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I'm not allowed to drive the train
The whistle I can not blow,
I'm not the one who designates
How far the train shall go

I'm not allowed to blow off steam
Or even ring the bell But
Let the damn thing jump the track
And see who catches hell !!

(Conductor on the Wabash?)

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Roger Hensley

  Railroads of Madison County
Kenneth L. Reed

History of the Evansville Indianapolis and Terre Haute Railroad
By Kenneth L and Mary Lou Reed

April 5, 2006
Kenneth Reed asked me if I would place a notice about his book on the Railroads of Madison County website and was kind enough to send me a copy to look over (which I have now paid for). The amount of information he has included is very impressive. In addition to his own memories, he has tracked the history of this line from the beginning through the New York Central and Conrail with a touch of the Indiana Southern. The only problem that I have found is that the text is a little light in many places, but I have worked with far worse. As a fan of the NYC, I found it to be well worth having. Histories like this are few and far between and memories are rapidly disappearing. - Roger


My name is Kenneth Reed and I want to let people know about a book I just finished. The book is titled History of the Evansville Indianapolis and Terre Haute Railroad.

This book covers the history of this railroad from the time of the Wabash Erie canal to the present. The book is over 160 pages, black and white, and has a history of all the different corporations that owned it. It has many pictures, maps, timetables, seniority rosters, engine rosters etc. I am selling the book for $21.95 postage paid. Contact me if you wish to purchase a book.

Thank you for your interest.
Kenneth L. Reed

On the inside front cover, Kenneth says:
"This is a collection of some of my experiences as a fireman on the Evansville and Indianapolis division (Terre Haute line) of the New York Central Railroad. It is also a compilation of writings and history of the Evansville and Indianapolis Railroad. I wrote most of the text. Pictures and articles came from many years of collecting railroad magazines, articles, newspaper clippings, library research, railroad books I own and contributions friends have made (seniority rosters, etc.).

I have written permission to use articles and pictures from books that are under copyright protection."
Kenneth L. Reed

Order From:
History of the Evansville Indianapolis and Terre Haute Railroad
By Kenneth L and Mary Lou Reed
937 N Boston Lane
Republic, Mo  65738

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