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Roger Hensley

  Railroads of Madison County
Out of County RR Stations

Presented by city, these are the photos that I have located of various railroad stations out of county. I do thank the parties who have lent me photos from heir collections for this site. Their names appear in the photo credits at the botom of the page. For a larger view, click on the picture. For now, on with the show.

  Batesville IN Depot June 1887

Bridgeton CI DepotBridgeton Indiana Central Indiana Ry (CI) Depot Circa 1900
Central Indiana Railway's Bridgeton Depot. Note the spareness of the surronding area and the outhouse.
Collection of ?? - Will the person who sent me this photo please contact me for photo credit - rph

Carthage Big Four Station - 1906-1916
The photo shows a hand powered hand car to the right center along with a locomotive and what would appear to be two people on the platform. Also, notice the lower quadrant semaphore. The engine is a Richmond locomotive (2-6-0?) built about 1895.
Maurice Lewman Collection.

The two houses to the left are still there. The house on the right is there and the dark building behind the tree burned down in 1946 and took the freight house, which is the building in the background between the loco and the depot . Before 1905 between the car house on the right side of the photo and the house was a water tower. The elevator was rebuilt but the railroad never rebuilt the freight house . This was located at mile post 193.3 , the mileage from St. Joseph Michigan . This was the start of the 1% grade with a reverse curve south bound . If you go north 5mile to Knightstown you have another 1% grade, both letting the trains out of Blue River Valley and both are about 2.5-3 mile long . There also was a siding at the top of each hill used to double trains when need be.

Claypool IN - 1915
Northbound Big Four Departing Claypool.
Maurice Lewman Collection.

Daleville Depot

Fairmount Big Four Station

Fairmount Big 4 depot - 1905
View of the Big 4 depot railroad station in Fairmont, Indiana in 1905. The one story wooden building is located next to the railroad tracks. A signal is mounted in the middle of the structure. Some empty freight wagons are in the loading area.
Photographer: unknown

Another photo of the same station taken a later.
Photo supplied by Robbie Blue

Fortville Indiana
1950-51 - NYC 2-8-2 1365 passes by the Depot at Fortville Indiana. Carl Marsh Photo (postcard)
1960 - Fortville Depot has seen better days. Ronald Stuckey Photo.

October 8, 2003 - Gallion Ohio
When I last worked there in 2000, there were even asphalt paltforms for both tracks and a freight house just north of the passenger station building.
Bob Schoenfeld

Greensburg DepotGreensburg Indiana Depot Circa 1896-1900
Maurice Lewman says: "At the left edge of the picture behind the coach was the water plug where we stopped to take water southbound. The two water towers were there until the end of steam. The east leg of the wye passed by them. The train is headed north."
Lawrence Baggerly Collection.

Here is the Depot at Greensburg in it's last days. The track is gone and filled in, but the building still looks pretty good.. Compare this with the Postcard photo.
Ron Stuckey Photo. Roger Hensley Collection.

Leesburg IN - 1913-15
Looking North, first building North of depot is toilet, last building is MOW Section House.
Maurice Lewman Collecton.

Letts Corner 1910 Letts Corner Big Four Depot 1910 and 1914
Letts Depot - 1914 Letts at its height had a population of about 150. The strange thing about Letts and the railroad was that the depot was a train order and block station but had only a 10 car siding. This siding served the elevator and also served as a team track on the south end. - Photo on left - Marc Haston Collection

Marion Indiana Freight House - Early 50s
Marion Freight House This was in the last days for the freight house, but you can tell by the 5 doors that it had been a busy place at one time. The two pipes at the right of the picture were for the scales to weight cars. When the Crosley automobile, was built in Marion after WWII, they would bring them down to the freight house and load them in box cars.
Ted Tobin Collection

Marion Depot
NKP (Nickel Plate) 1950s

Marion Depot
PRR (Pennsylvania) 1960s

Maxwell IN - 1900
P. E. Railway was later the Springfield Division of the Big Four. Notice the water plug at each end of the wather tank. Both of the track cars are hand powered.
Maurice Lewman Collection.

