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  Railroads of Madison County
The Muncie Belt

- Muncie Belt Ry, The Question -

Mon, 26 Jul 2004
Joe Pike asked:

I'm looking for info on the old Muncie Belt Ry. that seemed to have primarily served the Ball Glass interests in the area. All I have been able to uncover so far is the concise description in the Simons/Parker volume, "Railroads of Indiana."

Is there any trackage remaining from this railroad? Are there any buildings or other structures traceable to it? Using reference to current streets/landmarks, can anyone give a brief description of its principal lines?

Any info would be appreciated.

Joe Pike
(Lynn, IN)

I asked a CSX Employee what he knew about the Muncie Belt - rph

He answered:
It ran from Vance Tower on Lincoln Street south along the C&O and joined the C&O on a wye and then headed west across Macedonia into Ball Corp. After several miles within Ball it proceeded west to the NKP/LEW line to New Castle. The trackage to Vance from the south to our Indy line is intact for 10 car lengths or so and ripped up to the wye. The Cardinal Greenway rail trail is on the Muncie Western Main from the junction with the C&O to Macedonia Avenue and its possible to walk it after parking at the Ball Park bball goals and is safe to walk during the daylight. All structures are gone except for buildings in the Ball Corp property which is fenced in.

The NS uses it from the west side of the Ball property to an industry that uses covered hoppers and runs for a mile or so to the New Castle District main at 23rd Street with a trailing point southbound switch on the east side. If I find anything else I will let you know.

Matt Lappin furnished the most complete answer from memory and then rewrote it spacifically for use here.

Matt Lappin said:

Here is the Belt info. You can edit it how you need to, no need to credit me, not worried about it. No one to my understanding has written anything about the belt and trying to find anything is tough. I am sure that there might be a few things that are wrong, luckily having grown up just down the road from it, I can remember a lot. But its just for a general nature, as I have not set down and gone through papers for actual dates and so forth.

The Muncie Belt like many other belt roads was owned by multiple carriers...

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