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Big Four Memories
Photo Album 1950 to 1967

Most of these photos were sent to me and credit is given when known.
(Click on the small graphic to see the larger one.)

Fortville Indiana


1) 1920s? Interlocking Tower (postcard), 2) Crossing Tower (Newspaper) 3) Depot (early postcard), 4) 1950-51 - NYC 2-8-2 1365 passes by the Depot - Carl Marsh Photo (postcard), 5) 1960 - Fortville Depot has seen better days. Ronald Stuckey Photo.

Circa 1950
 Illinois Steamer

H10b 2098, ex 2330, northbound at Robinson St., Danville, Illinois in 1949 or 1950. Train is probably #84.
(Photo by Irvin Baer, NYCSHS Collection)

The Class G-43 2-8-0s were built by Brooks Locomotive Co., Dunkirk, NY in 1902-1903. They weighed 280,00 pounds and had a tonnage rating of 1,400 tons on Cassadaga hill. They were kept in service on the Valley Branch three years beyond Dieselization due to weight restrictions on some of the bridges, finally being retired in 1949, when a couple bridges were strengthened. The 1102 was held over one more year to handle some officials on an inspection tour, and then to handle the Vision Test car, because it was steam heat-equipped for passenger cars. I am sending the pix with captions.

1) 2) 3)
1) - DAV&P train Warren - Dunkirk. May 23, 1949. Personnel left to right: Schmatz, Erickson, Bartkowiak, John Dickinson, McFarland, Cook. 2) - Warren Switch Run with Engineer H.B. Cook running on Fourth St., Warren, Pa, 1947. 3) - Found its way onto a branch line in Michigan before retirement. James Peters Collection - Used with permission of NYCS Historical Society.

These photos were taken in August, 1950 (I was 26) when my parents visited Sally and me at the station in Sinclairville, NY.
James Peters Collection

Weed Burner, 1950

Weed Burner in 1950
Lawrence Baggerly Collection.  


Circa 1950
Leaving Chicago in a Winter twilight
Great artwork; great locomotive.............
(Please, it is artwork, not the real thing.)
Lawrence Baggerly collection

NYC's "Southwestern Limited" just east of Mattoon,IL in 1950.
- J. M. Waide Collection (who would like more information about this photograph).

Circa 1950
This is a great picture provided by Linda Blackman, and shows agent/operator Hal Johns at work in the Stonefort depot. I don't have a date for the photo, but the telephone in the background tells me that it was probably in the 1950's. Hal was a notorious "saver" and had company timetables, annual reports, and various other memorabilia dating back for a couple of decades. - CAPT Rex Settlemoir
Linda Blackman Collection.
Linda Blackman currently owns the ex-Big 4 depot at Stonefort, Illinois. Amazingly, after she contacted the U. S. National Archives in Washington, she found that they had a substantial number of Big 4 records. This photo is one that I took in October 2007, from about the same angle. Additionally, they furnished her with a complete set of plans and drawings of the depot. - CAPT Rex Settlemoir
Linda Blackman Collection.

April 1950
Class K-5b 4920 at Lafayette IN on April 8, 1950. Built by Alco in 1926 as Michigan Central 8360, it was retired in June of 1952.
Harry Zillmer Photo, M. D. McCarter collection.
Starting under the cab. The big pipe with the upsidedown funnel is to the booster. Follow it along and it comes out in the middle of the cylinder on top. That is how it gets its steam. There is another just like it on the engineer's side. The smaller pipe below the steam pipe is the water pump supply pipe from tender to the water pump which is located to the rear and above the cylinder. You can see the pipe coming from behind the air tank to the water pump. You can then follow it out of the front of the pump, and it gets lost in the maze, but it comes out around the boiler and goes onto the bottom of the feed water heater, goes thru the feedwater heater at the top and coming out in the large pipe. Following along the boiler and making a U turn ending at the boiler check valve.

The single air pump in front was from the K-3r series 4800-4804 and these were the last 4-6-2 locomotives built for the B4/NYC in Feb. 1925. These locomotives were hot rods and had for one thing, each had a different front end throttle, among other hopup things. Rich Stoving speaks of them running 115 mph in his articles. Did you notice all B4/NYC generators set on the side of the boilers not on top as other R.R. The K-3r 4800s had a TE of 41900 and K-5, TE of 47-48000.


Early to mid 50s
 High Rail Automobile sits by an Alco FA.
Location Unknown
Photographer Unknown
Photo supplied by Wayne Koch

Xtra West Engine 3059
Duane T/A arriving at Midland with 0 loads and 128 emptys destined to Harrisburg Sahara mines on the Cairo Line. The L-3 was built in 1942, and here is at the 'ending-edge' of steam on the New York Central. - LAB
Lawrence Baggerly Collection.

