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When NYC did away with ATS

This seems about right on the date. I remember the day because this is what happened.

We were at Elkhart and were called for a relief crew for MD-4 from Avon, which outlawed around Warsaw, IN. We mounted the train and were going through CP-412 at Goshen with a green dwarf and about 125 cars. When I knew we were getting close with the rear end to the crossover at 412, I started coming out on the throttle, ( I was cheating a little on the speed, but the track could handle it). Well, unknown to me a west bound was coming through Goshen.

On the caboose of our train the flagman told the conductor that he thought he should come and watch this move. When the conductor rushed to look out the back, here came the west bound after us through the crossover. The west bound was in emergency and I was picking up speed. To make a long story short they did get stopped about 5 cars before hitting our cab.

Arriving at Elkhart we deadheaded again to Warsaw and brought a local AE-8. As we came to B tower at Elkhart, we had a yellow in the middle and 20 mph over a road crossing. With a GP-9 and a new fireman and the track having a slight curve to the left I was blind to a hand thrown switch and we headed into an industrial track. Upon stopping I asked the operator how this could be since we had a medium approach. He said I hate to tell you but that switch has been wired around and is not in the track circuit.

After backing out and starting west again as we were going through the yards, here was both angle bars off of a joint. The other mile to get off duty was uneventful.

That is why I remember the day they did away with the ATS between Elkhart and Toledo


Maurice Lewman

Maurice worked the Michigan Division from 1947-1981. He then worked on the Bee Line from 1981-1992. From 1947 until august 1950, he worked on the section at Shirley and Markleville. In 1950 he started firing on steam and then on through the diesels. Maurice said, "I had the pleasure of working with C. C. Staley and Ron Buser many times."

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