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Big Four Memories
Photo Album 1968 up

Photo Album from Conrail to Today

Note: More Big Four photos are available on the
Michigan Division North, Michigan Division South, South Anderson pages
and North Vernon to Louisville (B&O) Segment

With stories and details of the Michigan Division and Cleveland in the Memory Pages

Most of these photos were sent to me and credit is given when known.
(Click on the small graphic to see the larger one.)


Penn Central Years Feb. 1, 1968 - April 1, 1976

January 1968
a) b)
a) Northbound Wabash Turn at MP 128 - b) Northbound Wabash Turn at LaFountaine
Maurice Lewman photos

March 1968
a) b) c)
a) South Local leaving South Anderson Yard - b) South Local leaving South Anderson Yard - c) Southbound freight stopped 1 mile south of Linwood
Maurice Lewman photos

October 1968
Wabash Yard, Power of Anderson-Wabash turn in foreground
Maurice Lewman photo

October 12, 1968
NYC (PC) GP40 3080 Eastbound at CP 11 October 12, 1968 - Hoffmans, NY Photographer Unknown - Mark Branibar Collection

May 1968
PC/PRR 2425 Alco Century 424 at Richmond IN
Roger Hensley Collection
May 1968
PC/PRR Work Train at Richmond IN
Roger Hensley Collection
June 1968
James Whitcomb Riley with PRR power after Penn Central merger at 59th Street in Chicago
Roger Hensley Collection
Fall(?) 1968
PRR GP9B 3834 is between NYC F7B 1816 and PRR GP35 2281 at Avon Yard
Roger Hensley Collection
December 1968
PRR 6322 Alco Century 630 at Avon Yard
Roger Hensley Collection
PRR 6221 PRR 6221
Taken in Winchester in front of the Depot on the ex-PRR. 1968
Photo by Chuck Tuttle.

These were taken at Westport in 1968-69. The engine is number 11, an 0-4-0 saddle tanker. The second shot was taken a short way from Westport where they were working on the engine. The gentleman in the last photo is my father, Robert Hensley (deceased). This was a museum operation on the old Big Four line.

NYC 3098 NYC 3098
This was taken about 1/2 mile south of Winchester on the ex-PRR. Southbound. Taken with a 700mm lense through a Bushnell spotting scope. 1968 or 1969.
Photo by Chuck Tuttle.
PRR 7095 PRR 7095
Taken In Ridgeville, IN. Southbound on the ex-PRR and crossing the ex-PRR line to Union City. Spring, 1969
Photo by Chuck Tuttle.


Courtesy of James A. Peters. The first Pass is his fathers, the other one is his.
James A. Peters collection

the Riley PRR power on the Riley - (Big Four Fans, take a deep breath! - rph)
Just west of West Lafayette, IN on the NYC/N&W joint track heading toward Chicago. Purdue Airport is on the right. Probably 1970.
Photo by Chuck Tuttle.

January 16, 1970
NYC 1705
3 NYC F-Units climbs the Wabash Hill at Wabash Indiana as they switch the yards. This train was known as the Wabash turn, and they will turn the power and head south a little later.
Kevin Nelson Photo

February 1970
a) b)
a) Wabash Turn at South Anderson - b) Wabash Turn southbound and in the clear at Alexandria
Maurice Lewman photos

PC-D&RGW 764 PC-D&RGW 754 - (Yes, this is Penn Central - rph)
At Lynn, Indiana. Southbound on the ex-PRR and crossing the P&E in late summer, 1970
Photo by Chuck Tuttle.

