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I'm not allowed to drive the train
The whistle I can not blow,
I'm not the one who designates
How far the train shall go

I'm not allowed to blow off steam
Or even ring the bell But
Let the damn thing jump the track
And see who catches hell !!


Roger Hensley

  Railroads of Madison County
Memory Pages

From downtown Anderson and other points in Madison County to Indy, Elkhart, Wabash, Westport and even Cleveland and Buffalo, it's the Memory Pages. Enjoy!

!! See scans from Trevor Whetsel's
Railroadiana down the page

Also, Ron Shue's 587 Videos - Photos

    Bey Joseph Abolt
        - 1950s Downtown Anderson

    Rex Alexander
        - The Railroad Stations of Madison County

    Altamont in 1972 - 1977
        - By M. Mitchell

    Jerry Barrettt
        - The Old Depot - Poem -

    Edward Bedore
        - The 1941 Donovan Crew -

    Jennifer Bickel
        1913 Indiana/Ohio Flood -

    Big Four Notes
        Craig Sanders - Commentary on NYC & CCC&StL
        Sanders & Hensley - Response to Commentary
        Craig Sanders -History of Big Four Lines, Illinois
        Kevin Swaney - Question & Answer
        Bill Wright - Big Four Memories
        Mike Kmetz - on the James Whitcomb Riley...
        George Weaver - Locomotive ID... (1901 Atlantic) -

    Ron Buser
Notes from the Inspector
        - 1978 Buser Photos, Page 1
        - 1978 Buser Photos, Page 2

    Kyle Coble
        - The Shops at Wabash (Big Four) -
        - Re: History of the Marion Branch (Big Four)

    Steve Davis
        - Steve Davis, Note from emblem sales -

    Karen Dinsmore's - Memories of a NYC RR Train Girl

    David L. Dwiggins - Interurban & Railroad Stories
Master Index

    Wade Frasch's Central Indiana Rwy Trip

    Don Gilcrest
        - North of Anderson 1952-1972 - NYC and PRR

    Rick Giles
        - Rick Giles on Big Four Passenger Trains

    Roger Hensley
A remembrance - PRR - revised 3/19/2006
        - Station memories - PRR
        - Ghost Trains - NYC
        - The Time Traveler
        - They were Truly Magnificent NKP 765, NKP 587, NW 611
        - Finding Delco Tower (2016)
        - When Conrail said Goodbye
        - DRGW GP40
        - Conrail 3 Point Protection (comments by Maurice Lewman)
        - Conrail at Dawn
        - Conrail's Time Draws Near
        - Boxcar Art
        Life and Times Series
        - Meridian Street 1956
        - The 50s Eateries (Hangouts)
        - 50s Live Music
        - I Am A Veteran
        - Rail Transportation (Light Rail)
        - We Need Our Active Rail Lines
        - The Three Pigs Restaurant & Lounge

    Daniel Johnson
Death on the Honey Creek in 1882

    Jeff Kirkman
        - Central Indiana Railway (the Midland) around Westfield

Tony Koester

! Specific NKP Photos Needed !
I've been trying to locate to help with modeling projects on my new Nickel Plate Road St. Louis Div. (Frankfort, Ind., to Charleston, Ill.) HO model railroad.

- West wall (facing C&EI double-track Evansville main line) of NKP-C&EI interlocking tower at Cayuga, Ind.
- Any photos of NKP (not PRR) depot in Oakland, Ill.
- 1940s or '50s photos of NKP-B&O V-shaped depot at Metcalf, Ill.
- 1940s or '50s photos of NKP roundhouse at Charleston, Ill.

If you can help, please contact me and I will pass the information on. - rph

    Don L. Leistikow
        - The Riley doesn't stop here (but it did)

    Sharon Lemrick
        - The Story of NOAH E. DAY, Big Four Telegrapher  


    Maurice Lewman

- 'A Close Call' and 'Sweaty Palms'
- 'Water Tanks and Fast Motor Cars'
- 'Alexandria Revisited and Fast Work'
- 'Hand Firing Steam & the Wabash Helper'
- A Poem: My Hero by Hargett
    (a PRR engineer)
- Anderson, Then and Now
- Train Orders on the Michigan Division
- 1944 TT Pages CX to North Vernon
- Communications
    (or how to railroad without a radio)
- Track Maintenance
- The Use of Tools
- The Use of Tools, Part 2
- Stack Talk
- All in a Days Work (NYC L-4 Steam)
- Incident at La Fontaine
- Working the Air
- Student Engineers
- Vernon, Greensburg and Rushville, p1
- Vernon, Greensburg and Rushville, p2
- Two photos of Maurice
- Whoa!!
- The Railroad Watch
- Michigan Division Snow
- A woman named Phyllis
- Wrecks & Derailments - 1
- Wrecks & Derailments - 2
- Michigan Division Water Stops
- North Manchester Water Stop
  - 7 Photos from Marion - 8/06/2011
  - Hard Steamer
  - NYC Niagara 6015 (Jacobs)
  - Niagaras Retired - 6015 Last Run
  - Feedwater Heaters (Steam Locos)
  - Feedwater Waterpumps (Steam Locos)
  - Stokers (Steam Locos)
  - Where is the Water? (Steam Locos)
  - Training Ground
  - Tricky Train Orders
  - Trickly Air
  - The Operator/Agent
  - Icy Trees
  - The Man - Gabe Ginn
  - Air Test
  - Night Work
  - Wabash Hill 2
  - Where you carried the water
  - Hot Shot
  - Back When -
  - Back When, Part 2 -
  - Back When, Part 3 -
  - End of an Era -
  - TV - 4
  - Bulletins, 1966-68
  - Air Brakes on the NYC
  - The Last Train, 3/31/76
  - When NYC did away with ATS
  - Michigan Division Speed - 11/30/2010
  - Fire brick in the fire - 8/20/2011

