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  Railroads of Madison County
Life and Times Series #4
Roger Hensley
I Am A Veteran

I Am A Veteran

November 11, 2002

I am a Veteran. I stood ready to defend our country against its enemies.
I stood between our people and the Soviet Union and its allies.
I manned the ships and aircraft that responded to the threat of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
I was in the tanks that faced the Soviet tanks in one Berlin Crisis after another.
I was in the ships that sailed the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Pacific
and placed themselves between Formosa and China.
I flew the B-52 aircraft and staffed the missile silos that were ready to deliver a response
if the unthinkable should happen.

I was not in Korea or Vietnam. I receive no mention in celebrations or parades.
I receive no government benefits for serving my country because it wasn't wartime.
I go about my daily life without fanfare, but because I was there, we are still a free nation.
I stood in the way of tyrants and said, "No further."
I was on the U.S. Navy ship that fired the warning shot over the bow of the Soviet ship
carrying missiles to Cuba and I flew the supersonic delivery system
that now had 500 pound bombs under its wings.

I am a Veteran and damn proud of it whether you know I was there or not.
I answered the call then and I would do it again.

God Bless the U.S.A.

(In tribute to those who served during that period that we called 'Peacetime'.)

Roger Hensley

Published in the Anderson Herald-Bulletin on November 12, 2002

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