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Greensburg IN - 6/3/1964

FM 6604, EMD 6023, EMD 5954
Southbound Michigan Div coming into Greensburg on way to Jeffersonville IN
M. E. Lewman Collection

I know there was trouble with break downs, but I don't remember having trouble with them. The FMs were smooth running and operated much like a EMD. This train probably has 110-120 cars.

The Greensburg set off would be 15-20 cars and the pick up the same. At this time we had the auto business and would have had around 50 auto cars and 15 flexi-van cars and the rest general freight.

Radios were few and everything was by hand signal, if the rear end set the air you stopped and the brakeman started walking. After we were on the B&O it was number 8 and 65 mph for the next 48 mile slow down to 30 for the next 5 mile stop and ready to head in at Jeff yard. I would light a crooks cigar leaving North Vernon and throw away what was left on arrival at Jeff yard. 58 miles and 1 hour and 5 minutes from the time we left North Vernon. Right on time.


Maurice Lewman

Maurice worked the Michigan Division from 1947-1981. He then worked on the Bee Line from 1981-1992. From 1947 until august 1950, he worked on the section at Shirley and Markleville. In 1950 he started firing on steam and then on through the diesels. Maurice said, "I had the pleasure of working with C. C. Staley and Ron Buser many times."

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