June 8, 1970
Bellefontaine, Ohio - June 8, 1970
XSL-10 - Toledo-Cincinnati
all L&N hoppers

Bellefontaine, Ohio - June 8, 1970
SLD-2 - Indianapolis (Big Four Yard) to Toledo (Stanley Yard)

July 7, 1970
PC 4357 FP-7
Penn Central LD-4 works Goodman Yards at Marion before returning to Logansport.
Kevin Nelson Photo

August 7, 1970
PC 8464 SW-1
A Southbound local is about to cross 14th street in Marion on the Penn Central's ex NYC line know as the Michigan Branch.
Kevin Nelson Photo

November 1970
Looking north at Carthage (motorcar House on the left)
Maurice Lewman photo

August & December 1970
Here are a couple of old photos that I took around Marion, Ohio (on the "Bee Line"), shortly after the Penn-Central merger. The first photo shows NYC (actually PC) No. 316 making its station stop at Marion in August of 1970. This train (consisting of several mail & flexi-van cars plus one coach) was the last passenger service on the St. Louis-Cleveland main line -- it operated from Indianapolis to Cleveland and lasted until Amtrak started in May of 1971.

The second photo shows the same train, just east of Marion on the NYC/EL "paired" main lines between Marion and Galion, Ohio -- I took this picture in December, 1970. On this particular day, the PC must have had engine troubles on No. 316, because the lone E-7 unit is being led by a former NYC GP-40. By this time, they only kept steam on the first two cars, so the single passenger unit would have been more than adequate for train heat. The GP-40's were probably not geared for passenger speeds, so the crew might have had trouble maintaining the schedule with a freight unit on the head end.
CAPT Rex Settlemoir Collection

July 1, 1971
PC 1844 F-7A
A Northbound PC freight crosses the Mississinewa River near sundown on the Michigan Branch in Marion after setting out some cars on the Red Key Line North Siding.
Kevin Nelson Photo

PC 1844 F-7A
A Penn Central freight pauses on the Michingan Branch in Marion after setting out some cars on the Red Key Line.
Kevin Nelson Photo

PC 3802 GP-9B
A GP-9B brings up the rear of a Northbound freight bound for Elkhart on the Michigan Branch in Marion.
Kevin Nelson Photo

September 26, 1971
PC 1756 F-71
4 Penn Central F-Units drags in a freight from the east on the Big four at Avon Yards. Kevin Nelson Photo

Jan 2, 1972
PC 4087 anf 4024 at Avon Yard

Keven Nelson Photos.

Penn Central 2947 GE U33B

April 1972
1) 7379 at South Anderson
2) 7379 at South Anderson, Carthage Turn
3) 7379 Southbound at Markleviille

Larry Lewman Collection

April 23, 1972
1) Northbound at Montgomery Creek, MP 184.4, Engine 7457
2) Switching at Wickes in Anderson
3) Cement Plant at Anderson - Handling car for Wickes

Larry Lewman Collection

June 7, 1972
Bellefontaine, Ohio - June 7, 1972
St. Marys local - Bellefontaine-St. Marys & return

June 10, 1973
PC 1707 at South Bend

Keven Nelson photos.

June 14, 1973
1) 7266-6411 in South Anderson
2) 7266-7411 - ANW-1 at Fairmount Indiana - Southbound

Larry Lewman Collection

August 14, 1973
1) 1833 - 1779 - 1797 at South Anderson
2) 1737 at South Anderson
Last F7 dispatched from Anderson on AE-8 of 8/15/73

Larry Lewman Collection

March 27, 1974
PC 1749 at Sweetser and Marion

Kevin Nelson photo.

April 23, 1974
Northbound Markleville local

Larry Lewman Collection

May 5, 1974
Shirley, Northbound at MP 182

Larry Lewman Collection

May 16, 1974

1) Cement Plant siding at Anderson
2) Alliance
3) Emporia
4) Markleville
5) Arriving at South Anderson - 7398 - 21091
Coming around the wye at South Anderson

Larry Lewman Collection

July 1974
South Anderson

Larry Lewman Collection

August 17, 1974
Amtrak 215 E-8A
The westbound Amtrak James Whitcomb Riley arrives at Marion to load and unload passengers seen here at 10th street on the C&O Cincinnati to Chicago Line. - Date: 8/17/1974
Kevin Nelson photo.

September 1974
Carthage Indiana
For those interested that's a ex-NYC GP9 #7411(nee 6011).

Larry Lewman Collection

December 31, 1974
Amtrak 201 E-8A
It's the last day of the year as the Amtrak James Whitcomb Riley with a pair of E units passes through Jonesboro on there way to Chicago. - Date: 12/31/1974
Kevin Nelson photo.

