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  Railroads of Madison County
Life and Times Series #7
Roger Hensley
Three Pigs

November 2015

The Three Pigs Restaurant & Lounge
Francis Christy

In the 60s it was THE place to go. The food was very very good and the organ & piano music was fantastic.

The organist was a man named Francis Christy (Chris). He could play the organ and piano in a way that most others could not. The piano sat at 90 degrees to the organ in a letter L shape and was good for right hand playing. When he opened, he would play until his first break. The he would begin moving from table to table talking with the clientele at each table.

After his break, he would return to the organ/piano and play the various pieces of music the customers had mentioned and requested. This went on for over 20 years until the owner of the 3 Pigs decided that he wanted to play the drums with a group. This was on Saturday nights. And then it was on Friday and Saturday nights and very quickly Chris was out of a job. It wasn't long before the customers went on to other places and the 3 Pigs started downhill.

Chris moved on to a hotel in downtown Anderson where he played for sometime, but it just wasn't the same. I only went there once and no more.

In 1947, Chris was playing piano with the Bernie Vance Orchestra, and he also played with Gene Krupa in 1948 at the Paramount Theater. In the late 40s, he was the piano man for Shelby Sibbach orchestra. Then he came to the 3 Pigs where he stayed for well over 20 years.

The 3 Pigs is now closed and boarded up. Its run ended some time back. Rest in Peace.

From "The Jazz and Swing era in Madison County" by Louis H. Priddy...
Francis Christy
Piano and Organist, Worked with various groups including Bernie Vance and Shelby Sibbach big bands. He also worked for small groups including Pete Faulkner, and as an organist at the 3 Pigs Lounge for over 20 year

Roger Hensley
Anderson, IN 46016-5416

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