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Towers and Block Stations

Tower Photos

DOW    Gridley
Left: DOW Tower [JR] in the early 1920s. Post Card Photo from Irene Litten - Marvin Crim Collection. DOW Tower was just south of Cross Street in North Anderson at the crossing of the Big Four and PRR.
Right: Gridley Tower in the late 70s - Ron Buser Photo. Gridley was located just east of Scatterfiled Road at the crossing of the Big Four and PRR. Gridley Yards is the remaining PRR trackage west of the Scatterfield south of the SR 32 junction. It runs by the abandoned Delco America plant 3 and serves PQ Corporation and Phillips Iron.

ca 1917
The Central Indiana tower at the crossing of the CI and the Big Four in Anderson,

Dix tower was at MP 89.4 (miles from Cincinnati) very close to the town of Acton. The double track went to single here and there were two sidings here as well; one on each side of the main. It was a typical NYC(Big Four) tower that stood on stilts.
Bob Larkey Collection

Elwood Block Station    Delco Tower
Left: Elwood Block Station April 30, 1971 - Photo by Marvin Crim. Elwood Block Station was located just southeast of downtown Elwood at the crossing of the PRR and NKP.
Right: Delco Tower [CG] at the time of Penn Central - From the Marvin Crim Collection. Delco Tower was located just east of the intersection of Ohio Ave., Cincinnati Ave. and 18th Street.

Delco Tower - PC    Delco Tower Close Up

Left: Delco Tower with Penn Central train From the Bob Trueblood Collection.
Right: Penn Central Train Close Up From the Bob Trueblood Collection.

Left: KY as the Southwestern Limited passes by in downtown Anderson.
Right: KY Tower in the early 50s. This tower was just west of the Depot in downtown Anderson. I seaarched and searched for a photo of KY. Now I have it!
Photographer Unknown, Mike Hayes supplied the photo.

Taft Tower

Taft Tower in 1964. From the Marvin Crim Collection, Ron Buser Photo. Taft was located just along the Big Four tracks west of Anderson about half way between 38th Street and 53rd Street. The UTC/IRR traction line also ran along there.

Guide Tower    Click for Larger

Guide Tower (Not its actual name) in the early 1900s was at the junction of the Anderson Belt and Big Four at 25th and Arrow Ave. UTC came up Arrow Ave. and turned to parallel the Big Four (see the very bottom of the 1901 Map) while the Anderson Belt ran along 25th Street. Post Card photo.

Here is a 1930s view of the same scene.


Have a map dated, May 21 1949 that gives the name as Belt Crossing Tower and the tower at the C I crossing, and it gives that name as the C I tower. When the powers to be eliminated all history at Indy Some of the boys were able to grab some of the history. I don't know when these towers were discontinued but I think it was 1951-1953.

IRR Anderson
Anderson Tower. From a Post Card photo, this was listed as the IRR Anderson Tower near Anderson. It would seem that this was a tower of the Indiana Union traction Company of the Middletown Division just to the East of Anderson

Fortville Indiana

1920? Fortville Tower (postcard)

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