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  Railroads of Madison County
Ron Buser 1978 Photos

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Jan 28, 1978
Extra 7801 came down form Marion IN on the DOW.
Photo taken in front of NYC Depot
Extra West SLX-1 at CP Taft

Feb 1, 1978
L&N Alco 1410 C-630 is a trailing unit on CI-4
North Louisiana & Gulf Railroad car 5015 at West Pass siding at Hart Yard waiting for westbound pickup.

Feb 15, 1978
C&O (Chessie) southbound extra passing under the Conrail White River bridge in Eastern part of Muncie IN
Cabin Car 3107 brings up the rear of C&O 4167 Extra South

- - Undated - -

N&W 6135 is a dual directional low nosed SD40-2.
N&W 1533 2nd unit is a standard high hood SD35 passing Vance Tower on former NKP Main in Muncie

Conrail Extra 2748 SLX-1 westbound at Woodberry Crossing

Automatic Block Signal 2671

Chessie Cabin Car C&O 3111 just coming out from under Conrail White River bridge just east of Vance Tower, Muncie IN

Russel Snow Plow in use on Indiana Creek Secondary
PC 60007 Russel Snow Plow is of steel construction
CR 7466 is on plow

CR 2805 is a brand new CE B23-7 U-Boat or a former U23B carbody design.
And the rear view of CR 2805

PRR Frankton IN Depot on the Cincinnati - Logansport main

Southern Pacific U-Boat 8697 (GE U36C) leads a Conrail westbound WVI-5 through Ingalls IN
SP 3430, a GP9, is the second unit on westbound WVI-5

Port Huron & Detroit 2049 at Anderson

Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo 40' Single Door Box 3377

MK Railroad Leasing unit

CR 6669 a former red-white-blue Erie-Lackawanna Unit. Hart Yard in Muncie IN

Monon 4140, a 2 bay hopper car at South Anderson

Reading 40' Box 107865 in dark green paint at South Anderson

CR 2055 ex-NYC 2055 last of 10 new units received by the NYC before merger with PRR
CR 2055 Rear view

Philadelphia Quartz 3 bay covered hopper PQX 220 at South Anderson

SP 8358 Tunnel Snoot passing Gridley on the head end of SLD-2

SP 4618 Cabin Car brings up the Rear End of SLD-2

MK Railroad Leasing unit 5303 in South Anderson Yard and the rear view of the MK Railroad Leasing Unit

M & W number 8 is a GE 70 tonner with 600 HP

L & N 3556 is a SD40-2 in South Anderson Yard on head of CI-4m eastbound empty coal train

Seaboard Coast Line 7029 is 2nd unit on CI-4m at South Anderson

Picture Credits:
All photos not otherwise marked are by Ron Buser

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