Xtra West Engine 2786
The Extra is passing a human Crossing watchman. The interchange with the PRR in background, and the Paris Broom Factory water tower in far background. I think this is an L-2 engine vs an H-10. NYC diagram book shows it as built in 1926. - LAB - Lawrence Baggerly Collection.

Coming up to Marshall IL, the BARCO came on - Sidney Bufkin, the Engineer, says to get up into the tender and be prepared to JUMP! Guess we didn't take enough water at dock!!! That H-10 just kept on going up to Paris!!! - LAB - Lawrence Baggerly Collection.

Ditching Equipment in 1951. A Jordan Spreader, Little Bantam, Side Dump, and a proud operator!!! Just back from the Cairo Line south of Paris ILL going to Mt.Carmel. There is nothing left now of the Team, RR or Operator.... LAB
Lawrence Baggerly Collection.

#151 Arriving "Midland"
The 'watchers' are Yardmaster Flannigan, and Conductor Bob Fischer. Engine #2865 is delivering local cars for further dispatchment to "SANKY" line destinations. Lawrence Baggerly Collection.

#151 crew at Paris IL
Another photo from the Cairo Line local - LtoR..Engineer John Franklin, Fireman [can't remember his name], and Conductor Bob Fischer - after yarding our train at Midland, and getting ready to turn the Engine at the Paris Roundhouse. The L-2 just barely fit the Turntable, and in 1951, these "Turns" were the last gasp of steam on the Cairo Line.
Lawrence Baggerly Collection.

Small Dinosaur
Only two more hoppers to re-rail at Lyons Hump in 1951 - These derricks were used on the non-mainline trackages on account of their limited capacity - 100 tonners vs the 250 ton Big Hooks located at major terminals such as Indianapolis, Elkhart, Toledo, Cleveland, etc. - Lawrence Baggerly Collection.

Summer 1951441 at Paris, IL

Local #152 with engine 1337 waits in the siding for Train 441 at Paris, IL. The Southern District is all steam except for thru passenger service.
Lawrence Baggerly Collection.


The Southwestern Limited is just west of Midland [Paris, IL] in 1951, and up to track-speed. Next stop Mattoon, IL.
Lawrence Baggerly Collection.

It's Summer and #11 (Southwestern Limited) is headed west to Mattoon, and is still showing an 'OB'!! (Observation) as it crosses Main Street in Paris Illinois. Lawrence Baggerly Collection.

September 1951
John Franklin Lyons Yard, Westville, IL Lyons-Paris T/A local.
Larry Baggerly says: Here is my engineer!! John Franklin from Trafalger Indiana. I miss him still! Imagine doing local switching with that L-2
Lawrence Baggerly Collection.

11/5/2003 - Larry Baggerly said: Glen Keen was a NYCRR fireman at same time I was a brakeman on the Cairo Line. His family had approximately 400 years of seniority vs my family's mere 150 years. Though history on most lines of the CCC&STL, as you no doubt know, the RR hired several generations of the same families, as long as they were 'GOOD RR FOLKS' ...

Glen Keen: Larry, is that engine #2846? Wouldn't that be an L-2? Did love to fire those L-2's.
Larry Baggerly: CORRECTAMUNDO!!! I was scanning some stuff to RRsofMadCty and figured you'd get a kick outa that 'gone-forever' steam loco. You're right on target re the ease of 'firing' an L-2. The #2865 alongside #2846 was headed back to Mt. Carmel with your uncle Owen as hogger. I was working the Lyons-Paris [Midland] switch run that day, and the engineer sure had a few words for the engine dispatcher for assigning that L-2 for switching. He about wore his arm out spinning the Reverser several hundred times that day.

Fall 1951
Extra #1337 South sits at Ridge Farm at the NKP crossing awaiting their Eastbound Manifest Freight ...note the volume of pipe connections leading to crossovers and signals in the middle of rural Illinois [Cairo Line] The local had just finished 'spotting' our last empty grain boxcar at the elevator there at Ridge Farm. - LAB - Lawrence Baggerly Collection.

Early 50s
Unfortunately, I have no way of identifying the engineer in this picture, other than to say that he would have been from the Mt. Carmel, Illinois pool on the Cairo Line. This is a classic pose of an engineer at work on the local while switching at Vienna, Illinois. The photo was taken by agent H.C. Settlemoir in the early 1950's, before arrival of the first diesels on this branch line. The engineer's hand is perfectly posed on the throttle; whistle cord is visible in the background, and train orders are neatly rolled up and placed in a valve handle in the foreground. Of course, the engineer's large oil can is close at hand and resting on the brake stand!
CAPT Rex Settlemoir

Bucyrus, Ohio 1952
Fueling station - #101!!. Not fancy, but effective
Lawrence Baggerly Collection.

