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  Railroads of Madison County
Ron Buser 1978 Photos

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Emporia derailment on Anderson-Emporia Secondary. Conrail train JEM1 at MP169.5
Two overturned loaded hoppers on east side of roadbed and looking north at the covered hoppers which have turned 270 degrees.

Four brand new Southern Pacific cabin cars pass through Hart yard on rear of westbound PIIN-1

Conrail 5612 ex P&E GP7 Engine fresh out of Avon Shops at Indianapolis.

Norfolk & Western Depot with N&W cabin car 518446 on House Track.
Train Order Board is in green position for northbound train.

Norfolk & Western U-Boat U30B high hood 1956 pulls across the Westfield Secondary Main.

Gridley Tower at Anderson looking west,

For more photos of Gridley, go to towers.html

Eastbound INTO 4 with 6218 an SD45, a former PC unit.
Bangor & Aroostock #82 a GP38-2 with a winterization hatch is the 2nd unit on INTO-4

Hillsdale County Railroad Co. boxcar hcrc 807 just being spotted by City Job at McMahan & Lieb grocers at Anderson.

Conrail 1912, a new B23-7 at Madison St. at Pendleton MP255.9
and Conrail 1925, another new B23-7 at Pendleton MP255.9

Ex-Frisco 806 is a 1st design GE U-25B with a high short hood.

Bangor and Aroostock 87 is an EMD GP38 in Muncie

Hulcher side windowed caterpillars rerailing overturned boxcars after GIIN-5 snapped cars over like a rubber band.

Southern Indiana

Southern GP38-2 5038 and 2775 wait to help Southern Steam 610 to go into Louisville to turn the train. New Albany.
Southern 610, ex Texas & Pacific 2-10-4, arrives at New Albany Indiana. She will be turned in Louisville KY.
Southern 610 extra water and fuel tender and 610 is hooked up to the GPs.
Southern W Graham Clayton Jr passenger car passes on it's way to Louisville.

Southern 3108, SD45, leads an empty coal train into southern Indiana
Near the middle of the train comes Southern Remote Control Car plus three mid-train slaves.
Southern Remote Control Car 905915 is being controlled from the lead unit which in turn is controlling the mod-train slaves.
Southern locos at mid-train and Southern SD40-2 3255 with high short hood. Note the 5 chime horns on each end of the unit.
Rear end of unit train with cabin car x568 passing New Albany station.

Lousiville New Albany & Corydan 40 foot Boxcar 10232 at Corydan IN

Back to the North

Conrail EMD SW1500 9609 switch engine is the former Indianapolis Union Railway #31.

Conrail 18271 sits with Penn Central 18310 at South Anderson Yard.
CR 18271 is freshly painted.

Philadelphia Quartz tanks cars in new White and Blue paint at South Anderson.

Picture Credits:
All photos not otherwise marked are by Ron Buser

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