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NYC Bulletins

Per our conversation the other day I will expain their use.

Bulletin Orders were on pink paper. They were a bridge between the book of rules and the timetable. The book of rules covered an entire railroad and the timetable brought it down to the local level. Bulletin orders covered almost anything on a local level from speed changes ,signal and schedules to track and station closing. They were in effect for 30 days and if not changed would be reissued until a new timetable came out.

It also saved a lot of work on the dispatcher because he did not have to issue trainorders to cover items on the bulletin orders. Checking the bulletin orders was the first thing the crews did when reporting for duty. Lew

1) 2) 3)

1) Siding at Shirley discontinued. 2) Siding at Boyd out os service 3) Marion North Yard Limits moved

4) 5) 6)

4) Knightstown siding out of service, DeRose Industries. 5) Fixed Signals remotely controled.
6] Schedue of 72 is as follows

7] 8] 9]

7] KY discontinued. Signals changed. 8] KY closed. 9] Normal position of switches.

10] 11] 12]

10] Clearing of trains. 11] Yost to North Vernon. 12] Renumbering of units.

13] 14] 15]

13] Automatic signal removed. 14] TCS Rules in effect between Gridley. 15] Siding at Speicher in service.

16] 17]

16] Bolivar siding out of service. 17] The NYC is merged into the PRR.

Maurice Lewman

Maurice worked the Michigan Division from 1947-1981. He then worked on the Bee Line from 1981-1992. From 1947 until august 1950, he worked on the section at Shirley and Markleville. In 1950 he started firing on steam and then on through the diesels. Maurice said, "I had the pleasure of working with C. C. Staley and Ron Buser many times."

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