Corning Ohio 1952 - T&OC/CCC&STL
The Round House becomes just a fueling stop. The Maintracks are to the left of this picture.
Lawrence Baggerly Collection.

Circa 1953
Anderson KY Tower early 50s. This tower was just west of the Depot in downtown Anderson. I searched and searched for a photo of KY. Now I have it!
Photographer Unknown, Mike Hayes supplied the photo.

We know that the loco was retired in May 1955 . The arm signals are gone and light signals are in use . It is on the B-line, the Michigan tracks are to the right. The KY building looks in good shape. When I went to the army we did not have the L-3, 4 at Anderson in 1951, but when I came back in may of 1953 most of the L-2 were gone and we were using mostly L-3, 4 . I would say from May 1953 - May 1955 . I would lean to closer to 1955 .

Feb 24, 1953
Not the Big Four and I don't recall where I got this newspaper clipping.
It is the NYC at Amsdell Road at Wanakah near Hamburg NY and they have derailed 28 cars.

April 1953
J-3 5435 on # 472 taking water at Muncie, IN in April of 1953.
Jeremy Taylor Photo, NYCSHS Collection

July 12, 1953
Class S-1b 6017 is at Bellefontaine, OH on July 12, 1953
Jay Williams Collection

July 23, 1953
Class L-4b Mohawk 3144 at Bellefontaine, OH
Clyde Helms Photo

These two photos have absolutely no historical value in our ongoing look at the Big 4 Cairo Line. However, they do show a young Rex Settlemoir in front of the Vienna, Illinois depot, long before he was a Navy Captain, as well as before he went to Annapolis, before he went to Harrisburg High School, and even before he went to Vienna Grade School! Photo taken by agent H.C. Settlemoir, about 1953. (Obviously, sir, I disagree. RR personnel had families, too. - rph) - CAPT Rex Settlemoir

December 27, 1953
 Lafayette depot
Image from the Don Burkhardt collection.

NYC 1712 passes CX tower at Goshen. Circa 1953.

0-8-0 pictured at Indianapolis about circa 1953-54.

This photo looks south, toward the receiving yard at the NYC/Big 4 yard in Harrisburg, Illinois. Main line to Cairo is visible to the far left of the picture. According to Edson's book "Diesel Locomotives of the New York Central System" #7106 is a Fairbanks Morse 2000 HP unit, built in 1948 and sold to GE in 1964; it was equipped for MU operation at both ends. The picture has to date from 1953 or later, since the WSIL-TV tower is visible in the background to the right. I worked at this TV station as a high school teenager from 1963 to 1967 and know that it went on the air in December, 1953. I do not know the photographer, but can tell that the photo was taken by climbing the floodlight tower, which stood immediately south of the hump yard office there. - CAPT Rex Settlemoir

This is a northbound view of the Harrisburg, Illinois Yard on the NYC/Big 4 Cairo Line. It is the companion to the southbound view above and was taken from the floodlight tower just south of the hump yard office (roof of the yard office is visible in the foreground). Main line to Mount Carmel is visible to the right and roundhouse is on the left, along with the wreck train. Harrisburg was by no means a modern yard, so the tracks in the center were a combination classification/forwarding yard. After the cars (mostly coal) were weighed and classified on the manual hump, northbound trains were doubled together at the north end of the yard.
CAPT Rex Settlemoir

Mid 50s
NYC 6008 4-8-4 Cincinnati OH 1950s.

Heavy Power on the Cairo Line
This photo was shot by H.C. Settlemoir in front of the Vienna, Illinois depot and shows the last steam power to operate there. I think that it is especially interesting, because L2c Mohawk 2842 (built by ALCO in 1929) would normally be regarded as heavy mainline power. With a weight of 365,000 pounds it would have put quite a strain on the 90 pound rail south of Karnak (for this reason, perhaps it was operating on a Karnak turn and not a Cairo turn).

