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  Railroads of Madison County
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Early Conrail. Date unknown
Originally, the 5775 changed to the 5913. In the end, it changed to the 7513. This is a GP-7. The bell at it's present location was done in the early 60's. It came from the factory under the rear steps but was changed because of dirt.
Right side of the 7513. Notice the hand rails are white. On NYC, they were yellow. Notice also the front and rear facing horns.
The inside of the cab 7513. The control stand is the give-away. On the control stand the throttle is on the right and the reverse lever is below. On the GP-9, there was a lever to the left of the throttle. It was for auto-transition of the traction motors which the GP-7 didn't have. Above the gauges is the radio. This is where the amp meter was located until it was moved. This unit is equiped with a 24RL brake system.
Maurice Lewman Collection.

I found this picture on Indiana Bull Session. It is a picture of the 5612 in Anderson at the cement plant south of Highway 69. The photo is dated 1982 and the photographer is unknown.
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