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Roger Hensley

  Railroads of Madison County
Daniel Johnson
Pennsylvania Railroad 1882

Honey Creek RR Tracks 1882

My name is Daniel Johnson.  I was born in Anderson, IN and am the Great Great Grandson of Harrison Jackson.
In researching my family I sent to Henry Co. IN for my GG Grandfathers Death Certificate. That's when I found the he had died on the RR. I have yet to figure out what PC & STSR and what SSN stands for. Here is a copy of the newspaper article I got from Anderson Library:

7 JULY 1882

Another tragic death has been added to the list of terrible railroad disasters. Last Friday evening the accommodation Cy Rhodes conductor brought news to this place that Harrison Jackson had been killed one mile east of Honey Creek station and the blood bespattered cars verified the statement. Immediately your representative darted for the scene of the frightful tragedy. The facts as gleaned by The Review reporter are about as follows: Jackson had been at Middletown and indulged freely in the ardent and started for his home near Sulphur Springs. When the engineer saw him he was laying across the track and before the engineer could reverse his engine the entire train had passed over him literally cutting him into mince meat. Opinion supports the idea that he had fallen in his stupefied condition striking his head on the rail and was thus rendered insensible. Coroner Fouty was sent for and held an inquest Saturday morning bringing in a verdict in accordance with the above facts. Jackson was about 35 years of age and leaves a wife and three children. Ob- when will men see the error of intemperance

Capt. Buckskis

PS Harrison and his wife who never remarried are buried in Miller Cemetery in Middletown, IN

Matt Lappin sez
Well, as is typical of the media in any era, they got the initials wrong. The initials are the PCC&STL
Here is a snip from Wiki on the line.

Richmond to Chicago: 1848-1865

The New Castle and Richmond Railroad was chartered February 16, 1848 in Indiana to build a line from New Castle east via Hagerstown and Washington to Richmond. The company was authorized on January 24, 1851 to extend northwest beyond New Castle to Lafayette. On February 26, 1853 it was renamed the Cincinnati, Logansport and Chicago Railway to better reflect its expanded role. The original line opened between New Castle and Richmond in December 1853, and it was operated jointly with the Richmond and Miami Railroad and Eaton and Hamilton Railroad, which continued the line southwest to Hamilton, Ohio. The Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad, connecting Hamilton to Cincinnati, joined the operations on February 1, 1854.

As for SSN, it says he was a laborer for it, so I'd assume doing a historical search for companies large farms and so forth in Henry County might lead you someplace to get you a name of the company.

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