In any event, it certainly shows "how the mighty have fallen" as it was no doubt demoted from mainline duty by diesel power at this late date. I would suspect that 2-8-2 Mikado's would have been the predominate power on the Cairo line when steam was in its heyday.
CAPT Rex Settlemoir

I had previously sent this same photo of NYC Mohawk #2842 in front of the depot at Vienna, Illinois in its black & white original version. However, this color version of the same photo is not what we think of today as a 'color photo.' In addition to being a dedicated NYC/Big 4 employee, H.C. Settlemoir did his own photo developing and processing in a makeshift lab that he set up in our basement. Amateur color photography was still relatively rare (and expensive) well into the 1950's, so he took the photo in black & white, but then used a photo coloring kit to manually 'colorize' the picture. - CAPT Rex Settlemoir
Remember when MOW work was mostly done by section gangs? This picture was taken in front of the NYC/Big 4 depot in Vienna, Illinois in the mid 1950's, just before the section gangs were abolished in favor of mechanized track gangs. My memory is just strong enough to recall that two of these men were Bill Simmons and Dugan McCuan.
CAPT Rex Settlemoir

Here are two photos, taken from approximately the same spot in Harrisburg, Illinois, but about 50 years apart. First shot, of course, is looking north from the hump at Harrisburg Yard in the mid-1950's -- substantial number of loaded hoppers appear to be in the bowl yard. Second picture, shot last week is the same view looking north in 2007. This once busy yard was torn out less than 20 years ago, and there is little or no evidence that it ever existed!! CAPT Rex Settlemoir

Here is another fifty year comparison at Harrisburg, Illinois. First picture looks south at Harrisburg Yard during the mid-1950's -- second picture was taken earlier this month from approximately the same location, at the former site of Harrisburg Yard. Pretty sad.
CAPT Rex Settlemoir

February 1954
Mattoon IL - Niagara 6018 has just arrived with the westbound Knickerbocker. Class J-1e hudson 5404 waits to take over the trip to St. Louis.
Richard Baldwin Photo.

Photos of a gas-electric doodlebug at the station in dowtown Anderson in 1954.
Photos by Gene Yates. Roger Hensley Collection.
From LEW:
"Roger, saw your photo of the doodle bug and was this at Anderson?
Why I ask this is the passenger train to Elk. stopped in April 1950. If this was 53-54 I don't have a reason why the doodle bug would be there.
I worked the 8015, rail detector car, two different times in the middle and late sixties but it just had the one car. It did have a porter for the crew who cooked their meals and made their beds. When we were working with them, as pilots, we had one meal, noon, with them.
The last time I acted as pilot it was Aug. and the sweet corn was ready out of the garden and I brought some with green onions and we did have a feast. They used pilots engineers, conductors and then stopped and only used an engineer. They stopped using pilots and run them as track equipment with the track foreman in charge after the PC merger.

Yes, it was at Anderson, LEW. And no, I don't have an explanation for it's being there. I've checked the photo several times and have confirmed that it is Anderson and late 1953 or 1954. :-)

Mid 50s
Here's a neat picture of a NYC freight train heading north out of Anderson towards White River. Picture was taken by my dad in the early 1950's when we lived on the corner of at 4th & John. Their two story house on the corner had been in the family since the early 1900's when my grandparents owned it. The building on the right in the picture was a little neighborhood store. Photo must have been taken in the fall or early spring because there are no leaves on the trees...... Enjoy
Steve Harris

About 60 cars back the cab is coming around a curve and down hill . The flat track you see is about 80 cars long and will start uphill in about 3 blocks . It was a hard pull going up about 1% + hill around a left curve and an interlocking signal that was very hard to see and still keep moving , but could stop short if the signal was red . You can read about a trip from So. Anderson to Wabash with the 3115 in one my stories on this web site.

These three photos were taken from the NYCSHS Central Headlight, Fourth Quarter, 2015.
All are photos by Jeremy Taylor.

L-2d 2933 passes KD tower in Indianapolis with train CC-1 in July 1956. At this time she may have been the only active L-2d locomotive on the former Big Four. Note the lack of cylinder and valve head covers. It's wonderful that the 2933 has been preserved, but this is the way most of us would like to remember her. Photo by Jeremy Taylor, NYCSHS Collection.

At Anderson, Indiana, the NYC cut through town on two separate rights-of-way between Taft tower on the west and Gridley tower on the east, a distance of five miles. The northerly route, the passenger main, serves the depot; the southerly route, the belt, leads to the yard. In this scene, a 27-car Greensburg switch run has come east out of the yard on the belt and is taking the south wye to the Michigan District, the line to Louisville, Kentucky. In the foreground, the belt runs straight ahead to Gridley, and the north wye to the Michigan District leads up to Wabash and Goshen, Indiana. Powering the train is H-5u 1453, one of 33 H-5s transferred to the Big Four in 1949 when diesels replaced them on the IHB. (Telltale clue: the cutaway coal bunker.)
Photo by Jeremy Taylor