Michigan Division, North
        - Michigan Division, South
        - Big Four and South Anderson Yard
        - Big Four Caboose Drawings

    Dennis Maxey
Tales of the CIRwy

    Charles Malinowski
Rockport Journal, September 8, 1939 - 7/18/07
        - Little River August 2006 - 8/4/07

    Phoenix McKinney
Ingalls Big 4 Station
        - Ingalls continued

    Tommy Meehan
Labor Day 1961

    Muncie Belt Railway
The Question and response
        - Matt Lappin Memory

    New York Central System Historical Society, Inc
Mechanical Drawings
        Beech Grove, Brightwood, Greensburg, Muncie, Shelby Street, Indianapolis,
        South Anderson and Wabash Yards

    Jim Peters - Tales of the Rails - Jim's NYC stories Cleveland to Buffalo

- 1930s Vignette - 30s
- Mr Railroad - 30s
- Sometimes it takes a bit of nerve - 30s
- Railfan Jim - 30s
- Incident at DJ - 40s
- Wartime Commuting - 40s
- The Rails Beckon - 40s
- Railroading: Ya gotta love it! - 40s
- Bars - In Front Of and Behind - 40s
- Redskins and Firewater - 40s
- Getting Around - 40s
- Branching Out - 1946
- Winter Wonderland? - 1946-47
- A Fool's Luck - 1947-48
- Dearest Mine - 1948
- The Pioneer Spirit - 1948
- The Pioneer Spirit - 1948
- The Pioneer Spirit - 1948
  - Change of Scenery - 1952-59
  - The Wheel Turns and Daddy Comes Home - 1960
  - Special Delivery - 1960
  - Another Bump, Another Move - 1961-62
  - Another Move In a Fateful Time - 1963
  - From the Grand To the Grind - 1966
  - Pay High, Esteem Low - 1967-68
  - Trial and Error - 1968-73
  - Meals On Wheels - 40s memory
  - Trainmasters - 1943-60
  - The Big Top - 1940s
  - A Nocturnal Interlude - 1949
  - Fan Trip - 1951
  - Tales of Woe
  - Hot Stuff
  - Change is Good?
  - Struggle, Struggle - 1960s
  - End Of the Line
Jim sez: Picture of me at the Chicago RR Fair, Aug., 1948
    Post Cards
Post Cards and not all from local scenes.

Railway Express Agency     R.E.A. Timelines
        - Railway Express Aagency Timelines

    Kenneth L. Reed
History of the Evansville Indianapolis and Terre Haute Railroad

    John Reehling
Of Alexandria, NKP, NYC, Union Traction and more...
        - Big Four and Nickel Plate Depots in Alexandria...

    Jack Sands
Train Wreck at Fonda

    Edward Sharp
The Last Run

    Ron Shue
Ron Shue's 587 Videos and Photos

    Jack Shufelt
        - They Like Ike (Duffey)

    Robert Stierwalt
The Beginning
        - Leap into the Snow
        - Corning Branch, Syracuse Division
        - Bay City Branch - SNOW
        - Bob Stierwalt Obit

    Anna Talbert
Big Four Freight House Fire

    Rosemary Teetor

Click for large viewMr. Hensley,
I found your railroad site & wonder whether you can help me. My great-uncle worked out of Indianapolis, as a brakeman, in 1920 (according to the census). What railroads might he have worked on? Are any likely to have employee info going back that far, if they still exist?
His name was Clinton Teetor, born 1892 in Ohio. I can't find him after 1920, so am curious.

Here is a photo of my father and grandmother, standing in one of the "cuts" in Madison, IN, in 1911. The woman is my grandmother, Mary Brydon Teetor; the boy is my father, Howard Teetor. Would you be interested in having a copy? (YEP!)
Thanks for any help you can provide.
Rosemary Teetor,

If anyone can assist Rosemary in this, please contact her. - rph

    AL Turner
No. 92, A veteran E9 (2016)

    Dan B. Ufkes
Avon Yard Update

    Trevor Whetsel
        - Scans from Trevor's Railroadiana -
    Neil H. Wolfe
Lapel and Other Memories

    Bill Wright
Big Four Memories

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