1975 - Dinosaurs at Work!! (a Big Four Memories Extra)
These bridge placement photos are from Vermillion Ohio [old Main Line of the LS&MS RWY] in 1975 after a derailment destroyed it. The bridge involved was a moveable type for many years, but later renewed as a fixed span. Detours around the derailment were via the Nickel Plate [NS] during rerailing and bridge replacement.
Lawrence Baggerly Collection.

March 31, 1976
The Last Train - Story by Maurice Lewman of the P&Es last train on the old CCC&StL Springfield Division.

Conrail Years April 1, 1976 - June 1, 1999
Ron Buser at CP Taft @ 53rd street.
I ran into him a few times while I was train chasing, and he always gave me a few minutes of his time, offering up information about the latest rail news in the Anderson area.
 Doug Barnes Photo

July 31, 1976
PC 4039 (Conrail) at Elkhart

Kevin Nelson photo.

1977-78-79 Conrail Photos taken in Illinois.

Russell Mertz Photo

More Dinosaurs at Work!!
This time at Huron Ohio where the big orange bridge sections are being set into place.

Lawrence Baggerly Collection.

1978 Derailment at Woodyard
The Cairo Line in extreme snow conditions on Feb 4th, 1978 - The conditions chalked up one Russell Plow, and damages to 7962 in the process of plowing the Mainline to Danville from Paris [Midland] Illinois.
Lawrence Baggerly Collection.

Early Conrail. Date unknown
Originally, the 5775 changed to the 5913. In the end, it changed to the 7513. This is a GP-7. The bell at it's present location was done in the early 60's. It came from the factory under the rear steps but was changed because of dirt.
Right side of the 7513. Notice the hand rails are white. On NYC, they were yellow. Notice also the front and rear facing horns.
The inside of the cab 7513. The control stand is the give-away. On the control stand the throttle is on the right and the reverse lever is below. On the GP-9, there was a lever to the left of the throttle. It was for auto-transition of the traction motors which the GP-7 didn't have. Above the gauges is the radio. This is where the amp meter was located until it was moved. This unit is equiped with a 24RL brake system.
Maurice Lewman Collection.

Late 1970s
Gridley Tower in the late 70s. Gridley was located just east of Scatterfiled Road at the crossing of the Big Four and PRR.
Ron Buser Photo.
For more photos of Gridley, go to towers.html

December 1981
Here are a couple of pages from the Conrail Southern Region timetable, dated 13 December 1981. At this point in time, the Cairo line is in its last stages of decline and no longer operates as a through route -- note that 63 miles between Midland and Lawrenceville are out of service. Although not shown in the timetable, believe that what coal business remained north from Harrisburg went as far as Carmi, where it turned east on the L & N, then north from Evansville to Danville, where it went back onto Conrail.

General Manager shown on the front of this timetable is Hershel Ring (CP Ringo at Terre Haute was named after him), and the Southwest Division Superintendent was R. M. Reid; Columbus Division Superintendent was J. H. Kithcart. The Regional Superintendent - Transportation was R. J. Gernon.
CAPT Rex Settlemoir Collection

July 15, 1984
Forty eight to Chicago
'...experience the splender of another era aboard the Tavern-Lounge-Observation 48...'

Here in 7 photos is the New York Central Tail Car of the James Whitcomb Riley and the Hoosier State as it was in 1984. It was then owned by Bill Jenkins and used for special excursions to Chicago and return behind Amtrak as advertised in this ad in the Muncie Star.
Photos courtesy of Bill Jenkins.

Galion, Ohio station - 2003
On 10/8/03, Coffee said...
We have a few bridges south of Kent Ohio still with the CCC&StL lettering but I can't find the photos. I did find the photos for the station in Galion, Ohio that still bears the lettering for the CCC&StL.

Tuttle Photo Credit:
Chuck Tuttle has created his own photo web site which will contain many more of his photos than I will use. You may access it directly at:

Photo Album from Conrail to Today

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