Here's an unexceptional photograph of an exceptional locomotive. The 5451, eastbound out of Indianapolis on train 416, was transferred to the Big Four with six other J-3s for service on the Indiana Division between Cincinnati and Kankakee. She stood out from the others; when built in 1938, she was one of ten (5445-5454) shrouded for assignment to the 20th Century Limited. She was one of five (5450-5454) equipped with disc drivers and roller bearing assemblies. She quickly became the preferred power for elite coach train The James Whitcomb Riley. When it came time for retirement, she was an obvious candidate for preservation, but NYC was not into that mindset I Obsolescence won out, and she was met by the torch. A shame.
Photo by Jeremy Taylor

1954 Cairo Line
Last of the steam on the Cairo Line
Extra #2104 is ready to leave Lyons Yard with 14 loads and 122 emptys destined for Mt Carmel. Conductor Baggerly, Sr is in the picture at Lyons IL before awaiting the arrival of #185 from Harrisburg IL. C&EI delaying #185 at Westville, so they were getting 'Initial Terminal Delay $$s. LAB
[Thanks to WRF for his courtesy..] - Lawrence Baggerly Collection.

NYC 6385 - Engine 2-8-2 H-6a at Wabash Indiana, c.1955. Note the sand tower and coaling crane behind the engines.
Craig Berndt collection

Charlie sez...
The locos appear to be on a service track so it is likely there was hostling going on. The second unit just came in from a run and hadn't had all its trimmings removed. When there are multiple units to be serviced, the usual procedure is to double (or triple etc) the power and run it thru the service track, saves a lot of time and equipment usage.

Lew sez...
Chariie is on the right track. The one in the rear has come in on a local (the flags), and the one in front is the yard engine. One hostler per trick was it. He moved engines, cleaned fires, run the crane to coal both yard, local and through freights. When you come to work in the morning hours the cab was clean, ice and water were ready, the loco was sanded, and it was fired up and ready to go. The second and third trick hostlers were twin brothers and were Miami Indians. One was a little dumpie and the other slim.When kids they had a fight dumpie chewed off the bottom of slim's ear. Engines were good for 1800 tons on the south hill at Wabash. The H-5, H-6, H-10, L2,3,4 were all good for 1800 ton and this included single unit F-7, GP-7, and 9.

GP7s 5797 & 5798 lead a mail/express eastward near Anderson
along old SR 67 near Mounds Park.
James C. Suhs Collection.
Here is a motor car/section gang picture in front of the Vienna, Illinois depot on the NYC/Big 4 Cairo Line. Photo dates from about 1955 and looks east; motor car is on the main line and the short passing track in front of the Vienna depot is just barely visible under the weeds in the background. CAPT Rex Settlemoir

NYC 6015 at Beech Grove. Last Niagara in service
Charlie Smith said: June 30, 1956. Last run of 6015 in passenger service, train no. 416, Indianapolis to Cincinnati on account of a diesel failure. Departed Indianapolis 34 minutes late, arrived Cincinnati 6 minutes late. July 2, 1956. Returned to Indianapolis in freight service, train CC-3. Final run. - Photo by Soph Marty.
For more info on the 6015 and the retirement dates of many of the Niagaras, see:
NYC Niagara 6015 (Jacobs) and Niagaras Retired - 6015 Last Run on the Memory Pages.

Class J-3a 5415 heads the westbound James Whitcomb Riley through Addyston, OH in 1955.
Richard Baldwin Photo.

May 1955
Class J-3a leaves Cincinniati OH with the westbound James Whitcomb Riley in May of 1955.
Harold Stirton Photo, Darwin Simonaitis collection.

June 1955
Train time at Bellefontaine, Ohio as J-1 d 5375 eases into the station.
This Hudson was originally numbered C. C. C. & St. L. 6600 before 1936.

(Photo by Bob Lonenz, NYCSHS Collection)

October 1955
Class J-1e 5401 leaves Chesterton IN on Oct 1, 1955 with the Chicago-elkhart morning local.
Harold Stirton Photo, Darwin Simonaitis collection.

November 1955
An L-4b in Anderson at work on its way to Elkhart just before the end came for it. This Mohawk was retired in June of 1956.
James C. Suhs Collection.

1950-60 Cairo
#1. [5753 & 2 others]: Three geeps and caboose are tied up on the freight house track located on Second Street between Washington Ave. and Halliday Ave. in Cairo in the late 50s or early 60s. The crew has dropped off the cars at the 17th Street yard about a mile north. They are resting and will return to Harrisburg/Mt. Carmel later in the day with outbound cars switched during the night by the SW1 switch engine stationed at Cairo. They did not need 3 engines for the lading into Cairo. Most of the cars (coal hoppers) were set out at Karnak for interchange with the C&EI for delivery to the electrical power plant in Joppa, IL.