Milford Junction - 1910?
May be either a B&O or Big Four Train.
Maurice Lewman Collection.

Milroy Big Four Depot - 1915 Milroy Big Four Depot - 1915
The depot stood at main street and the railroad. East of the depot was the elevator. The siding switch was about five car lengths north of the depot and held about 25 cars. At about a third of the way from the south end of the siding, there were two tracks, one for the elevator and the other used as a house track and team track.
Marc Haston Collection

  Mowhawk IN Depot P&E 27 June 1913

 Muncie IN JointStation 1902 remodel

Muncie Union Station - 1905
View of Union Station in Muncie, Indiana serving the NKP and Big Four. The building is primarily red brick and has railroad tracks on both sides. People are shown unloading a railroad car. Postmark: 1905. A shot of the same depot taken about the same time.

Muncie C&O Station
This was the Cincinnati Richmond and Muncie RR in Muncie Indiana. In 1903, they merged with the Cincinnati & Indiana Western RR Co, forming Chicago, Cincinnati & Louisville RR Co. Later, it was to become the C&O depot. The second shot was taken at night.

New Paris, IN - 1920?
Maurice Lewman Collection.

North Manchecter - 1915
Depot still standing in 2006
Maurice Lewman Collection.

Rushville, IN - 1962
Big Four Depot
Maurice Lewman Collection.

Sandusky 1912 Sandusky Big Four Depot - 1912
Sandusky had an elevator, store, blacksmith, etc. and after 1900, a depot, but was not a block or train order station at this time. There was a siding located and it was a regular stop for one passenger train each way and a flag stop for two others.
Maurice Lewman Collection.

Silver Lake IN - 1913
Maurice Lewman Collection.

Tipton Depot and Division-Section office
LE&W 1900-1910 &
NKP afterward
The last photo is circa 1945

Urbana IN - 1915
Looking South
Maurice Lewman Collection.

Wabash Indiana Big Four Depot Circa 1900
There are people and two bicycles leaning against the building. There is a track running directly in front of the Depot as well as to the side where the Big Four train us standing. Note also the snowplow at the far right.
Maurice Lewman Collection.

1940s - Wabash IN - Big Four Wabash Depot
Train running Southbound
Roger Hensley Collection

Warsaw Depot 1910 - Warsaw Indiana
Newspaper clipping of 1910 postcard
Maurice Lewman Collection.
Warsaw IN - 1913-15
Southbound. The crosstracks are the PRR Main. This depot remained until summer of 1950
Maurice Lewman Collection.

Ok, at last we have a good photo of the Warsaw depot courtesy of Rob Blackford who said, "I can not remember where I ran across this, but it is the best picture I have found to compare to modern day landmarks. I still refer to your website for the best historical info for the now NS Marion Branch."
Photo courtesy of Rob Blackford.

Westfield Central Indiana Ry (CI) Depot - 1962
Ron Stuckey Photo. Charles Malinowski Collection.

Big Four Depot Westport Indiana Big Four Depot Circa 1900-1905
Westport was an exchange point between the NYC and Milwaukee Road. There were long strings of coal and coke cars brought in by the New York Central and left on the Wye to be picked up by the Southern (Milw). There were also many cars of Bedford stone brought in by the Southern to be picked up by the Central.

Southern Indiana (Milwaukee) DepotMilwaukee Road Depot Circa 1900-1905
Also, the old "Southern" (Milwaukee Road) scheduled several trains a day, including passenger trains, and many railroaders layed-over in Westport, taking rooms at the Owens hotel building and at other rooming houses in town, including the Low Hotel which burned in 1911.

Wilkinson Big Four Station - 1905
View of the railroad station in Wilkinson, Indiana. Six milk cans are arranged on the ground next to the station building. Two men stand on the platform. Postmark: 1905

Here is the Yorktown Station about 1953.

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