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Lee Yoder
Central Indiana Trip

Click on Thumbnail to see larger photo
Central Indiana Trip

Lee Yoder also took the April 25, 1959 trip on the Central Indana. At the request of Wade Frasch, Lee dug out the slides that he took and sent me scans. Lee had two cameras, one loaded with Black & White film and the other with Color. Several of the slides were so much like Wade's that I have not included them here unless they were sharper or somehow added detail to the trip. All five of his color slides are here.

Anderson Photos
1) Dutchess Right Rear 3/4, 2) Dutchess Right Front 3/4 w/PRR boxcar, 3) Ike Duffey boarding Dutchess, 4) Dutchess Interior, 5) CI Office, Dutchess and Maude Walker, 6) CI #1 Switching at Anderson Office

1 2 3 4
5 6

Noblesville Indiana
The Gang
Wade Frasch, Lee Yoder, Pete Holmgren, Jim Clark Caldwell on the Maude Walker Platform,

Color Photos
1) CI #1 outside of Firestone2) Maude Walker Platform shot at Noblesville, 3) Maude Walker Left Rear 3/4 Noblesville, 4) Maude Walker Right Rear 3/4 Noblesville, 5) CI Office in Anderson at night

1 2 3 4 5

I am not sure what camera I was using at this time, it may have been an Argus C3 which I purchased during my years at Purdue, however the near duplicates in color and B&W confuses me, I don't remember having two cameras at that time. (But he does remember using two cameras at later times - rph)

In addition to the C. I. Fan trips as a small lad I remember Ike having Baseball specials originating in Wabash Indiana (mine and Ike's home town) and going to the ball games in Cincinnati, I remember the coaches with the canvas curtains on the vestibules and the large (to me) steam engines with the elephant ears. I was no more than 10 when I rode two or three of these specials with my Dad and Morris Duffey who was Ike's nephew (Ike had no children)

Lee Yoder
CSX "J" Line MP 68
Tullahoma, TN

Photo Credit:
All photos by Lee Yoder

To tour the Dutchess (Flagler Car) as it is today!
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