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N & W Muncie Dispatch Office

The NKP/N&W ran through Northern Madison County through Alexandria and Elwood,
thus this is appropriate fare for a page of its own, Enjoy! - rph

The NKP was gone having merged into the N&W and the N&W would soon be a part of NS, but on August 13, 1979, the dispatching was still being done in the Muncie Division headquarters of the N & W on High Street in Muncie.

These photos were shot in the Chief and Dispatchers cubicles. One dispatcher was responsible for the trackage west of Frankfort to Peoria and St. Louis via Charleston and the "Clover Leaf" lines from Frankfort to Sandusky. I am not exact on his limits. The other dispatcher controlled all CTC from DA/Arcadia at the Fostoria District connection to Mulberry/Altamont including the New Castle District from Muncie to Mill in Sharonville, Ohio.

This was prior to the line being redone to Ft.Wayne. One or the other controlled that line also in addition to the New Castle branches to Rushville and Connersville.

The photos also include the Muncie operators office which controlled all detectors on the main FK to DA. These were looked at by the operator who relayed to the DS who lined up inspect train indicators on the wayside which are indicated by a black icon on the bottom of the model boards. Also included are the radio maintainer office of Rich Meyer. All detectors on the New Castle line were read in the Dispatchers office.

The photographer wishes to remain anonymous letting the photos speak for themselves.

Click on the smaller photo for the larger

Beaver Dam and Lima yard-Beaver Dam siding blue flagged, train switching near B_O belt xing and xover South Lima yard.JPG
Board -Top NC District, Middle - Lima District, Bottom - Frankfort District from Chief's office
Board from Chiefs office, single board in center is DA - Arcadia to South Lima
Board top - NC, Middle - Lima, Bottom - FK
Board. Top - NC District., Middle - Lima, Bottom - Frankfort
7908campbell_millville.jpg 8-13-79 Campbellstown, Ohio to New Castle, Ind - Millville, Campbellstown sidings blue flagged MOW
Campbellstown - New Castle, Portland - Ayers and WY Tower at Frankfort - Portland, Campbellstown, Millville sidings blueflagged - trains at WY Tower, Frankfort
Charleston, Peoria District Dispatcher name unknown, dark territory
DA-Arcadia to Evans, Ohio- Eastbounds approaching Weidlers and Findlay, Ohio - Clear inspect train indicator at West Evans - Evans siding blueflagged
Defective Equipment Detectors, Mt.Summit, Greensfork, Camden, Pt. Union and NC District. Dispatcher Pete Cooper
Dispatcher Pete Cooper and radio base pad, track and time book and control buttons
Dispatcher Pete Cooper plots his next move in the chess game!
Greensfork detector
Mill - Camden, Oakland - Portland, Kempton - Frankfort - CB37 in siding Oakland, WB at Hillisburg
Mt. Cory - Beaver Dam - Beaver Dam blueflagged and SB on approach at Bluffton, Ohio xing
Muncie Chief Dispatcher, Bill Chamberlain (thanks to Bill Neff)
Muncie Chiefs Desk
Muncie operator, detectors from DA to FK and readout tapes
Muncie operator and detectors from DA to Frankfort with readout tapes
Muncie Radio Shop
Muncie radio shop 2
New Castle Dispatcher Pete Cooper
New Castle, Muncie area - SB lined towards New Castle
Radio Base Stations

St.Marys - Oakland, Elwood - Kempton - BC36 on main at St. Marys meeting FG02, CB37 in Oakland siding - local on main at Elwood EB approaching Tipton meeting WB at ZA siding

Welcome sign (doesn't it just warm the cockles of your heart?)

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