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Roger Hensley

Page Updated
May 08, 2000

  Railroads of Madison County
Don Gilcrest

North of Anderson 1952-1972 - NYC and PRR

April 11, 1998

Dear Mr. Hensley.

I just wanted to share with you the pleasure your web pages on Madison County RR's have brought me. I was born in Elwood, 1945, and raised on a farm that borders the Big Four Michigan Division to the East and Madison Ave to the West just North of Anderson. The farm is bisected by the county road that runs East-West to Florida Station.

I spent countless hours over a 20 year period watching trains while working in the fields and around the barns. From several fields I could see the PCC&StL Columbus Division - Pennsylvania Railroad in the distance. Had a good view of NYC from all locations on the farm.

Part of my tasks in the fall was taking grain to the elevator in Linwood. It was a treat for me to watch trains picking up and dropping off cars while I waited in line for hours at a time to unload. I remember a major complaint of the elevator manager was never being able to get enough cars.

PRR 0-6-0 My father purchased feed supplements from a Ralston Purina dealer whose store overlooked the PRR yard in Anderson. On these visits, while the adults solved the problems of the world, I would watch the PRR at work from a birds eye view! Store location has now been replaced with the county jail!

Another factor contributing to becoming a rail fan was the Madison County Fair and it's location next to the NKP on the edge of Alexandria. At fair time I would stay overnight in the barns with my show livestock. The NKP fast freights, with MARS lights, made a big impression.

My father also did a lot of business with Emge's and he often commented on 'Duffy's Railroad'! When I would go with my mother to Eavys grocery I would sometimes get to see the line in action.

My father also sold grain to Rydman and Fox.

I now live in Arizona. It has been 4 years since last being in Indiana. My parents have passed on and the farm is no longer in the family.

Thanks for the memories.


Don Gilchrist


April 13, 1998
Regarding dates and times, I was born in Elwood and we lived just West of Frankton until I was one. At that time the family moved to the farm just North of Anderson. My first memories of the local railroads were around 1952, at the age of seven. Most of the time spent working outside on the farm and catching train action was 1953-1970, with the period of 1965-1970 only being for short periods when visiting. I went to grade school at Linwood, until it was condemned, and them to Leach. High School was Frankton and then off to College in Indianapolis.

My grandmother lived in Kennard with her backyard on the NYC line. When visiting on Sundays I would get to watch the switching at the elevator.

An uncle lived just on the other side of 'Duffy's RR' tracks from
Nicholson File (in Anderson). Caught a few trains while visiting.


Picture Credits:
PRR 0-6-0 photo courtesy of Ed Belknap, deceased - Roger Hensley Collection

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