#2. Close up the 5753 taken at the same time and same location.

#3. [Cairo Terminal] This picture was taken when steam still ruled in Cairo. Note the round house in the center of picture. It appears to be either a 5 or 7 stall facility. It has 7 smoke stacks but the 2 on the right maybe an office area. Also pictured are other Big 4 buildings on Second Street. The passenger depot is located on the far right. The freight and passenger cars pictured in the lower right corner are on the IC/M&Os Cairo loop track that circled the city at this time. The photo would have been taken prior to 1937. Flooding at that time took out some of the loop trackage and IC and M&O trains quit circling the city. (Note: The IC and M&O passenger depot was just a couple of blocks to the north of the Big 4 passenger depot) I think this picture was taken from one of the upper floors of the Holiday House Hotel which was about a block behind the Big 4 terminal in Cairo. The passenger depot and freight house were taken down in early 60s when Washington Avenue was widened at the point when the NYC tracks crossed the street. The others were mostly gone before my time.
Russell Mertz Photos and description

Even with all of the exclusions shown on the back of this company pass, there were still plenty of other NYC trains to ride in 1955-1956. My Father, H.C. Settlemoir, was NYC/Big 4 agent at Vienna, Illinois at the time this pass was issued.
CAPT Rex Settlemoir Collection

Anaconda Wire located at 31st Street and the railroad was on the Big Four. Note the line that goes straight ahead across the Main Line. - 1955-56

FM Class CPA 24-4 4506 with an EMD F-3 B-unit leads the westbound Mercury through Battle Creek, MI in 1956
Jim Shaw Photo

Two Beech Grove workers check bearings in 1956.

Conductor Baggerly in 1956
Two years after the Xtra 2104, STEAM WAS GONE!!! Alas, and Alak! The Cairo Line then became history when Conrail abandoned the line in the '80s. Ignoble testimony to those wonderful folks that won WWII with the Cairo Lines contribution with the 'OIL TRAINS' from Norris City in 1942!! Skip Farrington has to be spinning in his grave vs his lucid writing re the Cario in WW II. - LAB [Thanks to WRF for his courtesy..] - Lawrence Baggerly Collection.

April 1956
Photo of NYC 3001 taken in Wabash, April 1956
Vollrath Photo

April 1956.
NYC 1453 walks out of South Anderson Yard with a Greensburg switch run in April 1956, four months before her retirement. The 1453 was built for the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad in September 1923 as IHB 408. She was acquired by the Big Four on December 31, 1949.
(Photo by Jeremy Taylor, Taylor/NYCSHS Collection.)

April 1956.
The local freight to Wabash crosses the Bee Line from South Anderson Yard to get on the Michigan Division main. H-6a 6344 will be retired in the following month.
Photo by Jeremy Taylor, Taylor/NYCSHS Collection.

John Peters sez... Great Gene Van Dusen photo from April of 1956 of Mohawk 3115 in Anderson, IN. The Hudson in the background is on the dead track waiting for its fate at the scrapper. One of the finest running road engines at So. Anderson, according to veteran fireman/engineer Maurice Lewman.

October 1956
NYC's Train X "The eXplorer" at Cincinnati Union Terminal
Baldwin Built Power Unit had Hydraulic Drive
Roger Hensley Collection.

This is an original Illinois Division bulletin order, discontinuing "The Egyptian" between Chicago and Harrisburg on the Cairo Line. Notice that it was posted at Stonefort, Illinois and was signed by NYC station agent . I obtained this bulletin order about 1965, when I accompanied my Dad (H.C. Settlemoir - Official Agent at Harrisburg), as he picked up agency paperwork at Stonefort in conjunction with the closing of the station.

CAPT Rex Settlemoir Collection

May 3, 1957 - Cincinnati OH
NYC 1977 2-8-2 H-7E
The last engine to have the fire pulled on the NYC

Late 50s
Here is a Wintertime shot. Photo looks North, towards Harrisburg, depot overhang is visible in the foreground. The picture dates from the last days of steam in 1950's; NYC water tower, pumphouse, and water spiggot are all shown here. This is the same company water tower that H. C. Settlemoir used to take the 'airborne' picture of the station area in 1948.
CAPT Rex Settlemoir

(Ever wondered just when the NYC changed from grain boxcars to grain hoppers. In 1957 boxcars were still in use.)
Unloading grain from boxcar, Farmers' Union.
GTA Elevator, Upper Levee (foot of Chestnut), St. Paul, MN.

