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Post Cards

None of these cards belong to me.
Most have been taken off of the Post Card area of

New York Central Little Falls NY - 1904
This card is one of the oldest, postmarked 1904. It shows a 4 track main going through Little Falls, NY and appears to be a pretty busy place. The freight on the right side has a couple of brakemen on the car roofs and a crewmember on the loco cab roof.

GN Telephone Service - 1910
In 1910, The Great Northern offered in-car phone service which must have been seen as being just absolutely high-tech and luxurious. Because these were the days before radio-telephones, this service required a hook-up at a station stop.

Rock Island Silvis Illinois - 1911
Take a look at this line-up! The CRI&P built their own locos in the Silvis (East Moline) Illinois shop. They probably saved some money doing so, too, and could have some locos partially constructed and completed as needed in these heady days of early 20th Century American railroading. Postmarked 1911.

Phoebe Snow, Buffalo - 1912
This card is postmarked 1912 and is one of a series of cards put out by the DL&W using the mythical personna of Miss Snow. The tie-in was that clean-burning anthracite coal (used by the Lackawanna) made travelling on the Road of Anthracite a soot-free experience. Miss Snow's white dresses always were 'clean and fresh upon station-sight while riding Road of Anthracite'.

Phoebe Snow, Hoboken - 1912
These cards are hard to come by, but I'm absolutely determined to collect as many as I can. This is the second one that I've seen and it's postmarked 1912.

IC Panama Ltd Kitchen - 1920s
It's the interior of the kitchen on the Illinois Central's all-Pullman 'Panama Limited. This train ran between Chicago and New Orleans with ship connections to Cental and South American, Cuba, and the Carribean. It's from the '20s, but isn't a lithograph-printed card. There are heavy half-tone dots in the card indicating that it was printed using the Roto-Gravure process. This technique of printing started to be used in the '20s for newspapers, magazines, and other publications using photographs.

Mt Washington Cog Railway - 1920s
This is a 1920s Phostint postcard showing the cog railway on Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.

Columbia Bridge - 1920s
1920s postcard showing a passenger train steaming across the "new" Columbia Bridge in Philly. Though the passenger trains have gone, the old bridge still sees its fair share of freight.

Locust Summit and Breaker - 1920s Picked up this card, solely because it featured not only the massive breaker at Locust Summit, but a Reading coal train as well. Now looking at the card up close, I see that the locomotive is an articulated! Possibly RDG 2-8-8-2 (Class N1).

PRR & USO card - 1940s
The USO and the PRR together with a nice GG1 portrait.

The Pride of the Lackawanna - 1950
This 1950s photo by Homer Hill was privately published as a postcard. The 'Phoebe Snow' is shown passing through Morristown, NJ...what a classic view of this classic train!

New York Central RS3 Freight - 1954
Here's another NY Central RS3 lash-up on passenger duty... this time in Palmer, MA. This 1954 photo was taken by David Sweetland. Again, we have more of that great Alco exhaust!

New York & Long Branch - 1954
This classic view is from another Audio Visual Designs postcard based on a photo by David Bartlett. Taken in South Amboy, NJ, PRR K4s 5413 has just taken over the train from GG1 power that has brought it to South Amboy from Penn Station.

PRR C&O L&N & NYC Diesels - 1956
This is a shot taken at the Cleveland Union Terminal enginehouse by David Sweetland in 1956. What a line up...three E8s and an E6! CUT handled over 200 trains per day and had 16 platforms.

New York Central F7s - 1957
Here we see a pair of NY Central F7s lashed up to an older B unit heading out toward Detroit with a long freight drag. Taken in 1957 by David Sweetland in St. Thomas, Ontario, we can also see the overhead wires on the left of the London & Port Stanley trolley line.

PRR Chicago - 1957
This is a great view of Chicago's Union Station in 1957. Here we see PRR EP20s pulling passenger consists on a bright, warm June day. This photo was taken by David Sweetland.

Northern Pacific Vista Domes in The Rockies - late 50s, early 60s
This Northern Pacific promotional postcard gives us a sense of what it was like to ride the North Coast Limited through The Rockies. Based on original work by the famous poster artist Leslie Ragan, this card is circa late '50s or early '60s.

PRR FAs - 1961
Looking all business, this David Sweetland photo of Pennsy Alco FAs was taken in 1961. Alco fans may want to note with pride the black exhaust!

CNSM Interurbans - 1962
This Audio Visual Designs postcard has some age to it... its publication is close to the date of the photo, 1962. This is a Skipper Clark photo of a 4-car Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee train taken in Knollwood, Illinois. Heavy interurban traction action at its best!

New York Central at Garrison NY - 1963
This 1963 photo was taken in Garrison, NY by Bob La Porte and was used for this Audio Visual postcard. New York Central E7a #4035 is seen heading up The Mohawk overnight run between New York and Chicago.

New York Central RS3s - 1963
Audio Visual Designs was started in NY state in 1964 producing train recordings and photochrome postcards. The postcard photography, taken by such well-known photographers such as David Sweetland, show stunning trackside action in bright color. This first view shows us a pair of NY Central RS3s in North White Plains, NY in Weshechester County. Taken in 1963 by Mac Owen, this photo makes any diesel loco look just great in lightning stripes!

PRR Electric Shops in Wilmington DE - 1967
The PRR had its main electric shop in Wilmington, DE where Carl Sturner, founder of Audio Visual Designs, took this photo in 1967. Now THAT'S a loco shop!

Picture Credits:
All photos by individuals other than myself.

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