC by CR, Never completed. Any new CTC here will be CSXT style ATCS CTC
CP-198 to CP-189
NYC Installed CTC, Originally run from Ansonia Tower. Now controled by ID Dispatcher.
Run off code line
CP-189 to CP-168
CR installed CTC in 1998, Never comnpleted. Finally activated by CSXT in 2002.
Predominately US&S instead of GRS signals. Still CR style but with longer hoods
CP-168 to CP-124
CR installed CTC in 1998, Part of above system that was activated by CR.
Crossovers at CP-138 never installed but signals active protecting nothing.
Again predominately US&S signals.
CP-153 (Old Morgan Tower) used to have two bracket masts with 6 semaphore blades on them. Truly spectacular!
Interlocking installed by CR and originaly run with Toldedo Branch CTC
Former site of Ridgeway tower
CP-124 to CP-120
Redone the same time as Ridgeway.
CP-120 to CP-105
Mid 80s CR install
A few of the intermediate signals are GRS SA Searchlights with no targets.
These searchlights were the standard signal on the eastern portions of the NYC and the TO&C.
The Triangle Tricolor CR used is a Big Four and LS&MS signal. MC used GRS SA searchlight with targets.
Searchlights likely salvaged from the eastern NYC. Probably B&A when it got Cab Signals.
A few of the intermediates near CP-105 are CSXT style installed to give new indications for newly CTCed double track
CP-105 to CP-101
CSXT CTC Installation using CR style buried code. Likely CR crews using CSXT supplied
CP102&CP101 installed by CR to replace AC tower which used ERIE type signals.
These later removed and CSXT signals installed with new Bi-Directional signaling
CP-101 to CP-95
D251 run off buried code.
CTC not installed by CR due to the massive number of hand throw switches which would have required many remote locks for switches.
CP-95 to CP-83
Single track CTC installed in 80s. Again GRS SA searchlights present.
CP-83 to CP-80
CP-83 is actually at MP84! Interlocking still has PC green "83" sign!
Main One is actually on old Erie RR alignment and Main two is on Big Four alignment.
Intermediates between CP-83 and CP-80 are the ONLY GRS SA Seatchlights on double track.
CP-80 has Conrail installed aluminum bracket masts. These are taller then the NYC variety and truly look giant!
The Bee Line proper ends at Burt CP-80 as the main to Cleveland is an extension of the Columbus line. 1980s era.
CP-80 to CP-71
Double track CTC. 1980s era.
Automatic interlocking, Not dispatcher controled. Hence no CP in front of "shelby".
CP-54 to Berea
US&S Signals. Old single track signal system gutted and replaced with new double track instalation. 1998 install.
Shawn Noe, Railfans of Indianapolis Past President
MP QSL4.0 on the CSX Louisville Sec./MP 4.0 on the LIRC Main
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