E8 4071 pauses with the Eastbound Southwestern Limited at Terre Haute in May of 1958
Collection of James C. Suhs

March 1958
NYC RS-3 8275 Mail Train
Frank Schlaegel photo

February 1959
EMD E-7 4016 leads a Cincinnati, OH bound passenger train east of Shelby Street Yard in Indianapolis in February 1959.
Richard Baldwin Photo.

August 14, 1960
Class DCA-1a units 3503 and 3502 (EMD F-3 with steam generator) at Muncie, IN on August 14, 1960. Note cast plate nose logo. (NYCSHS Photo)

October, 1960 issue of the NYC Headlight

Circa 1960
At some point, you are bound to get tired of all these old depot pictures, but they were sure a part of our common NYC family background. As a young boy, can't tell you how much time that I spent in these old structures -- pot bellied stove, train order hoops, telegraph key, Underwood typewriter, Official Guide, semaphore signals -- the list goes on and on, but I remember all of them so well.

Anyway, this is the NYC/Big 4/P & E depot at Veedersburg, Indiana. There is a car, barely visible to the left of the depot, so I would guess this photo to be about 1960, or so. No semaphore in sight, no station sign on the end of the building, and the place looks fairly desolate, so I would assume that the picture was taken sometime after the agency was closed -- probably after the massive Perlman cutbacks that took place starting in 1958 after Robert R. Young died.
CAPT Rex Settlemoir collection

March 10, 1961
DS-4-4-6 760 - ANDERSON IN - 03/10/1961

H. N. PROCTOR Photo - Gary Stuebben Collection


FA1 #1016 - SW1 #599 - FA2 #1063

F7A #1639 - F3A #1604 - F7A #1684

GP9 #6056 - F7A #1726 - RF16 #3805

RS3 #8229

All photos are from Anderson, IN - Jim Arnett Collection

November 25, 1963

NYC Train Order 201 to No. 71 at Shirley Indiana
All trains will cease operation between...

For 2 minutes, the New York Central came to a stop in respect for a fallen President of the United States, JFK. Here is that Order.

Circa 1960s
NYC Yard at Greensburg IN Looking East in the 1960s
Marc Haston Collection.

Here's WB #35 at Collinwood, Ohio, in 1962.

Here's a mix of everything. Also WB #35 at Collinwood.
...and two more.

I J Tower in Indianapolis
Thomas A Nichols sez:
Here is Bob McCord's 1963 photo of IJ Tower. I think the train pictured was one of the specials to the IMS for the Indy 500.
Bob McCord Photo

1963 - 64

Courtesy of James A. Peters. The first Pass is his fathers, the others are his.
James A. Peters collection

Here is one more comparison that spans several decades. First photo, of course, is the NYC/Big 4 Freight House at Harrisburg, Illinois in a shot that was taken about 1964, when HCS was the Freight Agent there. Second photo is from the same spot, and shows the Gum Street location as it appears in 2007 -- quite a difference, though not quite as bad as a hamburger joint in place of the passenger station. CAPT Rex Settlemoir

1964 - October 5, 2007
Here is the NYC/Big 4 depot at Stonefort, Illinois in a photo that I took on October 5, 2007. This is one of the few remaining company structures on the former Cairo Line -- it was still an open station into the early 1960's. It was closed about 1964, and its work (primarily coal billed from the Will Scarlett Mine) was transferred to Harrisburg. A lumber company had been using the building for several years, but apparently is no longer doing so. Surprisingly, the mast for the manual block (or train order signal) is still laying on the ground after all these years.
CAPT Rex Settlemoir Collection.

February 1965
This was taken at Wabash, the train sitting on the main. The depot was to the left of the picture. It was probably a Wabash turn.

Left to right:
Maurice Lewman, engineer. J.R. Semon was an excellent brakeman and conductor. His father and younger brother were also trainmen. I could probably write 5 or 6 stories on these three men. E.A. Patterson was a good engineer but a bad heart restricted him to fireman and caused his death. Don Wright was a good brakeman and was one of the few men who quit railroading. Joe Williamson was one of the good ole boys. A good brakeman and conductor. Joe passed on about 2-3 years ago.

The loco is on a yard lead from the 6 track class yard behind the engine to the engine house and 3 industrial tracks leading downtown. About where the camera is located is a switch to the freight house. The switch handle only moved 60 degrees for a full throw. We were going to the house one night and the kids had unlatched this switch and let the points gap. You could not tell this from the engine cab so when I felt the front trucks juump the track I widened on the throttle to clear the main. This worked and they could still run trains. When the trainmaster arrived, he said, "This is not bad at all, I figured you would leave the main blocked just to hear me rave." I tried to talk him into buying supper but that did not work. Some days you can't win. LEW

Addendum 6/14/2014
Roger, The date on the photo is 1965. It is probably Jan. Feb. It may have been a warm day, we still have our flannel shirts on but the jackets are open. They had already started changing the engine numbers to fit Penn Central. Notice the tape around the air vent on the front of the cab. You taped up any and everything that air might come through into the cab. I was almost 35yrs. old at this time.

