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Roger Hensley

  Railroads of Madison County
Jerry Barrett
The Old Depot

The Old Depot

Sometimes when the day is ending
And I happen to pass by,
The old depot there on Main Street
Will just sort of catch my eye.
The memories that cross my mind - -
I can close my eyes and see
The luggage wagons all lined up
And folks waitin' patiently.

There was a certain kind of feelin'
That you just can't quite explain
When you heard the whistle blowin'
Just before you saw the train.
Then with big white light a-shinin',
Searchin' all along the track,
You could see the locomotive
Lookin' mighty big and black.

There would be the mixed emotions
As the train was drawing near;
Some were waiting for their loved ones -
Others leaving someone dear.
You would see the fond embraces,
And then each would go their way;
As the old train left the station
To return some other day.

The old depot is still standing,
But it seems that there should be
A light burning in the window - -
Some folks lookin' out to see
The flickering of a headlight
Still brightening up the track
And a steaming locomotive
Lookin' mighty big and black.

Jerry Barrett
Copyright 1980 - Jerry Barrett

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