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Roger Hensley

Page Updated

  Railroads of Madison County
Loram Rail Grinder C-210
Low Profile Grinder

October 7th, 2000

Again wiith a phone call, Ron Buser let me know that a Loram low profile rail grinder would be working the CSX (ex-Conrail) main on Saturday morning. I was scheduled to have my van worked on but perhaps I could catch some shots with my digital camera since it was supposed to start grinding a few feet away from the garage where I would be.

The time came and went when it was supposed to have started work, but with the difference in railroad time from local time, I could have missed it if it had started an hour earlier. I decided to chase it as soon as I had finished here. It couldn't be moving too fast.

I drove out past South Anderson Yard and caught the Main south. As there was no sign of the grinder, I drove south back and forth across the tracks to Pendleton and just beyond when it dawned on me that I should be looking AT the tracks rather than DOWN the tracks. A quick glance showed no trace of the rail having been ground. Back I went to Anderson again checking the track at intervals. No trace of grinding. About the time that I went back around 25th Street the second time, I came to the conclusion that it wasn't going to happen today and I went home muttering and grumbling to myself.

As I pulled up, I heard an odd whistle (horn) and within 5 minutes of getting in the house, I heard the CSX dispatcher talking to the extra giving him track rights through Anderson downtown. Arrrggghhh! Back to the car and back to 25th and Arrow to head him off. And this time, I was in time to get position.

I chased him south a mile or so to get some shots of the other side, but the sun and shadow wouldn't co-operate. Still, I feel pretty good about what I did get.

Click on the small photo to see the larger one...



cough... cough...


a couple of shots of the other side


and a better shot of the end car at work.


Picture Credits:
All digital photos by Roger P. Hensley - 10/07/00.

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