Here is NYC company officer H.C. Settlemoir surveying the results of a collision with the Illinois Central at Cairo in about 1965. As I recall my Dad's description of the event, the "Cairo Turn" (Harrisburg-Cairo train nos. 180 & 185 at this time) was pulling over the IC crossing when they were hit by the IC train, whose crew was "shoving blind." Pretty basic safety violation by the IC crew and I'm certain that the Illinois Central paid dearly at the joint investigation and resulting litigation. NYC/Big 4 Trainmaster W.J. (Bill Mellen) happened to be on vacation at the time of this accident, so Harrisburg agent H.C. Settlemoir got the honors of overseeing the cleanup of the mess created by the IC.
CAPT Rex Settlemoir

These two photos are at Harrisburg, Illinois, and date from about 1965. The first photo is at Harrisburg Yard, and looks south toward the hump. Today, this area is all flattened and has been built over with apartments. The second photo looks north toward the freight house on Gum Street. The last time that I was in Harrisburg, the freight house was still standing, although the brick passenger station adjacent to the former main line had been torn down and replaced with a hamburger joint.
CAPT Rex Settlemoir

This is the NYC company pass issued to my Father (H.C. Settlemoir) in 1965. I believe this is the last year that "NYC" passes were issued to employees. As the Penn Central merger approached, the company simply extended the expiration of old passes, rather than issuing new ones.
CAPT Rex Settlemoir Collection.

1966, July
M-497's Record Setting Run
Don Wetzel was the engineer on a July day in 1966, when a crew from Collinwood with Mr. Perlman as co-pilot roared into the history books with a one-of-a-kind rail car locomotive rigged with two jet engines. Racing along an arrow-straight track between Butler, IN, and Bryan, OH, Wetzel and his crew reached a top speed of 183 mph, a U.S. record that still stands.

Alfred E. Perlman's M-497 Letter to Chuck Crouse
          (PDF Format)

M-497 tribute 6-2009 wk.pps (Power Point Presentation - 4.4meg)

From: Ken Hojnacki
If you ever wondered what it would be like sitting across the desk of an NYC Division Superintendent, here we see Division Superintendent Larry Baggerly hard at work at his desk in the Rochester, NY station on 5/21/67.
Ken Hojnacki Collection.

1967 - Avon Big Four Yard
Imagine 'The Old Man's" outrage whilst the construction was on-going, and the Indianapolis papers displayed a team of MULES dragging the new signal cables thru the swampy conditions that mired-down the bulldozers. Not quite the 'Image' that Mr.Perlman was touting at the time. - LAB
Lawrence Baggerly Collection.

On August 19, 2002, Maurice Lewman and I toured the CSX Big Four Avon Yard with permission. For the photo essay, Click Here

February 1968
Westbound NYC #341 as it approaches the Dan Jones Road overpass on February 8, 1968.
Notice all the fields and how rural the area is. Now it is all apartments and shopping centers.

Also, a photo of NYC #312 heading east at IJ Tower on the west side of Indianapolis
Photos taken by Jim Latimer.

John sez:
I came across the last New York Central HEADLIGHT, February, 1968. Attached is a copy of a picture of a welded rail trail taken from Taft Tower. I don't know when the picture was made but, there is snow on the ground. (209K)

Also, here is a copy of a proclamation by the last meeting of the Board of Directors of the NYC. Was in color but the paper has fade to a yellow cast so I did it in black and white as well. (277k)
John Reehling Collection

1966 - 68 NYC Bulletins
. . . .

February 27, 2006
NYC 6894 (0-6-0 class B-10W) arrived in Connersville, IN as a donation to the Whitewater Valley Railroad. It was unloaded from the flatcar on 2/27/06. The third photo shows it by the restored (Dearborn) interlocking tower from Lawrenceburg.

Photos by David Farlow and EA Vaughan. Courtesy of WVRR.

October 17, 2008
During the discussion of the Hickory Creek debuting at Grand Central on 10/24/2008, a couple of decent photos were published.
Here's a shot of the HIckory Creek at her current home in Lebanon, NJ:

And Otto Vondrak said, "Here's a picture from a few years ago of the Hickory Creek rolling past Bannerman's Island..."

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