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Roger Hensley

  Railroads of Madison County

Carthage IN - 1895-1900
Looking North from the highway bridge about 1 mile South of Depot, the large building to the right at the horizon is a school house.
Maurice Lewman Collection.

Carthage IN 1891-1902
The water tank was removed by 1905. The main track in the photo was later made the siding and the siding was made the main.
Maurice Lewman Collection.

Carthage IN - 1905
The left track was later made the main. The depot closed in the mid 60s.
Maurice Lewman Collection.

Wreck at Carthage IN - 1908
Notice the four wheel caboose. The cupola is standard Big Four, wide and high. 12/28/08
Maurice Lewman Collection.

US Board and Paper Co., Carthage IN - 1903-1915
The mill was owned by United States Board and Paper Co. The Carthage mill was built in 1891.
Maurice Lewman Collection.

Pennsylvania Railroad - 1905-1909
There are seven cars behind the engine. As the Big Four didn't have an engine that would pull seven cars, thus the PRR. In 1910 the grade was raised above street level and cut through the hill that the trains went araound in this photo.
Maurice Lewman Collection.

Blue River Dam Site - 1915-1918
Looking East from the railroad bridge at the dam in the Blue River. This dam was for the mill race at Carthage.
Maurice Lewman Collection.

Carthage Paper Mill - mid 1920s
Early to mid 1920s.
Maurice Lewman Collection.

Carthage Depot - 1949
Looking South with a guess date in the late 40s to middle 1950s.
Maurice Lewman Collection.

L3 4-8-2 at Carthage IN - 1954-55
L3 4-8-2- #3048 in the siding at Carthage.
Maurice Lewman Collection.

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